Adult Programming – Winter 2017

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It’s time for another season of Adult Programming at the Salem Public Library! We’ve got technology training for adults of all ages and experiences. Call the Reference Dept. for more information – (978) 744-0860.


Digital Drop-Ins


  • Friday, January 6th from 2 – 4pm
  • Friday, January 13th from 2 – 4pm
  • Friday, January 20th from 2 – 4pm
  • Friday, January 27th from 2 – 4pm


Description: Did you receive a shiny, new gadget over the holidays? Don’t let it collect dust! Every Friday afternoon in January, librarians will be available to help you learn all about new (or new-to-you) technology. We’ll be here from 2-4pm to help you navigate your laptop, tablet, phone, or other device. Remember to bring your device and charger! No registration is required.


New Year’s Resolution:


  • January 17th at 7pm

Description: Let 2017 be the year you dedicate time to achieve your goals! Whether you want to speak Mandarin or learn Quantum Physics, there are millions of ways to learn new things – right from home on your computer. At this workshop, we’ll be showing you how to access top-quality education for FREE from home! Whatever it is you want to learn, the library can help you get there. No registration is required.




Internet Basics:


  • Tuesday, January 24th at 2pm
  • Tuesday, February 28th at 2pm
  • Tuesday, March 28th at 2pm
  • Tuesday, April 25th at 2pm

Description: The Internet is an increasingly important part of life for people all over the world. Without experience, however, it can feel really overwhelming…and just plain frightening. In this class, we’ll try to answer some basic questions you may have about the Internet and how it’s used. When you’re done, you should have a good understanding of how the Internet works, how to use a web browser, and how to use a search engine (like Google). No registration is required.


Technology 1-on-1:


  • Friday, February 17th from 2-5pm
  • Friday, March 17th from 2-5pm
  • Friday, April 14th from 2-5pm

Description: Having trouble keeping up with new technology? Half-hour one-on-one Technology Help Sessions are being offered at the Salem Public Library! Need help with the new line spacing in Microsoft Word? Want assistance posting an online ad? Want to learn how to download eBooks and audio-books? We are here to help!  Registration is required and begins on February 1st, 2017. Call the Reference Department at (978) 744-0860 to reserve your session.


Microsoft Word


  • Wednesday, January 18th at 7pm
  • Wednesday, February 15th at 7pm
  • Wednesday, March 15th at 7pm
  • Wednesday, April 19th at 7pm


Description: Learn Microsoft 2016 basics for composing letters, academic papers, and résumés. This open workshop is designed for people who are novice-to-intermediate computer users, though all are welcome. Workshop will include a mirror screen demonstration and Q&A time; all attendees may take home a free instructional docket. No registration is required.




  • Thursday, February 2nd at 7pm
  • Thursday, February 9th at 7pm
  • Thursday, February 16th at 7pm
  • Thursday, February 23rd at 7pm


Description: Want to build a website? Interested in blogging? Try WordPress! Using WordPress, you can build websites and blogs for personal and/or professional use. This program includes four cumulative sessions that walk you through the entire process of creating and customizing a website. No experience is needed and no registration is required.


Gmail Basics


  • Tuesday, March 7th at 6pm
  • Tuesday, March 14th at 6pm
  • Tuesday, March 21st at 6pm
  • Tuesday, March 28th at 6pm


Description: Are you intimidated by the prospect of using electronic mail (email)?  Email is one of the best and most-used features of the Internet; it will help you communicate with others reliably, rapidly and at no cost.  Come learn what this tool has to offer and how to utilize it to suit your needs. We will help you to: create a free email account, navigate your inbox easily, and safeguard your account against malicious hacking. Registration is required and begins February 1st, 2017. Call the Reference Department at (978) 744-0860 to reserve your session.