Wheeler, Rosamond Castle, 1927-1930

Rosamond Castle Wheeler, Abbot Academy class of 1930, was from Quincy, Illinois.

The exterior of her album is in decent condition; its front and back covers are attached with a string. The pages are very brittle, and some are torn from the binding, making them loose within the book.

The contents of Wheeler’s scrapbook mainly document her social life while at Abbot Academy. She attended many theatrical and musical performances, which included plays (many Shakespeare) and concerts. Within the scrapbook, most of the programs are in one place, most of the letters are together, and most of the photographs are in the back of the book in the inside back cover. Athletic ephemera includes “demonstration of the gymnastic department” photographs, the Abbot Athletic Association handbook, and the Andover/Exeter 48th annual football game program. Other material in Wheeler’s scrapbook comprises notes and letters written to her, place cards for dinners and newspaper clippings, promenade program (who she danced with for each dance), report cards, Thanksgiving and Christmas services (hymns, prayers, recitations) programs, graduation invitation and order of events, invitations to dances in fall 1930, and wedding invitations.

In addition to memorabilia of Abbot Academy, Wheeler’s scrapbook also includes references to Andover and Exeter.

Scrapbook Box 49

by Madison Murphy, class of 2016