NOBLE Cool Tools

These cool tools are being developed by NOBLE staff to provide alternative ways to interact with Evergreen.

Configure Catalog Header and Footer Links

  • Configure Catalog Links Tool — Authorized users can log in using their Evergreen user name and password and use this tool to update the header and footer links for their library’s subdomain.
  • Configure Catalog Header and Footer Links — Documentation for using the tool
  • Screencast — A quick look at the Header and Footer links tool
  • List Maker 6.0

    • List Maker — List Maker is a versatile tool that combines all the features of the older Booklist Generator and Weeding/Inventory List Generator, with several additional supported fields and other features.

    Working with Items

    • Call Number Lookup — Choose your library and copy location, and enter a call number. The system will display the twenty call numbers closest to the one you entered.