Parents’ Page

  • Parents and Kids — Articles and features with a local touch from Townonline
  • Trelease on Reading — Jim Trelease, the popular author and speaker on the importance of reading to children, maintains this great website with excerpts from his books, booklists, author profiles, and much more.
  • Family Education Network— A collection of articles, features and links, with sections for the parents of Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School and High School students.
  • — This family site has articles on parenting, cooking, education, entertaining and activities for the whole family.
  • Our Kids: A Web page devoted to raising kids with special needs — This site serves as the archive for the Our Kids mailing list, and includes a large collection of links that should be helpful to parents.
  • National Parent Information Network — National Parent Information Network is a project sponsored by the ERIC (Education Research Information Clearinghouse) with information provided by many cooperating organizations.The purpose of NPIN is to provide information to parents and to foster the exchange of parenting materials.
  • Kidsource — A collection of children’s health care and education resources.