Policy Updates Approved

Several NOBLE policy revisions, and one new policy, were approved by directors at our Annual Meeting earlier this month. The revised and added policies are now available on the Staff Information System policies page.

Borrowers Card Policy — Our Borrowers Card Policy had lacked any specific identification requirements, unlike other networks’ policies. Using examples from other networks’ policies, we worked with the Resource Sharing Working Group to add identification requirements for NOBLE libraries to the policy. After asking for additional tweaks in the teens section and school card issuing at the November Members Meeting, the final policy was approved this month.

Claims Returned and Lost and Paid — The Resource Sharing Working Group considered the issue of the use of Claims Returned items and their place in the database ecosystem. Retaining these records indefinitely without much prospect of further resolution keeps dead holdings in the catalog, bad for the searching patron and bad for database maintenance activities.

The RSWG recommended that claims returned items should parallel Missing items, since basically that is what they are, and be removed from the database after a year, including removed from the borrower’s record and the network. Similarly, the group recommended that Lost and Paid items also be purged after a year, since the matter is resolved but it leaves sufficient time for libraries who want to provide refunds. Libraries are free to delete these items sooner if they wish.

Codifying these decisions led us to break out the Borrowers and Bibliographic Record Retention Policy into two separate policies, the Borrowers Card Record Retention Policy and the Bibliographic Record Retention Policy, making the information within them easier to find. An update to the Claims Returned Policy notes the one-year limit. The old Record Retention Policy was deleted.

Whistleblower Policy — A new Whistleblower Policy was adopted. The Policy “is intended to encourage and enable employees and others to raise serious concerns internally so that NOBLE can address and correct inappropriate conduct and actions.” and appoints the Executive Director and NOBLE President as the compliance officers to receive the information. The Internal Revenue Service asks if we have such a policy on the annual Form 990 filing, which began the discussion of a need for such a policy.

These policies are now in effect. If you have any questions, please contact me.