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  • Once the Plummer Farm School of Reform for Boys, now just simply, the Plummer Home for Boys, this home began operating in 1855 with money bequeathed by Caroline Plummer. In 1955, it became more of a home for abandoned and neglected boys instead of a reform school.
  • Most of the boys today, ages 12 to 18, attend local schools and become part of the community. A new initiative in 2007 brought the addition of an apartment suite available for older boys to give them some independence.
  • This 19th century home is tucked into a beautiful 19 acre parcel of land at Winter Island in Salem.
  • Caroline Plummer is also well known for her contributions to the Salem Athenaeum and for the endowment of a Professorship that bears her name at Harvard University; the Plummer Professorship of Christian Morals.
  • A new initiative of music instruction was started when a piano was donated in 2008. Some of the residents started playing the piano which led to donations of other musical instruments. With the help of community volunteers and staff, many residents have gotten involved in playing instruments and writing music as well. The program is led by Aaron Katz, musician and music producer. The youths have recorded and produced CDs of their music for distribution, with some of the music written by the residents.
  • Plummer Home was the recipient of a new basketball court for the residents in 2010, through donations by Steve Young's Forever Young Foundation, RE/MAX and the Boston Celtics. Two of the Celtic team players, Cedric Maxwell and Glen Davis came to see the home and play ball with the residents this August after the court was completed.
  • The home has started a culinary and catering program where the residents learn to plan menus, meet customers and cater events.
  • In May of 2017, Plummer Home changed its name to Plummer Youth Promise to reflect the mission of this local foster care and youth development organization in a better way.

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