NOBLE provides access to the following EBSCOhost databases:

EBSCO access is funded by the libraries of NOBLE. Libraries can also license additional databases and services from the EBSCO catalog at a significant discount through NOBLE’s group contract. Over half a million full-text articles from EBSCO are viewed by NOBLE users annually.

  • EBSCO Links with Member Login Authentication — This method of authentication asks patrons for their barcodes or usernames, checks the database to make sure the information matches a record in our system, and, if so, passed them on to EBSCO using the Home Library in their record for profiles and statistics. This is the only method of authentication that NOBLE supports for the core resources shared by all NOBLE libraries, and it avoids having a user be rejected because they are following a link from Library A and the Home Library in their patron record is from Library B.
  • Full Text Finder — Search for periodicals by title or subject and see the holdings and click through to EBSCO and Gale databases