Films and Videos

Films (16mm) partial list

athletics (football games)
bicentennial, 1978
animation, 1968, 1981 (by students?)
Latin Play, 1966
Maud Morgan
Brian Henson

2A 1928 Sesquicentennial
2B Abbot Academy Alumnae Day 1929
2C Abbot Academy 1939-1941
2D Abbot Academy “Ms. Bailey’s Girls”
2E Abbot Academy Intervale; Abbot 1928 by Corole Inosueno? Class of 31
2F Abbot Academy Class of 1931 #1
3A F233 Life at PA 1924
3B F245 Coles film of PA, 1936-40
3C F213 Geo Parson Film, PA 1929
4E Andover 1961
4A Exeter 1959
4B Exeter 1959 #11 (#2)
4C Exeter 1960
4D Andover 1960 #2
6A F-232 Football: PA vs. Harvard Freshmen 1936
6B F-224 Football: PA vs. ?, date ?
7A F-242 Hutter Film, It Happened at Andover
17B F-243 Hutter Film #2, President Calvin Coolidge and Sesquicentennial, 1928
7C F-215 Phillips Academy 1941 Part 1
7D F-216 Phillips Academy 1941 Part 2 #216
9A F-238 1953 Ice Chips 2018 color
9B 238 PA Crew, CA, 5 mins. (Black and White)
9C F-237 Film clips: Headmaster and Faculty, Buildings, dates? 3 mins. In color
9D F-5or6 1: Football, 2: Band, 3: Football, 4: leaving stands
9E F-235 1926 1 ½ minutes of President Coolidge visits
9F F-231 1928 Sesquicentennial
9G 1952 Phillips Academy Campus shots
9J F-227 1952 Phillips Academy Fall
9K F-229 Andover Year 1952 (8 minutes color)
9L F-231 1962 Commencement June 8/9 Alumni Day Parade
9M F-232 Andover Year 1927-1928
11A October 20 1945, Westpoint plebes vs. Andover at the Point, Westpoint 20, PA 0 second half
11B October 20 1945, Westpoint plebes vs. Andover at the Point, Westpoint 20, PA 0 first half
11C Andover/Exeter 1945
12A 1941 Andover 14, Exeter 13 #1
12B #111 1941 Andover 14, Exeter 13
12C 1941 Andover/Exeter
13A Andover/Exeter 1942
13B 1940 Exeter/Andover #1
13C ?
14A no label
14B no label
14C Andover 14, Exeter 12 1955 #1
14D Andover 14, Exeter 12 1955 #2

No # F-226 Inauguration John M. Kemper
A/E 1945 #2

VHS Tapes Inventory


Brace Center for Gender Studies: Gender Symposium 4/22/1999: Jean St. Pierre and Tom Regan; Merger Moments
Gala Event in the Tent for the Kickoff Campaign (2 VHS tapes); 4/24/1999
All School Meeting; 4/9/1999
Chapel Rededication (2 VHS tapes); 10/16/1998
Leaders Weekend Luncheon; 10/16/1998
1948-1949 Andover Undefeated Football Season (Phillips Academy Andover 50th Reunion) (5 VHS tapes); 1999
Campus Scenes, Senior/Faculty Dinner, Prom, and Commencement; 1998
Talent Show; 1999
Campaign Kickoff, Dick Goodyear’s Toast; 1999
Campaign Kickoff, The Great End and the Real Business of Living; 4/24/1999
Phillips Academy Graduation; 1999
Royal Blue Kickoff; 1999
New York; 1999
Leaders’ Weekend Buffet Dinner, Michael Wall; 10/29/1999
Leaders’ Weekend Awards Dinner (2 VHS tapes); 10/29/1999
Leaders’ Weekend Awards Dinner; 10/30/1999
Faculty Retirement, Trustees Dinner; 5/1/1998
Leadership Luncheon; 10/4/1997
Asian-American Club Meeting re: Trip to Hong Kong; 10/29/1997
Volunteer Recognition Luncheon; 10/4/1997
Phillips Academy Baccalaureate Service; 6/1/1996
Class of ’46 Cochran Chapel Memorial; 6/9/1996
PA (3) vs. Exeter (0), Phillips Academy 1996 Football Season, Game #8; 1996
Phillips Academy Board of Trustees Dinner; 5/2/1997
Elson Art Center Dedication; 10/14/1995
Andover Football Highlights; 1995
Alumni Distinguished Service Award Luncheon, Phillips Academy OAR; 9/30/1995
Alumni Council Survey, Leaders Weekend; 9/30/1995
50th Reunion, Class of 1945, and Andover-Exeter Game 1944; 1994
Leaders Weekend Dinner; 10/17/1998
All School Meeting and Chapel Rededication; 10/16/1998
David Underwood and Oscar Tang, Trustees Dinner; 5/1/1998
Trustee/Faculty Retirement Dinner; May 1998


Phillips Academy Andover Video Yearbook; 1993-1994
50th Reunion, Class of 1945; 1994
1945 @ 1994 Andover-Exeter Game, 50th Reunion; 1994
United Nations Dinner; 2/23/1994
Jack Lemmon Message for Andover, 50th Reunion; 1993
Jack Lemmon (2nd Version), and Renovation of GW Hall; 1993(?)
Ah! 1943! (50th Reunion); 1993(?)
Jack Lemmon Autobiography
Phillips Academy Class of 1978, “PA 200”; 1978
Phillips Academy Footage From the Early 1900s
Andover (6) vs. Exeter (0) Football; 1992
Phillips Academy (Commencement Missing); 1/14/1991
“Andover In the ‘1990s”
PA (33) vs. PEA (14), Football; 1991
PA (6) vs. PEA (0), Football; 1991
John Brown-ADB; 1987
Untitled VHS Tape (undated)
Andover (21) vs. Exeter (12), Football; 1988
Phillips Academy Volunteers Appreciation Luncheon; 9/25/1994
1952 Football, PA vs. Exeter, PA vs. Harvard; 1952
Abbot Academy Class of 1956, 40th Reunion; 1995
Bicentennial Convocation; 1978
“Residential Life at Phillips Academy” (undated)
“Andover Celebrates 1985-1990”
“Andover in the ‘90s: Traditions Renewed”
Focus: Performing Arts
“Highlights 1/1 – 1/11” (no year)
Andover Development Board Community Celebration 5/4/1990 (2 VHS tapes)
Frank Stella at Phillips Academy, 1998
The Painting (Frank Stella), Channel 7 TV, 10/5/1998
Interfaith Service: Peter Gomes 1/12/2002
Interfaith Weekend: James Carroll 4/18/2004
All School Meeting: Community Service Linda Gadson 5/3/2000
All school Meeting: Women’s Forum 2/28/2001
Senior faculty Convocation 6/6/2003 (2 copies)
Freedom to Choose: school voucher system by Winton/duPont Films


WPAA Dedication (CD); 1965
Gelb Science Center, “A New Era for Science at Andover” (5 VHS tapes) (2007?)
Jack Lemmon in GW (undated)
Phillips Academy Dedication of Memorial Place (undated)
Phillips Academy “Bricks and Mortar” (undated)
“Sports at Andover: Different Kids, Different Challenges” (undated)
Untitled VHS Tape (undated)
Brace Center Dedication, Charles Johnson (undated)
Body Health Resources, “The Body” Segment from TIC (undated)
Andover Exeter Football Rivalry NESN Special (undated)
The Andover Community: Residential Life at Phillips Academy (undated)
Final Five Minutes of Andover (5) vs. Exeter (3), and Paul McCartney “How It All Began” 1st Recordings, 1958 (undated)
NY Monitor Tape (undated)
Ed Elson American Ambassador to Denmark on Good Morning America (television show) with Charles Gibson, and New York Rangers at New Jersey (Devils) (undated)
PA (6) vs. Exeter (3), football (undated)
Videovation; 1989, 1990, 1991
“One Way Glass” a Will Conroy Film (undated)
“They’re Waiting to Hear from You” Northfield Mount Hermon Phonathon Training (undated)
Don McNemar Backup (undated)
Untitled VHS Tape for OAR (undated)
“Andover: A World of Languages” (undated)
Untitled VHS Tape (undated)
Phillips Academy Andover Admissions VHS Tape (undated)
MS2 (Math and Science for Minority Students) Founders Day July 10, 1996
MS2 (Math and Science for Minority Students) 25th Reunion (2002): Panel discussion
MS2 (Math and Science for Minority Students) 25th Reunion (2002): Speeches
MS2 (Math and Science for Minority Students)Cultural Sharing Sampler, 2002
MS2 (Math and Science for Minority Students) Native American Cultural Sharing, 1997
MS2 (Math and Science for Minority Students) Graduation, 1995, 1998, 2001
Michaels Harper (poet), 1997 (Summer Session)


Seth Moulton All School Meeting; 10/15/2003
James Carroll All School Meeting; 11/12/2003
Phillips Academy Investiture of Barbara Landis Chase (undated)
Brace Center for Gender Studies 2003 Student Fellow Series, Carina Serreze, “Ruined Maids: An Exploration of the Role of Pre-Marital Sex in the Works of Thomas Hardy”; 11/04/2003
Gelb Dedication; 4/24/2004
Brace Center for Gender Studies 2003 Student Fellow Series, Aya Hamano ’04, “How the Powerless Gain Power: Female Rebellion in the Novels of Margaret Atwood”; 11/11/2003
Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers; January 2000
Campaign Andover, Boston; 10/22/2000
Campaign Andover, Washington D.C.; 5/19/2000
All School Meeting; 10/4/2000
Zachary E. Tripp Memorial Service, Cochran Chapel; 3/1/2000
Phillips Academy Graduation, Cherished Moments; 2000
Volunteer Recognition Luncheon; 10/21/2000
Hafsat Abiola, class of 1992, All School Meeting; 2/21/2001
Great Moments in Our History; 3/15/2001
Great Moments in Our History; 3/13/2001
Volunteer Recognition Luncheon; 10/27/2001
Alumni Council Weekend 2002, Senior Dinner; 5/10/2002
Alumni Council Weekend 2002, Lunch in Davis Hall Alison Picott class of 1988; 2002
Alumni Council Weekend 2002, Group Session I Choices; 2002
Alumni Council Weekend 2002, Group Session II Non Sibi; 2002
Alumni Council Weekend 2002, Group Session III World Events; 2002
Alumni Council Weekend 2002, Breakfast Panel; 5/11/2002
Trustees/Leaders Weekend, Volunteer Luncheon; 10/25/2003
Volunteer Recognition Lunch; 10/19/2002
Senior Convocation; 2002
Senior/Faculty Convocation, Cochran Chapel; 6/6/2000
Rev. William Sloane Coffin, All School Meeting; 11/19/2003

George HW Bush (undated)
George HW Bush-ADB; 1987
George HW Bush: A development Weekend (3 UMatic tapes)
Bicentennial Convocation: George H.W. Bush 11/5/1789
George HW Bush at PA (Boston coverage) June 14, 1997
George HW Bush visit (Washington Press) (used in Andover in the 90s) Nov 15, 1989
President HW Bush at Andover (transfer from betacam) Audio on! Nov 11, 1989
George HW Bush speech May 1987
George W. Bush: The Son Also Rises (ABC News)
President Bush attended Phillips Academy (WB56) Jan 19, 2001


Phillips Academy Teaching: William Thomas, Symphony/Choral
Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon 9/25/2004
Leaders Weekend Buffet Dinner, Commons 10/29/1999
Great Moments in our History 3/15/2001 update
Dedication of Memorial Place 23 minutes (copy)
Gelb Science Introduction (15 minutes)
PA 6 vs. PEA 0, 1992, Cochran Chapel 06/06/2003
Gelb Science center: A New Era for Science at Andover (14:30) (2 copies)
Andover in the ‘90s: Tradition Renewed
Andover Celebrates 1985-1990
Andover: A Legacy of Great Teaching
Finis Origine Pendet: The End depends upon the Beginning
Finis Origine Pendet June 1984 Non Sibi Award Video Peter T. Nesbett ’84 / Derrick B. Queen ‘84
Talent Show 1999
Investiture of Barbara Landis Chase, 1994
Phillips Academy: Class of 1978 “PA 200”
Jack Lemmon in George Washington Hall
Abbot Academy Circle rededication (edited)
All School Meeting and Chapel Rededication 10/16/1998
All School Meeting: Bill Belichick 2/27/2002
Chapel Rededication 10/16/1998
Phillips Academy: bricks and Mortar
Leaders Weekend Luncheon 10/16/1998
Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon (26 minutes)
Senior Convocation 2002
50th reunion for class of 1945 (49:22)
Baccalaureate Service 06/01/1996
Andover/Exeter Football Rivalry: NESN Special
Volunteer Recognition Luncheon 10/4/1997
AH! 43! (17:33)
Phillips Academy Andover Office of Admission circa 2000 (15 minutes)
Phillips Academy Graduation 1998 (includes campus scenes, senior/faculty dinner, prom)

5th Floor Stacks Drawer
PA Tape (Not VHS—U-Matic); 4/30/1985
Andover vs. Exeter Lacrosse, campus (not VHS—U-Matic) (undated)
Search and Rescue Crew (not VHS—U-Matic) (undated)
Commons, Library (not VHS—U-Matic) (undated)
Exteriors George Washington Hall, Morse, Astronomy Class (not VHS—U-Matic) (undated)
Andover Faculty, Convocation (not VHS—U-Matic); 9/16/1987
Crew, Lawrence Dusk Exteriors (not VHS—U-Matic) (undated)
Phillips Academy Admissions Video (undated)
Dedication of Phelps Park; 5/1/1993
Andover Admission, Commencement (undated)
Andover Admission, Tracey Gately/Radio Show, African Songs, Ambassador Perkins, Commencement (undated)
Andover Admissions (undated)
Cooperstown; 5/24/1997
French 21, Henry Wilmer, English Seminar, P. Kalkstein, Jim Detora Interview (undated)
Russian Class, Computer Center, Lisa Prescott Interview, John Baird Interview (undated)
Spring Campus, Video Class, Shirley Veenema (Art) Interview, Philosophy Class (undated)
Andover Admissions (undated)
J. Baird Int., Frances Taylor Int., Dorm Cookout, Stickball (undated)
Spanish Class, Don McNemar Int. (undated)
Boys’ Lacrosse, Girls’ Lacrosse, Vic Hennington (History) Interview, Girls’ Softball Game, H. Edmunds and R. Webb interview, Caroline Cannan Int. (undated)
Andover Admissions (undated) (3 VHS tapes)
Campus, Mailroom, Todd Fletcher interview, Henry Wilmer Interview, Tracey Gately Interview (undated)

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