Discounted Group Purchase PCs Upgraded

NOBLE offers group purchase pricing on desktop PCs, laptops and peripherals.  Desktop models have been upgraded to the new Dell Optiplex 3080 models: the Staff model stays at the current $575, which is $179 less than Mass. state contract pricing, and the Public PC model drops $20 to $475, $185 less than the state contract.  The pricing is better than Mass. state contract pricing due to our projected volume, an average 26% savings.  NOBLE pricing is also $300 less than the current sale pricing on the Dell website for the staff model.

The new models have the 10th generation processors while other basic specifications remain the same.  Internal speakers have been added to the staff models.  All the PCs have solid state drives and come with Windows 10 Professional installed.  Monitors are not included, but also available at significant discounts.
For details please see the NOBLE PC Pricing Worksheet (PDF)  Specifications are selected to run well with Evergreen and other standard and library software.

For more information see our Recommended PC Specifications page on the NOBLE Staff Information System.

Please contact NOBLE with any specific PC or laptop needs and we can get you current quotes from Dell using our group purchase ability or under the state program.  Average laptops run just under $900, but are more variable in cost, specifications and availability.