Evergreen Serials Management

  • Managing Subscriptions — Creating new subscriptions, distributions and streams
  • Managing Predictions — Prediction pattern templates are shared with all libraries and may be used to generate predicted issues; When a publication schedule changes, select and apply a new template for future predictions.
  • Managing Issues — There are multiple ways to receive issues in the Evergreen Web client.
    Items may be created and barcoded upon receipt if your library circulates serials
  • Managing MFHD Records — To display holdings statements in the OPAC, a MARC Format for Holdings Data (MFHD) record must be created
  • Adding Special Issues — In the web client it is much easier to add an unexpected issue to the display of expected issues
  • Deleting Subscriptions, Issues and Items — To delete a subscription, you must first delete any issues received for that subscription and also the prediction pattern. Deleting issues also deletes items from the OPAC at the same time.
  • Serials Administration — The serials administration menu to edit serials item templates or to create a new prediction pattern template.