Vertical Subject Files

Vertical Subject Files are in the Archives office and may be consulted when the Archives is open. They contain secondary and primary source material on the events, people and places in the history of Abbot and Phillips Academies and are arranged alphabetically by topic.


Abbot Academy

Abbot Memories 1996


Alumnae since 1900

Alumnae Association

Alumnae Authors

Articles and Newspaper clippings


Boston Abbot Club


Abbey Hall

Abbot Hall

Chapin House

Draper Hall

McDuffie House

McKeen Hall


Campus Various Dates

Campus History







Circle Rededication 1997 “A Widening Circle”

Club of New England


Dance Department

Dinning Room

Financial Aid

Fund Raising

Handbooks (see also Abbot Academy Walks)




Merrill Gates

Pedagogical Philanderings (a satire)

Principal 1898-1911 Emily Adams Means






Secret Garden







Abbot Academy Association Seminars

Abbot Independent Scholars Program

Abbot Preservation Task Force (1980s)

Abbot Tavern

Abbot Window OWH Library (see Close, Frank)

Abbot, Abiel 1770-1828, P.A. 1785

Abbot, Charles Greely 1872-1973, P.A. 1891

Abbot, Moses Deed 1793

Abbot, Sarah1762-1850

Abbot House

Sarah Abbot Award (est. 1973)

Abbot Family

Abbot Scholars

Abercrombie, Lawrence Allen, P.A. class of 1918

Abiola, Hafsat, P.A. Class of 1993

Academic Advising

Academic Council

Academic Program Report, 2005

Academy Hall (Old Main Building)

Academic Support

ACE Scholar Program

Achievement Gap

Acquired Immune Deficiency Policy (AIDS)

Adams Female Academy

Adams Hall

Adams House (see Hardy House, Schuman Admission Center)

Adams, David Earnest, P.A. class of 1909

Adams, Elizabeth

Adams, John (4th Principal of P.A.)

Addison Avocado

Addison Gallery:


Curriculum Packets




Strategic Planning

News Clippings

Adler, Elmer, P.A. class of 1904

Admission Certificates (1778(?)-1846)

Admissions House (Modern) (see also Hardy House, Shuman Admission Center)

Advanced Placement

Advising Council (est. 1997)

Aerial Views

Advisory Committee

Afro-Latino-American Society

Alpha Gamma Chi (A.G.C)

Ain, Michael, P.A. class of 1980

Albee, John,  P.A. class of 1984

Allen, Bernard, Latin Instructor 1892-1919

Allen, Phillip K., P.A. class of 1929

Allis, Fritz, PA. class of 1931, P.A. faculty 1936-1979


General: Part 1

General: Part 2






Fund Report Drawing 1938




Performing Arts

Quiz of 2003

Record Keeping and Correspondence with the School

Scholarship Survey

Alvarez, Julia, Abbot Academy Class of 1967


America House

American Field Services

American History Department

American Student Tours of 1924

Ames, Herman Vandenberg, P.A. class of 1884

Ames, Nathaniel Almanack, P.A. 1742

Andover/Abbot Association of New England

Andover Annual Giving Report

Andover Association Publications (early 1800s)

Andover Athletics

Andover Bookstore

Andover Breadloaf

Andover Broadside

Andover Calendar

Andover Campaign

Andover Canadian Fund

Andover Club of New York

Andover Cookbook

Andover Cottage

Andover-Dartmouth Teachers’ Institute

Andover Day

Andover Development Board:

“In our Sphere”

Andover Ecology Action Group

Andover Economics Project

Andover Evening Study Program for Adults


Athletic Problems


Constitutions Side by Side


Finance Comparison:

c. 1870

November 1976


Football Memorabilia

Joint Efforts


Rules and Regulations

Track Meets

Andover Forum

Andover Fund

Andover Historical Society

Andover History and Archeology Club

Andover Inn (see also Phillips Inn)

Andover Men at Yale

Andover Organ Company

Andover Parents Fund

Andover Pooled Income Fund

Andover Program

Andover Pub

Andover Recorder

Andover Scoreboard

Andover Short Term Institute

Andover Tapes

Andover Theological School:

Admission Policies


Heresy Trial

Andover Mill or Minister’s Factory

Andover (Town of):

Authors 1646-1976

250th Anniversary

Tercentenary (1946)

350th Anniversary

Andover Trail (see Andover Historical Committee)

Andover Voices (Oral History Project)

Andover Weekend

AndoverAgain (One Word)

Andover Weekend (April 20-22 1956

Andrews, Donald H. PA. Class 1916

Anti-Harassment Policy

Anti-Slavery in Andover

Antiques and Artifacts

Appleton, Samantha, P.A. Class of 1993

Architects and Architecture

Armillary Sphere

Armillary Sphere (Headmaster’s File)

Armistice Day

Arnold, Mathew



Department Curriculum

History Prize (See Bensley, Art History Prize)

at Andover

Arts and Communications Center

Arts and Communications Center Planning


Asia Society


“Asian and Asian American Youth Study” by Aya Murata



Study Center

Assembly Programs

Assessment and Grading

Assessment Week



Indoor Meetings 1925, 1938

Fall Tournament 1885

Spring Tournament 1883,1884,1887,
1888, 1890, 1891

Winter Tournament 1879, 1884, 1885, 1887, 1888, 1889

Complex Dedication Nov. 10 1979


Directors 1897 – Today

Hall of Fame

“Athletics and Physical Fitness at Andover” Ted Harrison 1969

Alumni Council Report

Director Report

At Andover Miscellaneous

News Clippings:












Physical Fitness

Slide Survey

Task Force 2000

Attention Deficit Disorder (See Panogopoulis Case)

Attrition Studies

Audio-Visual Center


A.U.V. fraternity

Awards, 2012

Ayer, Richard Hazen P.A. Class of 1796


Baccalaureate Services

Bagpipes (See Clan McPherson) (Pipes and Drums)

Bailey, Carroll and Elaine

Baskt, M. Charles P.A. Class of 1962

Baldwin Cloister

Ballard, Arthur Gayton P.A. Class 1874 (died his senior year)

Ballard, Leslie

Ballou, Sullivan, P.A. Class of 1848

Bancroft, Cecil F.P. [8th Headmaster] 1873-1901

Bancroft, Cecil F.P. Landladies

Bancroft Collection

Bancroft Cottage

Bancroft Hall

Banks, Talcott Miner, P.A. class of 1886


Banjo Club

Banners by Class Year (shelved in 5th floor stacks)

Banta, Cornelius and Lorene (Faculty)

Barker, Ben P.A. 1965

Bernard, Charles B., P.A. Class of 1888

Barratte, Marie Madeline (faculty)

Barratt, Robert L. P.A. Class of 1891

Barron, Robert K., P.A. Class of 1941

Barrows, Kilbrith Jordan P.A. Class of 1927

Barss, John S. (Faculty)

Bartlet, William (1747-1841)

Bartlet Chapel

Bartlet Hall

Barton House

Blasford, Emory S. (Faculty)



Bassett, Richard P.A. Class of 1916

Bates, David Hunt P.A. Class 1834

Baxtar, James Phinney 3rd P.A. Class of 1910

Bay, Willow P.A.Class of 1981

Beach, Harlen P. PA Class of 1878

Beard, Charles J. PA Class of 1962

Beck, Tad PA Class of 1986

Beckwith, Clyfe (Faculty)

Beecher, Frederick Henry PA Class of 1858

Beinecke, Frederick “Rick” PA Class of 1962

Beinecke, Walter Charles PA Class
of 1906

Belichek, Amanda PA Class of 2003

Belichick, William “Bill” PA Class of 1971

Bell Tower (See Memorial Tower)

Benbow, John PA Class of 1903

Bender, Wilbur J. (Faculty)

Benedict, G. Greenville (Faculty and College Placement)

Benefactor List

Beneficiary Fund Appeal 1854

Benevie (see ladies Benevolent Society)

Benjamin, William R. PA Class of 1869

Benner, Allen Rodgers PA Class of 1888

Bennett, Russell H. PA Class of 1915

Bensley, Audrey and Diz (Faculty)

Bensly Art History Prize

Bensley, Peter PA Class of 1971

Bernieri, Laura and Lou

Beschloss, Michael R., PA Class of 1973

Bible and Discussion Groups

Bierwirth, Heinrich Conrad PA Class of 1879 (Faculty)

Bing, Cynthia Eaton A.A. Class of 1961

Bingham, Hiram, PA Class of 1894
Bingham Family Papers collection finding aid, Yale University Archives

Biographical Catalog

Bird Collection

Bird Sanctuary

Bissinger, H. Gerard “Buzzy” PA Class of 1972

Black Alumni

Black History Month

Blaize, Polly B.

Blake, Aldrich PA Class of 1905

Blake, Harriet A.A. Class of 1880

Blanchard, Amos (Business Manager for the Trustees)

Blanchard, H. Gordon PA Class of 1907

Blanchard, Lloyd G. PA Class of 1906

Blanchard House

Blank, Leslie H. PA Class of 1954

Blauvelt, Hiram PA Class of 1916

Blodget, George PA Class of 1853

Blood Pressure Project

Bloom, John A. PA Class of 1954

The Blue Book

Blue Key


Blum, John PA Class of 1939

Blunt, John Ellsworth Teacher Seminary 1848

Boarding Houses

Boarding Houses Complaint 1901

Bogart, Humphrey de Forest, PA Class of 1920

Bonding Issue Questionnaire 1913

Bonde, Jess (Abbot Academy Staff)

Bonney, Smith, ‘Celia (Faculty 1974-2005)

Boo Book



Borden Gymnasium

Boston Alumni Assosiation

Brace, Charles Loring, PA Class of 1874

Brace Center

Bradford, Benjamin, PA Class of 1937

Bradford College

Bradely, Leveritt PA Class of 1869

Brechin Hall

Bremer, Paul

Albert Perry Brigham Prize Examination

Broaco, Jonny PA 1930

Brodeur, David PA Class of 1951

Bromfield School

Brooks Anglo-American Prize Essay Cup 1925

Brooks-Bryce Prize Essay 1926

Brothers’ Field

Brown, John Fisk PA Class of 1918

Brown Ruth (OWH Librarian 1930-1955)

Brown, Waldo PA Class of 1916

Brown William (PA Faculty English 1938-1979)

Bruce, Alexander Bern PA Class of 1911

Buehner, William (Faculty 1951-1977)

Building and Endowment Fund 1919-1920

Bulfinch, Charles (School Architect)

Bulfinch Hall (Brick Academy)



Bunker Hill

Burns, Donald Snow PA Class of 1943

Burns, John Horne PA Class of 1933

Burns Supper

Burroughs, Edward Rice PA Class of 1894

Burtt House (26 Salem Street)

Bush, Archibald McClure PA Class of 1867

Bush, George, PA Class of 1942




News clippings


1981 Visit

1989 Bicentennial Visit

Bush, George W. PA Class of 1964

Bush, John E. “Jeb” PA Class of 1971

Bush Family

Bushnell, Robert T. PA Class of 1915

Butler, Benjamin F. Scholarship Fund

Byers, Ester Smith AA Class of 1856

Byers, Peter Smith PA Class of 1858

Byington, Steven T


Cabot, Ned, PA Class of 1961

C.A.M.D. (Community and Multicultural Development) office

Camera Club

Campaign Andover (1999, 2003)

Cane, Rush (1800s)

Cantata Italian Trip

Capital Campaign, 2017

Cardozo, Kevin (Faculty)

Reverend C.C. Carpenter

Carpenter, Jaen Brodie AA Class of 1892

Carter, Catherine (Faculty)

Carter, Charles Frances, A.T.S. Class of 1882

Carter, Sarah Nelson



Case, George B. PA Class of 1890

Case, George B. Jr. PA Class of 1922

Case Memorial Cage (George B. Case Jr.)

C.A.S.E. Awards

Cataldo, Maria (PA Catholic Chaplain 2000-2003)



Le Cerce 1961 #1-3

Certificate of Completion

Chandler, Otis, Class of 1946

Chang, Hong Yen, Class of 1879

Chao, Rex, PA Class of 1993

Chapel [Cochran]:



Cemetery Association


Restoration 1997




Holy Week



Sacred Music

Senior Service

Term Lists



Combined Abbot and Andover Speakers List




Chapell, Harriet, Abbot Academy class of 1876

Chapin, Mel and Family, PA Class of 1936

Chapman, Beth Imogene Abbot Academy Class of 1955

Chapman, Ovid and “Chaps” Restaurant

Chase, Alston Hurd Faculty Classic 1934-1971

Chase, Barbara Landis (14th Head of School, 1994-2012):

Investigative News Reports

Commencement Speeches, 1995-2011


House, 2017-

Chase, Derwood Sumner PA Class of 1949

Cho, Van So PA Class of 1985

Cheating (1902)

Cheers and Songs

Cheever House


Cherry Trees

Child Care

Childs, Edwin Otis PA Class of 1867

China Trip:






Chinese Awards

Chinese Student(s):


China’s First Hundred by Thomas E. La Fargue

Conference 1907, 1916

Chinese Student/Teacher Exchange

Chititck, Charles Yardley, PA Class of 1918

Christmas Cards


Chu, Carole PA Class of 1987

Church of Christ in PA

Churchill, J. Wesley PA Class of 1861, ATS Class of 1868, Teacher at all 3 schools

Cicero De Senectute (Running of)

Civil Defense

Civil War

Clan McPherson Pipes and Drums

Clark, George B. PA Class of 1846

Clark, Lincoln PA Class of 1936

Class Secretaries Association

Classics Department

Classical Association of New England

Climo, Allison H. PA Class of 1978

Clock Samuel Phillips Hall

Close, Frank (architectural stained glass artist)


Clune, Henry W. PA Class of 1913





Coach’s Handbook

Cobb, David (English Faculty)

Cochrane, Moncrieff Jr. PA Class of 1935

Cochran, Thomas PA Class of 1890

Cochran, Thomas PA Class of 1890: Research

Cochran Chapel

Cochran Sanctuary

Cockburn, Olivia PA Class of 2003

Code of Honor (unattributed)

Codman, John PA Class of 1823


Coffin, William Sloan PA Class of 1942

Dorothy Rice nee Colburn Abbot Academy Class of 1951

Colgate, William Hoyt PA Class of 1865

College Admissions

College Counseling:


Parent Publication

College Entrance Exams at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Sheffield Scientific School at Yale

Colton, Walter ATS Class of 1825

Combs, Gifford PA Class of 1976

















Committed Partners

Commons Dinning Hall

Communications Visiting Committee


Community Convocation

Community Health Team

Computer Literacy Center


Concerts (famous musicians)

Cone, Tom (PA Faculty 1966-)

Constitution, Phillips Academy

Convers, Ebenezer Buckingham PA Class of 1857

Converse, Frank PA Class of 1956

Cook, Allen T. (Faculty English 1930s)

Cook, Chris

Cooley House

Coolidge, Calvin

Coon, Carlton S. PA Class of 1921

Cooper, Thomas Yost PA Class of 1902


Coopley Wing

Corliss, Charles Albert PA Class of

Cornell, Joseph PA Class of 1921

Couch, James and Margret (Faculty, Spanish and Librarian, PA and Abbot)

Coulthard, Al (Faculty Phys. Ed.)

Coy, Edward G. (Faculty Greek)

Crane, Mary 15th Principal of Abbot Academy

Crane Family

Crawford, Bruce (Directory OPP)

Crawford, William and Katy (Faculty History and Bancroft School)



Crisis Management Protocol

Cum Laude Society

Cumming & Sears Architects

Cunlife, William PA Class of 1974

Cunningham-Adams, Christina










Bulletin Articles 1970s




Science Division 1978

Complimentary Programs

Paper Jane Carpenter

News Reports

Papers Student Authored

Cushing, Caleb


Dakar Project

Dalton, Kathleen and Rotundo, Tony (History Faculty)

Daly, Fred J. (P.E. Faculty)

Dana, Daniel Rev. (Trustee PA)

Dance Department

Dancing Bans

Daniels, Paul Clement PA Class of 1920

Darling, Arthur Burr PA Class of 1912 (History Faculty 1917-1958)

Dart, Justin III PA Class of 1949

Date Rape Education Team

Davis Scholars Program

Davison, Alden PA Class of 1915

Dawson, William PA 1875

Melville Cox Day

Day Care

Day of Remembrance

Day Students

Debate Programs

Decoration Day (Memorial Day)

Deerfield Massachusetts

Delaney, Dana W. PA Class of 1974

Del Fuegos

DeLuca, Theodore PA Class of 1922

DeOssie, Zak PA Class of 2003

Deppe, Theodore, Writer in Residence

Derby, George Horatio PA Class of 1837

De Senectute, Burning of

DiClemente, Frank (Science Faculty)

Dieteic Assosiation

Dimock, Anthony Weston PA Class of 1859

Dinning Hall




Doane, Roland P. PA Class of 1915

Doddridge, Phillips Reverend (1702-1751)

Doherty, John H. PA Class of 1924

Dolbeare, Louis PA Class of 1936

Dole, Charles Pinot PA Class of 1919

Domestic Partners

Domincovich, Harry A. (Latin Faculty 1908-1909)

Domingue, Robert A. PA Class of 1954

Dorman, Daniel PA Class of 1928

Donner Foundation Scholars

Dorey, J. Milnor (Faculty)

Doshisha Concert and Vespers Services 1993

Doshisha Schools

Dove Latin Prizes

Dow, Harry E. PA Class of 1910

Drake, Sherman (Math Faculty) (1953-1987)


Pre-1900 and Undated





Draper, Warren Fales (Teachers Seminary Class of 1840, PA Class of 1843, ATS Class of 1850)

Draper, Warren Fales Papers

Draper College

Draper Prizes

Drayton, William Aston PA Class of 1961

Dresser, George Eaton PA Class of 1917

Duden, Henry Richard, Jr. PA Class of 1943

Dunbar, Douglas (dentist)

du Pont, Alfred Irenee

Durant, Henry PA Class of 1823

Dwyer, Charels Francis PA Class of 1897

Dwyer, James Leo PA Class of 1898


Earth Day, 1990, 2009

Earth Day, 1970 (2 folders)

Eaton, George PA Classes of 1873 (Latin) & 1874 (English) (Math Faculty 1880-1930)

Eaton, Guy (Math Faculty 1909-1939)

Eaton, James Stewart PA Class of 1839 (Principal Teachers Seminary 1848-1864)

Eaton, Walter Prichard PA Class of 1896

Eccles, Frank “Skip” (Math Faculty 1956-1990)


Educational Testing Services, Princeton, NJ

Edwards, Rbbert A. “Bobby” (C.A.M.D. Dean)

Edwards, Jerusha Williams Billings

Effort Grades

Efinger, Frank William PA Class of 1948

8 ‘n 1 Octet

Eight School Association

Elliot, Emma S. Abbot Academy 1875


Elson Art Center

Emergency Response

Emerson, Edward Bliss PA Class of 1816

Emerson, Elizabeth Abbot Academy Class of 1856 (AA Faculty 1857-1858)

Emrich, Duncan Black McDonald PA Class of 1926

Endowment & Investment Policy

Energy Conservation OPP

Engelhardt, Fred PA Class of 1905

English Commons

English Department (Modern)

English Department (Modern) Expository Writing

English Department (Old)


Entrance Exams

The Epistle

Eric, Howard P.A. Class of 1901      

Essex County, Story of

John Esther Art Fund & Gallery                                                      

Ethics and Human Issues

Eureka Club

Evans, David P.A Class of 1961                                                                              

Evans, Peter P.A Class of 1968                                                                                           

Evans, Thomas Mellon

Evans Walker P.A Class of 1922

Everett, Edward (See Cushing, Caleb)

Evans Hall     


Examinations Schedules

Excelsior Club

Exeter Academy Constitution

Exeter Academy Harkness Method

Exeter Academy Miscellanea

Exeter Academy Seal Exeter Academy vs Phillips Academy (see Andover/Exeter)


Extra Curricular Council


Fabyan, George Francis P.A Class of 1857( see also: Knapp, George Brown)

Facilities Planning


Faculty Advisory Committee

Faculty Children

Faculty Communications

Faculty Development Day

Faculty Evaluation Handbook

Faculty Events

Faculty Lists

Faculty Meetings

Faculty Memorial Services

Faculty Miscellanea Pre- 1900

Faculty Miscellanea  

Faculty News clippings

Faculty Obituaries    

Faculty Pensions

Faculty: P.A Alumni (See Carole Chu, P.A 1987)

Faculty: Presentations/ Exhibits

Faculty Real/Estate Financing Plan

Faculty Salaries

Faculty Sexuality Issues

Fairbanks, Horace P.A. Class of 1840

Fan, Jennifer P.A. Class of 2009

Farrar Family Correspondence

Farrar House

Farson, Negley, P.A. class of 1910

Fay, Peter (English and Theater Faculty)

FCD Week (Freedom from Chemical Despondency) (See also substance abuse)

February Week

Fessenden School

Fidelio: Trip to Florida, 2003

Field, Rick P.A Class of 1891

Field Hockey

Flight of the Century

Film from Every Quarter (L.A. Film Festival 1994)

Financial Aid

Fire Engine

Fire Insurance

Fire Laws


Fisher, Everett P.A. Class of 1937

Fisk Singers

Fitts, Dudley Eaton (English Faculty 1941-1968)

Fitts, Dudley Eaton (English Faculty 1941-1968) Writings

Fitts, Dudley Eaton (English Faculty 1941-1968) Student writings while at Haverhill High School

Fitzpatrick, J. Montague (see Pranks)

Five year report 1948-1953

Flagg, Burton Sanderson, Trustee and Treasurer Abbot Academy 1906-1964

Flagg, Issac P.A. Class of 1860

Flagstaff Cluster


Fletcher, John Gould P.A. Class of 1904

Fletcher, Richard Knapp P.A. class of 1904

Todd Fletcher P.A. class of 1987

Floods (see: G.W. Hall) (See: OWL Library)

Follansbee, George L. (P.A. P.E. Faculty 1936- 1953)

Football (see also) (Andover/ Exeter) (Football)

Forbes, Charles Henry (Faculty Latin Department 1891 -1953) ( Acting Headmaster 1931-1933)

Foreign Languages at Andover

Foreign Students (See Also by Country)


The Forum

Foster, Thomas E. (Faculty, Latin andGreek) (1843-1847)

Foster Classical Prizes


Founder’s Day

Four School Study

Fowle, Robert P.A. Class of 1779

Fox, Gustavus Vasa P.A. Class of 1838

Franks, Harry Edward P.A. Class of 1923

Fraternities (see Secret Societies)

Frampton, Hollis P.A. Class of 1954

Frederick, Wayne Andrew (Faculty History 1962-1980)

Freedom from Chemical Despondency (See FCD Week)

Freeman, Archibald (Faculty History 1892-1957)

French, Alice Abbot Academy Class of 1868 (Pseudonym: Octaric Thanet)

French Family

Friday Forum

Friends, Society of (See Society of Friends)


Frost, Meigs O. P.A. Class of 1907

Frost, Robert

Frye, Newton Parker Class of 1862

Fuess, Claude Moore (Faculty English 1908-1933) (Headmaster 1933-1948)

Fuess, Claude Moore (Faculty English 1908-1933) (Headmaster 1933-1948) Writings

Fuess Awards

Fuess House

Fuller, Rovilo (connection to schools unclear)

Fuller, Samuel L. P.A. Class of 1894

Fullerton, William M. O.A. Class of 1882

Fund Raising (See also: specific campaigns)

James Funkhouser P.A. Class of 1951


Gage, Will P.A. Class of 2003

Gallagher, J. Roswell (P.A. Physician 1934-1949)

Gay Straight Alliance

Geary Derek P.A. Class of 1989

Gelb Gallery

Gelb Science Center

Gelb Richard P.A. Class of 1941

Gender Symposium

Gender: All-Gender Dorms, 2017

Gendler, Everett

Geology, Andover

German Language Department

Giamatti, Angelo Bartlett Watt, P.A. Class of 1956

Gibson, Margaret F. and McKam, David W. Co-writers in Residence 1984-1987


Gilbert, Benjamin P.A. Class of 1892

Ginsberg (later Grey), Cleve P.A. Class of 1934

Global Citizenship

Coetze, Lydia (Faculty Science (Biology) 1980-2005)

Goldwater, Barry


Gomes, Peter

Goodell, William (P.A. Class of 1813) (A.T.S. Class of 1820)

Goodwin, Cardyn (Abbot Faculty) (Math 1947-1976)

Goodyear, Richard P.A. Class of 1959 (Trustee)

Goriansky Family

Gorman, James Roderick P.A. Class of 1942

Gottesman, Michael P.A. Class of 1998

Gould, James P.A. Class of 1913

Gould, John A English Faculty

Graber, Richard (school photographer)

Graffiti, “ Threat”

Graham, James (P.A. Faculty: English 1892-1937)

Graham, William F. (P.A. Faculty Math 1952-1987)

Graham House (See also: KublerMerril-Alexandra), Abbot Academy Class of 1956

Grandparents’ Day

Grant, W. Morton P.A. Class of 1933

Graves, William P. P.A. Class of 1887

Graves Hall

Gray, Alonzo (A.T.S. Faculty Chemistry and Natural Science, 1863-1843)

Gray Marvin, P.A. Class of 1940

Great Auk

Greeley, Horace (See Cushing, Caleb)

Green, Samuel P.A Class of 1810 A.T.S. Class of 1818 (?)

Green Cup Challenge

Greene, Belle de Costa (See also) (Greener, Richard Theodore) (Father)

Greene, Roger Denise P.A. Class of 1923

Greene-Smith Bird Collection

Greener, Richard Theodore P.A. Class of 1865 (See also:) (Greene, Bella de Costa)


(Richard T.) Greener Study

Greenough, Horatio P.A. Class of 1814

Greenough, Thomas O. P.A. Class of 1928

Grew, James Hooper (P.A. Faculty French 1935-1972)

Griffin, Edward Dorr (Faculty, A.T.S.)

Gulf War


Gunther, Franklin Mott P.A. Class of 1904

Gymnasium Fund


Haggin, Jeffrey Burkett P.A. Class of 1978

Hahn, Kurt (founder Outward Bound)

Hale, Emily, Abbot Academy Faculty Drama 1947-1957

Nathan Hale House

Hall, Brooks C P.A. Class of 1959

Hall, Charles Henry P.A. Class of 1838

Hall, Roderick Stephen Goodspread, P.A. Class of 1934

Hall, Samuel Read (first Headmaster 1830, Teachers Seminary (aka English Department)

Hallowell, Norwood Penrose, P.A. Class of 1928 (P.A. Faculty, English) (1934-1975)

Hallowell, Priscilla Choate (wife of Norwood Penrose Hallowell)

Hallowell, Robert P.A. Class of 1906

Hamilton, Carl William P.A. Class of 1909

Hamilton, Henry H. A.T.S Class of 1872

Hamilton, John P.M. P.A. Class of 1913

Hamilton, Judy (first  female cluster dean)

Hamilton, William P.A. Class of 1958

Hammond, Henry Hedge P.A. Class of 1954

Hampton Institute

Han, Yuan (P.A. Faculty, Chinese 1988-2006)


Hannum, Robert Read P.A. Class of 1922

Harbin Institute (See Chinese Student/Teacher Exchange) (See Harbin Institute)

Hardy, Alpheus Family (Joseph Neesima)

Hardy Genealogy

Hardy House (see Shuman Admission Center)

Harkness, Edward

Harper, Marion P.A. Class of 1934

Harassment Policy

George R. Harris P.A. Class of 1938 (P.A. Faculty English and History, 1952-1983) (Athletic Director and Hockey Coach)

Harrison, Marjorie “Marge” (Abbot Academy Coach, P.A. Coach)

Harrison, Jeffrey W., Writer in Residence 1997-2000

Harrison, Fred H. “Ted” P.A. Class of1938

Harrison Hockey Rink

Harry Potter Dinner 2008 “Uncommons” (Smith Center)

Hartzell, Richard William P.A. Class of 1969

Harvard Andover Prizes in English

Harvard Scholarship For Andover

Harvard University

Hasenclever, Walter C.P.A. Class of 1785

Hastings, Myra Clerk Mills

Hatheway, Williams Howell P.A. Class of 1941

Hayes, Bartlet H. Jr. P.A. Class of 1922 (Faculty, Art and Director, Addison Gallery)

Hayes, Ruth

Jedich Hayward, P.A. 1889 

Hayward House

Head of School Day

Headmaster Portrait Day

Headmaster’s Symposium African

Headmaster’s Symposiums

Headmaster’s Symposiums Asia

Headmaster’s Symposiums China

Headmaster’s Symposiums Environmental

Headmaster’s Symposiums Gender

Headmaster’s Symposiums Latin America

Headmaster’s Symposiums Nuclear Survival

Headmaster’s Symposiums Race Relations

Headmaster’s Symposiums Soviet Union


Health and Psychological Service

Hearsey, Marguerite Capen 14th Abbot Academy Principal (1936- 1955)

Heelan, Kevin (P.A. Faculty Theatre, 1983-

Heely, Allan Vanderhoef, P.A. Class of 1915

Heilner, Van Campen, P.A. Class of 1918

Henningsen, Victor W., P.A. Class of 1969 (P.A. Faculty History, 1974-2013)

Henson, Brian P.A. Class of 1982

Hessman Robin, P.A Class of 1990 (See also Longley, James, P.A. Class of 1990)

Hickman, Jennifer (P.A. Faculty Physics, 1984-?)

Hill, Gladwin Arthur, P.A. Class of 1932

Hill, James, P.A. class of 1807

Hinman, George W. P.A. Class of 1894 (P.A. Faculty Languages, 1906-1942

Hinton Family (P.A. employees)

History Department

History Department Essays 2006

History Department “History of History” (225th celebration)

History Department Islam: History 100

History Department Miscellaneous Documents

History Department Photographs

History Department Prizes

History Department Programs

Hochman, Paul P.A. Class of 1952


Hoffman, Ella P.A. Class of 2001

Hoffman, Alice Rukebmi P.A. Class of 2011, 2012, 2013

Hoitsma, Louis John (P.A. Faculty 1953-1989)

Holland, Flourney C., Writer in Residence 1994-1996

Holley, Joseph Winthrop P.A. Class of 1900

Holmes, Edmund Wales P.A. Class of 1868

Holmes, John P.A. Class of 1825 or 6

Holmes, Oliver Wendell P.A. Class of 1825

Holmes, Oliver Wendell P.A. Class of 1825 Letters

Holmes, Stereoscope

Oliver Wendell Holmes Library

Oliver Wendell Holmes Library Plaques

Oliver Wendell Holmes Library Renovation and Rededication

Oliver Wendell Holmes Library Special Collections

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr.

Hooper, Stephen

Horner, Horace Mansfield P.A. Class of 1922

Houghton, Thomas

House Counseling

House Counselor’s Handbook

House lists

Howe, Harold II (PA Faculty, History, 1947- 1950)

Walter Eittone Abbot Academy Organist and Choral Director

Howes, Arthur (P.A. Faculty Music, 1944-1951

Huang, C.Y. (P.A. Faculty Math)

Hubbard, Samuel (P.A. Board of Trustees, 1823-1843

Theomas Hudner P.A. Class of 1943

Hulbard, Robert Penniman (P.A. Faculty, German, 1953-1986)

Human Issues (See: Ethics and Human Issues)

Huntington, Howard Tednches P.A. Class of 1778

Hyde, Simeon


Ilbric, Merzudia P.A. Class of 2006

Ice Cream (See Hinton Family)

Ihlenfeld, Klaus Sculptor

Independence Foundation

Independent Projects

India, Eugene P.A. Class of 1965

Indo-Pak Society

Infantile Paralysis (See Polio)


Interdisciplinary Studies

International Academic Partnership


Irwin, Will


Islamic Cultural Studies


Jackson, Alexander Louis and William Edward P.A. Class 1910 and P.A. Class of 1943 (seeStearns file #1421)

Jackson, Samuel Cram, A.T.S. Student, Class of 1826

Jacob, John Edward

Jacobs, Eli S. P.A. Class of 1955

James, Benjamin V.R. P.A. Class of 1836

James, Leonard Frank (P.A. Faculty, History, 1932-1970


Japanese Language

Japanese Students (See also: Dosheesha folders)

Jenney, William LeBaron P.A. Class of 1849

Jernegan, Prescott F. (P.A. Faculty, Chemistry, 1889-1890

Jewish Students

Jiles, Paulettee Writer in Residence 1987-1988

John-Esther Art Gallery

Johnson, Alfred P.A. Class of 1890

Johnson, James D. P.A. Class of 1972 “Fun and Games on Andover Hill”)

Johnson, Osgood P.A. Class of 1823 (P.A. Faculty 1829-1837) (5th Principal 1833-1837)

Johnson Hall

Jones, Edward Sprague P.A. Class of 1946

Jones, William P.A. Class of 1896

Jordan, Judith Abbot Academy Class of 1961

Joseph, Suzy (P.A. Faculty, French, 1980-2005

Joyce, Stephen James P.A. Class of 1950

Junior Public Speaking

Just, Ward S. Writer in Residence 1982-1984


Kahler, Woodland P.A. Class of 1914

Kalkstein, Paul S. P.A. Class of 1961 (P.A. Faculty, English, 1970-2006

Kane, William P.A. Class of 1963

Kayden Lectures and Concerts

Kearney, Thomas P.A. Class of 1895

Keith, Edward Skilton P.A. Class of 1868 [Classmate of Neesima]

Keller, Helen

John S.W. Kellet, P.A. Class of 1944 and Kellet Scholarship Fund

Kelley, Robert E[W]., Jr. P.A. Class of 1964

Kemper, Abby Castle (Wife of John Kemper)

Kemper, John (P.A. 11th Headmaster) [1948-1971] Articles

Kemper, John (P.A. 11th
Headmaster) [1948-1971] Biographical

Kemper, John (P.A. 11th Headmaster) [1948-1971] Commencement Address 1953

Kemper, John (P.A. 11th Headmaster) [1948-1971] Correspondence

Kemper, John (P.A. 11th Headmaster) [1948-1971] Death & Memorial Service

Kemper, John (P.A. 11th Headmaster) [1948-1971] Inauguration

Kemper, John (P.A. 11th Headmaster) [1948-1971] “Letters From Santa Claus”

Kemper, John (P.A. 11th Headmaster) [1948-1971] Retirement

Kemper, John (P.A. 11th Headmaster) [1948-1971] “Time” cover & dinner

John M. Kemper Fund

Sylvia Pratt Kemper Chapel

KenanCharitable Trust Fund

Kennedy, John F., Jr. P.A. Class of 1979

Kennedy, Patrick P.A. Class of 1986

Kerry, John (father of) Kerry, Vanessa Bradford P.A. Class of 1995 [Daughter of John Kerry, U.S. Senator]

Keuffel, Ken P.A. Class of 1942

Kilbrick, Herbert Victor P.A. Class of 1934

Kidder, Tracy P.A. Class of 1963

Kiley, Roger Corman P.A. Class of 1940 (See also: Pranks) [Fitzpatrick, J. Montague]

Kilpatrick, John Reed P.A. Class of 1907

Kimball, John Ward P.A. Class of 1949

Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, NH

Martin Luther King Day

Kimberley Family

Kinney, Watson Fredericks P.A. Class of 1926

Kington, Raynard

Kirkpatrick, Charles. Writer in Residence. Fall 1996

Klaus, Ian P.A. Class of 1997

Knapp, George Brown P.A. Class of 1854 (See also: Fabyan, George Francis)


Kohler, Herbert V.  P.A. Class of 1911

Koolen, Mark (Faculty)

Korean Conflict  (See: War Memorials, Vietnam War)

Kristensen, Erik S. P.A. Class of 1991

Krivobok, Georges (P.A. Faculty, World Languages)

Krumpe, Carl & Elizabeth (P.A. Faculty, Classics & History) [1960-1998]

Kubler-Merrill, Alexandra Bushnell Abbot Academy Class of 1956

Kuhner (Burial of, Burning of, Funeral Rites of) [See also Palmer, Burning of] [See

also: Cicero “De Senectute]



Ladies Benevolent Society (“Benevie” See also: Samaritan Female Society)

Lafayette, Marquis de

Lamontagne, Raymond P.A. Class of 1953

Land Deeds (P.A. Land in Maine, 1799)

Landladies (See Bancroft, Cecil F.P. Landladies)

Lane, John P.  (P.A. Faculty, Physics) [1943-1947]

Lange, Anne (nee Cleveland) Abbot Academy Class of 1955

Language Learning Center

Lardner, John Abbott P.A. Class of 1929

Lardner, Ring, Jr. P.A. Class of 1932

Larner, Mark P.A. Class of 1969

Latin American Students

Latin Commons

Latin Declamation Prize Competition

Latin Examinations

Latin Players

Lavin, Franklin L. P.A. Class of 1975

Lawrence Summer Program, 1965-1966

Laws and Statutes 1905

Lawson, Victor Fremont P.A. Class of 1872

Lazzaro, Frank P.A. Class of 1932

Leaders’ Weekend

Munro Leaf

Leavitt, Hart Day (P.A. Faculty 1939-1975) (English)

Leavitt, Hart Day (P.A. Faculty English, 1939-1975)  “And Gladly Teach”unpublished 2010


Lee, Francis Lightfoot and Cassius P.A. Class of 1795

Leeds, Walter Scott P.A. Class of 1908

Leete, Robert (P.A. Director of Commons)

Lemmon, John Uhler, Jr, (Jack) P.A. Class of 1943

Leonard, William A. P.A. Class of 1866

Lewis, Wells P.A. Class of 1934

Liang Chen, Sir Chentung P.A. Class of 1882

Libby, Irve L. “Scooter  P.A. Class of 1968

Library of Congress

Lillard, Walter Huston (P.A. Assistant Headmaster, 1907-1916)

Lish, Gordon P.A. Class of 1952 and Lish, Atticus Augustus P.A. Class of 1989

Livingood, John Tryon P.A. Class of 1844

Lloyd, Susan and Robert (Abbot Academy Faculty 1968-1973 Susan) (Phillips

Academy Faculty 1973-2007 Both)

Lloyd, Thomas P.A. Class of 1979 (See also: Del Fuegos) (Zanes, Daniel and Warren)

Loans (See Student Loan Forms)

Lockwood, Stephen O. P.A. Class of 1897 (See Hall, Charles Henry)

Long, Robert P.A. Class of 1983

Long Range Planning 1988

Long Range Planning 1993

Long Range Planning 1978

Longley, James P.A. Class of 1990 (See also: Hessman, Robert P.A. Class of 1990)

Loomis, Alfred Lee P.A. Class of 1905

Lord, Helen P.A. Class of 2010

Lord, Mason Faulconer P.A. Class of 1944

Lord, Phillips Haynes P.A. Class of 1922

Louvain University

Lowell, Guy (P.A. Architecht)

Loyalty Oath (See: Oath of Allegiance)

Lunt, Sarah D. Abbot Class of 1948

Lux, John Richard (P.A. Faculty, Math, 1949-1991

Lychack, William, Writer in Residence 2006-2010

Lyford, Roger P.A. Class of 1939

Lyons, Thomas T. (P.A. Faculty, History, 1963-1999


McCaffrey, Barry P.A. Class of 1960

Macauley, Robert P.A. Class of 1941

McClellan, James Trumbull P.A. Class of 1928

McCarthy, Catherine Ridgway (Wife of Francis McCarthy, P.A. English Department)

McCollum, Gerald P.A. Class of 1962

McCormack, John

McCormick, Seth J. P.A. Class of 1992

McCurdy, Matthew Scoby (P.A. Faculty, Mathematics, 1873-1921)

MacDuffie, Marshall P.A. Class of 1927

Mack, Arthur Carlysle
P.A. Class of 1895

McKain, David W. (See Gibson, Margaret F. and McKain, David W.)

McKee, David Quackenbush (P.A, Faculty, Physics, 1947-1989)

MacKendrick, Paul (P.A. Faculty, Latin, 1938-1941)

McKeen Memorial Hall, Abbot Campus

McKenzie, Alexander, Rev.

McLane, James Price P.A. Class of 1949

McLean, Donald H. P.A. Class of 1928 (P.A. Trustee and President)

John MacMurry (Art Faculty, 1968-2001)

MacNeish, Richard Stockton “Scotty” (Director, Peabody Museum of Archaeology,1969-1980]

MacNelly, Jeffrey K. P.A. Class of 1965

McNemar, Donald (P.A. 13th Headmaster, 1981-1993)





Addresses and Speeches



McQuillen, Casey, P.A. Class of 2011

Madame Sarah Abbot Society

Main Building [2nd] {Burned} Phillips Academy

Main Building [5th] Phillips Academy (See Academy Hall)

Main Street

Main Street (158)

Malone, Joseph P.A. Class of 1974 (See also: Fight of the Century)

Mandatory Chapel (See Religion)

Manship, John Paul P.A. Class of 1945

Mansion House

Manson, Grant P.A. Class of 1922

Maps: Campus, etc.

Maquebela, Temba (P.A. Faculty, Chemistry, 1987-2013)

Marks, John P.A. Class of 1961

Marland, William, Major Teachers Seminary Class of 1854 P.A Commons Dinning Hall Operator

Marsh, Othniel Charles P.A. Class of 1856

Massachusetts Tercentenary (1930)

Massey, Walter, Dr. (See: MS2)

Mathematics Department

Matheson, James (P.A.  Composer in Residence)

Matthews, William Clarence P.A. Class of 1901

May Day Riot May 1st 1930

Mead Family: James M. P.A. 1947, Scott, P.A. 1973, Hope PA 1978

Means, Emily Adams (Abbot Academy Principal, 1898-1911) (Abbot Academy Art Faculty)

Means Prize

Medal of Honor (See also: Hudner, Thomas)

Medical Care

Memorial Tower (See also: Fuller Samuel Lester)

Memorial Day

Memorial Gymnasium

Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin P.A.  Class of 1928

Mendez, Cecilia Isabel “Ceci” P.A. Class of 1990

Merrimack Valley Andover Association

Methuen Boathouse

Meyer, Maxwell Livingston P.A. Class of 2008

Michel, Samuel A. Writer in Residence W&S 1996-1997


Military Training Camp See World War I914-1918

Minard, Mary Abbot Academy Class of 1955 (Abbot Academy Faculty History 1961-1973) (P.A Faculty History 1973-2001)

Miner, Josh (PA Faculty. 1952-1985)

Minne, Rons Nels (PA Faculty Science 1965-1990)

Mirror, The

Mission Sabbath School in Abbot Village

Missionary Boulder

Missionary Fraternity

Model of Campus

Model U.N.

Modesty, Leon (PA Faculty, Athletics 1986- )

Mok, Hing Sung PA Class of 1919

Monette, Paul PA Class of 1963

Monroe, John Usher PA Class of 1930

Moody, William H. PA Class of 1872

Moore, Adam Gillespie Nichol PA Class of 1950

Moore, Charles PA Class of 1874

Moorehead, William King (Peabody Archeology Museum Director 1901-1938)

Morell, Clement (PA Faculty Math, 1959-1990)

Morgan, Edwin Vernon PA Class of 1886

Morgan, Patrick and Maud

Morse, Jedidiah (PA Trustee 1795-1826)

Morse Family Letters

Morse, Samuel Finely Breese PA Class of 1903

Morse, Samuel Finely Breese PAClass of 1805
Samuel F. B. Morse papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian digitized

Morse Family Portraits

Morality Study

Morton, Herbert Harry (PA Registrar and Math Faculty 1975-2009)

Moss, Jesse Lathrop Jr. PA Class of 1865

Moss, Thylias, (PA Faculty English, 1984-1992)

Mother Phillips Photograph

Moulton, Seth PA Class of 1997

Mountain School

Moveable Campus

Mozo, Emilio (PA Faculty Spanish, 1984-2008)

Mozo, Pablo, PA Class of 1989


MSAS (Mother Sarah Abbot Society)

Muir, Bryce PA Class of 1964

Multicultural Affairs Committee

Murdoch, Lachlan PA Class of 1990

Murphy, Fred Townsley, PA Class of 1883 (PA Trustee 1908-1948)

Murray, Sabina: Writer in Residence, 2000-2003

Music Clubs

Music Department

Muybridge Exhibit Controversy

Myrddin-Evan, T.O.W. PA Class of 1937


National Archives

National Merit Scholarship Program

Natural History Club

Native Americans @ Andover

Neale, James B PA Class of 1892 (PA Trustee 1923-1943)

Needham, Daniel PA Class of 1909

Need-blind Admission

Nessima, Joseph Hardy, PA Class of 1868:

            Biographical Pieces

            Newspaper Clippings

Neil, Edward J PA Class of 1920

Nevin, Alexander Brown, PA Class of 1870

New Students Information Packets

New York Alumni Association

Newman, Mark (3rd Principal, 1793-1810)

Newman House

Newton Hinman House [PBX]

1924 House

Niswarth (India) Program, 2011

Nobel Prize

Non Sibi

Normandin, Mary Ann

Norris, Mary (1824 Gift to A.T.S.)

North, Robert Carter, PA Class of 1932

Novisibirsk, Siberia Student Exchange

Noyes, Daniel James (ATS Class of 1836, PA Faculty 1834-1835)

Noyes, Elliot Fette, PA Class of 1938

Nuclear Awareness and Education Group

Nunnery, The


Oak Island, Nova Scotia

Oath of Allegiance

Obookia [Opukaha’ia], Henry

Office ofAcademy Resources (OAR)

Office of Physical Plant (OPP)

Office of Research and Evaluation

Oglivie, Donna Brace, Abbot Academy Class of 1930

O’Kane, Richard H. (PA Class of 1930)

Oliver, Daniel (PA Faulty French, 1964-1978)

Olmsted, Fredrick Law (Teachers Seminary Class of 1838)

Olmsted Brothers


Orcutt, Hiram, PA Class of 1837


Organ Institute

Osborne, Stanely De Jongh (PA Class of 1922)

Osgood, Charels Grosvenor (PA Class of 1890)

Otis, James

Outreach Programs

Owls at OWHL



P.A.C.E. (Personal and Community Education)

Pace of Life


Paine, Stuart Douglas Lansing, PA Class of 1929

Palfrey, John G. (15th Head of School, 2012-2019 )

Palmer, Juan Segarra, PA Class of 1968

Palmer, Ray, PA Class of 1826

Palmer, Wayne F., PA Class of 1913

Palmer, Burning of

Panagopoulis Case

Paper Mill

Paradise, Scott Hurtt, PA Class of 1910 (PA Faculty English 1925-1956)

Paradise, Scott I., PA Class of 1946







Parents’ Weekend Abbot and Andover

Parents’ Weekend Faculty Materials


Park, Agnes (AA Class of 1858)

Park, Charles Ware (PA Class of 1863) (ATS Class of 1870)

Park, Edwards Amasa (ATS Faculty 1836-1881)

Park, Edwards Amasa: family and descendants

Park House

Parkhurst, John Luke (ATS Class of 1817)

Pascucci, Vincent (PA Faculty World Languages, 1964-2001)


Peabody, George

Peabody, Robert S.

Peabody House

Peabody House Club

Peabody Museum of Archeology:


            Newspaper Clippings

            Public Relations


            Theft and Recovery

            Visiting Committee, 1994

Pearce, Roxor, PA Class of 1931

Pearson, Eliphalet (1st PA Principal 1778-1786) (1st ATS Head of School,1808-1828)

Pearson Barn

Pearson Hall

Pease House

Peck, Graham, PA Class of 1931

Pecos Pueblo

Pedagogical Philanderings or Women-Child on the Promised Hill

Peer Meditation

Peffer, Randall (PA Faculty English, 1979- )

Pei, Sharon

Peirce, Waldo PA Class of 1942

Pemberton, Ebenezer (2nd PA Principal 1786-1793)

Pemberton Cottage


Pennell, Arthur Reed(PA Class of 1883

Penner, David (PA Faculty, Math)

Penner, Rachel

Performing Arts

Perrin, Bob

Perry, John G., Dr.

Person, William (1793-1818), class of 1814

Personal Time

Peterson, Fredrick A. PA Class of 1934 (PA Faculty English 1946-1981)


Pettee, George (PA Faculty 1887-1900)

Pfatteicher, Carl F. (PA Faculty Music, 1912-1947)

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart, AA Class of 1858

Phelps, Richard, PA Class of 1846

Phelps House

Phelps Park

Phelps [Richard] Scholars

Phelps Stadium



            15th Anniversary Issue

            100th Anniversary Issue

            March 11, 1954

            Vol. 1 Number 1

Philipian History Project (2000)

Phillips, The (Sept. 22-23, 1868)

Phillips Academy:








            Buildings: General


            Charitable Donations

Computer Center


Co-operative Association

Early Documents

Educational Evaluation 2003

Historical Committee

Historical References

Historical Review


Land Donations, Maps, etc., various dates

Literary Societies



Merger with Abbot Academy, 1973

News clippings:






Supply Company

Timeline Project


View book/brochure, 1960

Phillips Century, The

Phillips Club

Phillips Exeter Academy

Phillips Fund

Phillips Family

Samuel Phillips Hall

Phillips Inn

Phillips Memorial Gateway

Phillips, Hannah: Sampler Case

Phillips, John (Exeter, NH)

Phillips, John Charles, PA Class of 1854

Phillips, Samuel Jr., 1752-1802

            Accounts, 1813-1814


            Poem to his Wife

Phillips, Thomas Wharton, PA Class of 1894

Phillips, William (PA Trustee President 1821-1827)

Phillips Family Coat of Arms

Phillips Family Genealogy

Phillips Family Letters

Philomanthean Society

Phipps, Abner J. (PA Faculty 1839-1847)

Pi Yuk (Sir Liang Chen Chentung)

Pickering, Timothy

Pigeon, John PA Class of 1943

Pierce, Waldo PA Class of 1903

Pieters, Richard Sawyer (PA Faculty Math 1938-1975)

Pieters, A. Stephan (PA Class of 1970)

Pine Knoll Cluster

Pinkham, Daniel PA Class of 1940

Pine, James PA Class of 1963

Pinto, Manuel (PA Faculty Spanish,1944-1947)

Planned Giving


Platt, CharlesAdams (architect)


Plympton, Augustus


Polio or Poliomyelitis

Political Economy Club


Polk Lilard (audiovisual) Center

Pollard, Fredric William Isaac (PA Class of 1831)


Poore, Dudley (PA Class of 1941)

Porter Rhetorical Society


Posture Pictures

Pot Pourri

Potter, James Tracey (PA Class of 1940)

Potter Prize

Powder Shovel, and Paper mills

Powelson, Kenneth (PA 1980)

Powelson, Stephan V. N. (PA Class of 1934)

Power Plant

Poytner, Horace Martin (PA Class of 1896) (PA Faculty Latin 1902-1945)

Pomps Pond


Pratt, Jane (PA Class of 1980)

Prentiss, John Wing [Jack] (PA Class of 1894) (PA Trustee 1938)

Presidents of Senior Class

Presidents of Senior Class, Female,
since 1973 merger

Presidential Visits

Prince, James Edwards (PA Class of 1938)

History of Printing in Andover, 1798-1931 (1931)


Prize Examinations

Prize Competitions in English

Prizes, Scholastic

Proctor House

Proctors and Prefects

Professions of Graduates (1840, 1870, 1879, 1885, 1906)



The Pub

Publications (examples), Phillips Academy, 1980s


Quattlebaum, Edward (PA Class of 1960) (PA Faculty History)

Quattlebaum, Ruth (PA Faculty Art, Archivist)


Quincy, Edmund (PA Class of 1823)

Quincy, Josiah (PA Class of 1778)

Quincy Family

Quincy House

Rabb, Irving (PA Class of 1962)

Rabbit Pond and Rabbit Pond Yacht Club


Radio Club

Rampel, Alistair (PA Class of 1999)

Rampel, Cathy [and her case] (PA Class of 2003)

Ramsey, Peter (Secretary of the Academy,1995- )

Randall, James Ryder

Randall, Roy (PA Class of 1925)

Randt, Paull Mitchel (PA Class of 2004)

Ranklin, William Henry (PA Class of 1870)

Ratte, John, PA Class of 1953

Raymond, George Lansing (PA Class of 1958)

Reading Lists


Recitation Schedules


Redman, Eric (PA Class of 1966)

Reed, Henry Beecher (PA Class of 1868)

Reed, William Thompson (PA Class of 1929)

Re-endowment Fund

Refuge Students

Regional Associations (Office of Academy Resources)


            Tim (PA Class of 1979)

            Tom (PA Class of 1951) (PA Faculty English, 1955-2000)

            Gerri [hostess in Admissions]


Report Cards

Residential Life


Revere, Paul

Paul Revere Hall

Reynolds, Jock, PA Class of 1965 (Addison Gallery Director, 1989-1998)

Rhodes Scholars

Rice, Richard Austin, PA Class of 1864

Richards, Jack (PA Faculty Math, 1957-1997)

Richards, Wendy (Rabbit Pond Cluster Dean 1979-1986)

Ripley, Alfred Lawrence (PA Class of 1873)

Rising Storm

Richie, Shirley (AA Faculty Athletics, 1950-1973) (PA Faculty Athletics, 1973-1984)

Rittenhouse, David [colonial astronomer]

Robbie, Edward (ATS Class of 1843) (PA Faculty)

Robbie, Edward A. (PA Class of 1937)

Robinson, Lewis (Writer in Residence 2010-2011)

Robinson Family Trust

Roger, Jay (PA Faculty History 1985-2004)

Rogers, John (PA Faculty Science, 1990- )

Rogers Fellow

Root, Nathaniel William Taylor (PA Class of 1847)

Ropes, James Hardy (PA Class of 1885) (PA Trustee 1901-1933)

Rosenau, William W. (PA Class of 1947) and Rosenau Fitness Center and Training Room

Rotundo, Tony (PA Faculty History)

Rounds, Frank Wendell (PA Class of 1934)

Rte. 125 Andover Bypass (Andover Main Street Cutoff)

Rowland, Henrty Augustus (PA Class of 1847)

Royal, Cathy (PA Faculty 1985-1992)

Royal Blue

Royce, Harrison Schuyler (PA Class of 1941) (PA Faculty History 1956-1987)

Rules and Regulations

Russian American Conference Andover,1962

Russian Tea

Russian Vase

Rust, Richard Sutton (PA Class of 1834)

Rustin, Fredrick (PA Class of 1891)

Ruthford,Samuel Rev (member of the Westminster Assembly)

Ryder, Arthur William (PA Class of1894)

Rylee, Robert T. (PA Class of 1925)

Ryley, James (PA Faculty Athletics 1912-1946)

Ryman, Edward F (PA Class of 1899)


Sabbatical Leave

Safe at George Washington Hall

Safe at OWHL

St. Paul’s School

St. Pierre, Jean (AA Faculty English, 1963-1973) (PA Faculty English, 1973-2004)

Sakharov, Andrei

Salve Andover

Samaritan Female Society

Samaritan House

Same Gender Partners Policy

Sanborn, Edward David (ATS Class of 1837) (PA Faculty Latin 1834-1835)

Sanborn, Fredrick Rockwell Gladstone (PA Class of 1945)

Sanborn, George Knight (PA Class of 1924) (PA Faculty Biology & Math 1928-1972)


Sanctuary Police

S.A.R.C. (Students for Anti-Racist Community)

Saunders, Charles Gurley (PA Class of 1863)

Saunders, Daniel (PA Class of 1842)

Sawyers, Charles Henry (PA Class of 1924) (1st Director, Addison Gallery 1928-1940)

Sawyer, James Cowan (PA Class of 1890) (PA Trustee 1901-1939)

Scavenger Hunt

Schedule of Classes

Scholarship Survey


School Congress

School for the Feeble Minded Controversy

S.Y.A. (School Year Abroad)

Schoolboys Abroad

Schwartz, Alan Gifford (PA Class of 1948)

Schweppe Prize Exam

Schweppe, Charles Hodgdon Parsons (PA Class of 1898)


Science Programs

Scoville, Herbert Jr. (PA Class of 1933) and Herbert Scoville Jr. Prize

Schudder, James Henry (PA Class of 1935)

Seals [School]

Search and Rescue

Sears, Richrd (PA class of 1920) (PA Faculty Latin 1944-1950)

Secondary Education Board

Secret Garden

Secret Society: Rules

Secret Society: General

Secretary of the Acadmey

Segarra, Jaun Enrique (PA Class of 1968)

Self Evaluation 1970

Self Study 1989

Self Study 2009-2010

Semper, Charles Tildon (PA Class of 1884)


            Council Constitution

            Parent Fund

            Studies Program

Senior Year Cirriculum

Sexual Harasment

Sellars, Peter (PA Class of 1975)

Seminary Purchase Fund

Seymour, Hovey (PA Class of 1938)

Shakespearian Theater Figures

Shearer, Mary E.V. (AA Class of 1870)

Scheik, Duncan Scott (PA Class of 1988)

Sheldon, Charles Alexander (PA Class of 1887)

Sheldon, Charles Monroe (PA Class of 1879)

Shepard, Ray Arthur (PA Track and Football Coach 1918-1949)

Shermin Family

Sherrill, Walter (PA Faculty, Chemistry) (MS2 Director, 1988-1995)

Shertzer, Gerry (PA Faculty Art 1957-1999)

Shiras, George Jr. (PA Class of 1879)

Short Term Institutes

Shuman Admission Center

Sides, Winfred Micheal (PA Faculty Math, 1917-1958)

Silver Collections

Sipple, Margret nee Elsemore (AA Class of 1960)

Nancy Sizer

Ted Sizer (P.A. Headmaster, 1972-1981)

            Articles (2 folders)

Bulletin Articles






Slavitt, David R. (PA Class of 1952)

Sleeping Room

Smith, Bruce (Writer in Residence, 1988-1994)

Smith, Charles Wesley (PA Class of 1959)

Smith, Nathaniel (PA Faculty 1965-2005)

Smith, Samuel Francis (ATS Class of 1834)

Smith, Sumner Jr. (PA Class of 1938)

Smith, Thomas Paul (PA Class of 1845) [English Department]


Smoyer Family Field

Snow Shoveling


Social Activeties

Social Fraternities 1817-1848

Society Questionnaire

Society for Friends

Society for Promoting Good Morals

Society of Inquiry


Sorota, Stephan (PA Faculty Athletics 1936-1978)

Soule, Gideon Lane (Exeter Class of 1813)(3rd President of Exeter)

South Church and South Church Cemetery

South Africa (See also: Divestiture)

Southgate, Charles McLellan (PA Class of 1862)

Soviet Union Student Exchange:



Faculty Impressions

Photo Exhibit

S.P.A. (secret society)

Spader, James T. (PA Class of 1977)

Spanish Department

Spatz-Rabinowitz, Elaine (PA Faculty Art 1974-1988)

Spaulding, Rolland Hardy (PA Class of 1893)

Speer, Elliot (PA Class of 1916)

Sprattler, Benjamin (PA Class of 2003)

Stableford, Jonathon A., PA Class of 1963 (PA Faculty English 1976-2010)

Staff Employees


Stained Glass

Standish, Thomas A. III (PA Class of 1959)

Statement of Purpose


Stearns, Alfrest Ernst, PA Class of 1890 (PA Faculty History 1897-1903; 9th Headmaster 1903-1933):









Stearns, Lewis French (PA Class of 1863)

Stearns, Marjorie

Stearns, Timothy (PA Class of 1827)

Alfred E. Sterns House

Alfred E. Stearns Lectureship Foundation

Steering Committee, 1966

Steering Committee, 1995

Steiner, Joshua L. (PA Class of 1983)

Abbot Stevens House

Stevens, Abbot, PA Class of 1907 (PA Trustee 1935-1958)

Stevens, Horace N. PA Class of 1891

Stevens, Isaac Ingalls ATS Class of 1833)

Stevens, Nathaniel (PA Class of 1876)

Stevenson, John Reese (PA Class of 1938)

Robert Stevenson Jr. Prize

Stevenson, Theodore (PA Class of 1921)

Stevenson, William E. (PA Class of 1918)

Stewart, Walter (PA Class of 1963)

Stimson, Henry (PA Class of 1884):

Articles and Speeches


News clippings

Fotogravure Section

Henry Stimson House

Stimpson, Lewis Attebury

Stirling, Thomas L (PA Class of 1959)

Stone, Allan (PA Class of 1950)

Stone, Olympia (PA Class of 1987)

Stone Academy

Stone, Charles E. (PA Faculty French, 1890-1938)

Stone Chapel

Stott Family

Stowe, Calvin Ellis (ATS Class of 1828) (ATS Faculty Sacred Lit. 1852-1864)

Stowe, Eliza Tyler (AA Class of 1855)

Stowe, Georgiana May (AA Class of 1862)

Stowe, Harriet Beecher (AA Class of 1855)

Stowe House

Strategic Plan:




Elbridge H. Stuart House

Stuart, Elizabeth (AA Class of 1929)

Stuart, Moses (ATS Faculty 1810-1852)

Student Activism: Women’s March, 2017

Student Alert System

Student Body

Student Business Code

Student Congress

Student Disability Code

Student/Faculty Relations

Student Government 1949/1951

Student Government Archives

Student Council

Student Library Competition

Student Life

Student Loan Forms

Student Norms Project

Student Organizations

Student Papers

Student Rebellion, 1834-1835 (antislavery society)

Student Rebellion, 1845-1846 (Graduations Exercises)

Student Rooms

Student Rosters

Student Statistics

Students, late 1800s

Student Support Services

Student Unrest, 1966-1972/73

Student Educational Funds

Study Halls

Substance Abuse


Sullivan, William Aloysius (PA Class of 1914)

Summer Reading Lists

Summer Session:

            Assessment 1997

            Blue’s News


Sumner Smith Hockey Rink (P.A. Class of 1908)

Sun, Mary (AA Class of 1926)

Sundown, Roland Burnett (PA Class of 1928)

Suslovic, Edward (PA Class of 1977)


Svec, Lisa (PA Faculty German, 1986- )

Svec, Victor (PA Faculty Russian, 1979- )

Sweeny, Alice (AA Class of 1914) (AA Faculty)

Swift House


Swinchoski, Mrs. Albert

Sykes, Rebecca (PA Faculty 1976- )

Sykes, Elwin (PA Faculty 1973-1996, 2002-2010)

Sykes Wellness Center


T.U.B. (Truth, Unity, Brotherhood)

Trail of the Merrimack

Trakvorian, Ronald Wayne (PA Class of 1976)

Talbot, Anna Louise (AA Class of 1867)

Talk with your Mouth Full Dinner

Tang, Oscar PA Class of 1956 (PA Trustee)

Tang, Frances Young (AA Class of 1957) (Alumni Trustee)

Tang Scholars

Tanner, Susanne (PA Class of 1981)

Tappan, David: Addresses at Andover

Tarr, Horace Goodman Hord (PA Class of 1863)

Tavarez, Alverez Julia (AA Class of 1944)

Taylor, Amos Leavitt (PA Class of 1897)

Taylor, Lord John (Secretary of the Academy) (President of the Seminary)

Taylor, John Phelps (PA Class of 1858) (ATS Faculty Biblical History 1883-1899)

Taylor, Samuel Harvey (6th Headmaster PA, 1837-1871)

Taylor, William Henry (PA Class of 1918)

Taylor Cottage

Teachers’ Seminary


Teaching Fellowships

Teaching Foundations

Technology and Telecommunications



Terra (PA’s environment newspaper)

Thatcher, Thomas Day (PA Class of 1900)

Thayer, Alexander Wheelock (PA Class of 1839)

Thayer, David (PA Class of 1835)

Theater Department

Theater Workshop, 1980


Theroux, Alexander (PA Writer in Residence, 1978-1982)

Thiras, Dicke (PA Staff 1949-2000)

Thiras, Nikki (Addison Staff 1948-1993)

Thomas, Elizabeth (AA Class of 1949)

Thomas, William (Music Faculty)

Bobby Thompson Pond

Thorn, Craig (PA Faculty English 1980-2006)

Thorndike, Augustus (PA Class of 1937)

Thwing, Charles Franklin (PA Class of 1871) (ATS Class of 1879)


Time Capsules

Tobin, Wallace Emmett (PA Class of 1935)

Tomlinson, Jack (OPP and Andover Inn)

Tooker, George (PA Class of 1938)

Torrey, John Paine (PA Class of 1892)

Tottori School

Tousignant, Catherine (PA Class of 1988) (PA Faculty English 1999- )

Tower, Oswald (PA Faculty Math 1910-1949)

Town Gown

Towne, Frank (PA Class of 1881)

Toy Drive


Train Schedule

Travis, Stuart:



Murals Conservation

Opus Travi



Treasurer’s Reports


Trip, Zachary E. (PA Class of 2000)

Trivers, Robert (PA Class of 1961)


Tucker, Harriet A.

Tully Sidney Kennedy (PA Class of 1927)

Tunley, Boyd (PA Class of 1931)

Tucker House

Tuition Plan

Turner, Bennett Creswell (PA Class of 1923)

TV Contracts

225, 221 and 223 Main Street Andover

Twombly, Albert S. (ATS Class of 1857)

Type: Hebrew and Greek

U and V

U.A.S. (Underground Appreciation Society)

U Effort Grade

Ullman, James Ramsey (PA Class of 1925)

Uncommons Dinning Hall

Underground Railroad in Andover

Underwook, David Milton (PA Class of 1954) (PA Trustee 1983-2012)

Underwood Room

Urban Studies

Van der Stucken, Dirk Hugo (PA Faculty German and Latin 1928-1948)

Vailliant, George Clapp (PA Class of 1918)

Valpey Greek and Latin Prizes

Valz, Dino

Van, Austin (PA Class of 1999)

Veenema, Shirley (PA Facutly Art 1979- )

Veghte, Walter (PA Class of 1921)

Video Policy

Vietnam Course

Vietnam War

Virgil and Bancroft Collections

Virginia Tech Shooting

Visiting Committee (1969, 1989, 1994)

Visual Studies

Visual Studies Institute

VOSE Project


Wadsworth, William Scott (PA Class of 1887)

Wagner, Anne (PA Class of 1978)

Walcott, Fredrick Collin (PA Class of 1887)

Walling, Lewis Metcalf (PA Class of 1926)

Walworth, Lawrence Clarence (PA Class of 1921)

Wangchuck, Jigme (PA Class of 1998)

War Memorials

War of 1812

Ward, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

Warner, Sally Slade (School Carillonneur 1971-2003)

Warren, Alexander Z. (PA Faculty Mathematics)

Warren, Dale (PA Class of 1915)

Warren, Samuel Edward (Andover Seminary 1847)

Warren, Stanley P. (PA Class of 1865)

Washburn, George Young (PA Class of 1860)

Washington Chair

Washington, George and relatives at Phillips Academy

Washington Art at Phillips Academy

Washington’s Birthday Celebrations

Washington Correspondence Documentation

Washington D.C. Internships

George Washington Hall (G.W.)

Watson, Samuel Codes (PA Class of 1849)

Watt, Fredrick Ellisworth (PA Faculty Mathematics 1932-1951)

Watt, Peter J (PA Faculty Physics, 1988- )

Watts, Elizabeth (AA Class of 1908)

Watts, John Sir (PA Class of 1948)

Watzek, John W. Jr. (PA Class of 1910)

Weaver, Elbert Cook (PA Faculty Chemisty 1943-1965)

Webster, D Fletcher and Webster, Daniel

Webster Dean K History Prizes

Weekly Swindler

Weicker, Frederick E Jr. (PA Class of 1951)

Weinburg, Adam (Addison Gallery Director, 1999-2003)

Weld, Theodore Dwight (PA Class of 1823)

Wellman, Bradford S. (PA class of 1848)

Wellman, Joshua Wyman (ATS Class of 1950)

Wellness Week

Wells, William Harvey (Teacher’s Seminary Class of 1835) (Teacher’s Seminary Faculty 1837-1847)

Wennik, Joseph B. (PA Class of 1952)

Wentz, Daniel Bertsch (PA Class of 1892)

West, Hewitt S. (PA Class of 1909)

West Quad North Cluster

West Quad South

Westford Academy

Westgate, R.I. Wilfred (PA Faculty Latin 1935-1944)

Westminster Assembly’s Shorter Catechism

Wheelwrite, William (PA Class of 1814)

Whelan, Thomas Joseph (PA Class of 1939)

Whistleblower Policy

White, James (PA Class of 1949)

White, Minor: Minor Testament (Poem)

Whitney, Alice

Whitney, Stephan (PA Faculty French, 1936-1977)

Whitney, Wheelock (PA Class of 1913)

Whitney, Wheelock (PA Class of 1944)

Whitten, Charles O. (PA Class of 1876)

Whittier, John Greenleaf

Who Knew?!

Wickenden Associates Report

Wiggin, Kate Douglas (AA Class of 1873)

Wilde, Olivia

Wilkerson, Cathlyn Platt (AA Class of 1962)

Wilkie, Valleau (PA Faculty History 1948-1959)

Will Hall

Williams, Mathew (PA Class of 1991)

Williams, Talcott (PA class of 1869)

Williams Hall

Willis, Nathaniel Parker (PA Class of 1823)

Williston, Samuel (PA Class of 1814)

Winter, Wallacet. C. (PA Class of 1961)

Winthrop, John (PA Class of 1809)

Winton Volunteership

Wise, K. Kelly (PA Faculty English, 1966- )

Wolfe, Henry C (PA Class of 1920)

“Women in Math and Science at Andover”

Women PA and Abbot

Women’s Forum

Wood, Cornelius van Wood (PA Class of 1922)

Wooley, Clarence Mott Jr. (PA Class of 1935)

Woolsey, John Munro (PA class of 1894)

Woolsey and Westgate Prizes

Worcester-Andover Debate

Work Program [Work Duty]

Works Project Administration [WPA]

World War I (1914-1918):

Andover Ambulance Unit

Military Training Camp

Victory in Andover

The Andover Battilion

World War II (1939-1945)

Wortham, Howard F. (PA Class of 1910)

WPAA Radio

WPAA Radio: Dean of Studies File


Writers in Residence



Yale/Andover Club

Yorkies (a capella group)

Young Democrats

Young, Herbert Lee (PA Class of 1952)

Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)

Yuk, Pi (Sir Liang Chen Chentung)

Zaeder,Phillips (PA Faculty Chaplin and English 1977-2000)

Zaeder, Thayer (PA Class of 1983) (PA Faculty Art 1987- )

Zahares, Wade

Zanes, Dan (PA Class of 1979)

Zanes, Waren (PA Class of 1983)

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