Batchelder, Evelyn B. Longman

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  • Evelyn B. Longman Batchelder,(November 21, 1874 – March 10, 1954) a highly prolific and noted sculptress, had ties to Salem.
  • Though born in Winchester, Ohio, she spent most of her girlhood in Canada and receiving art education at the Chicago Art Institute.
  • She was the fist woman sculptor elected a full member of the Academy of Design.
  • She was also a life member of the Essex Institute.
  • Her father in law was Henry M. Batchelder, president of the Merchants' National Bank in Salem.
  • Her rise as a sculptress was rapid after she created a statue, "Victory" for the festival hall at the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904 and won a competition to design bronze doors for the Naval Academy at Annapolis.

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