Peck, Alexander Wells 1909

The scrapbook of Alexander Wells Peck, who graduated in 1909, documents student scandals and athletics. Peck’s scrapbook is in decent condition; with the pages still quite sturdy and intact. Including some of his most interesting memories, topics addressed range widely including sports and clubs (debate) and musical theater performances.

There were also articles published exposing the students who received disciplinary consequences. For example, there was an illustration column depicting eight students who were expelled, including their names and the reason behind their expulsion, indicating that there was not the same concern with protecting students’ confidentiality as there is at present-day PA. Though Peck did not make headlines in the Phillipian when he was placed on probation, he was still no saint. Peck was placed on probation on December 18, 1907, which withdrew his out-of-town and study hour privileges. However, it is not clear why he was placed on probation. His probation lasted fairly long, and the faculty voted for the removal of his probation on February 26, 1908, a year later. I found this interesting because with a probation that lasted this long.

Wells also includes a lot of scandalous news articles, with eye-catching titles such as “Bad Boys Booked To Go Home” and “Fair Miss Denies Rumored Kiss by Boy That Has Stirred Andover”. However, the majority of the scrapbook covers the different sports teams that were victorious at the time. It is unclear whether Peck was an athlete himself or just an avid fan, but either way, the viewer can learn a lot about Peck through his love of sports. The athletic teams such as the football team played against college teams such as Boston College, Brown University and Wesleyan University. Wells includes a lot of different newspaper articles and tickets to Andover-Exeter events, describing the “Great Victory for the Blue” mainly in football and track events. There was also a “student cheering section” that retailed from $1.50 at Andover-Exeter events.

by Teagan Thompson, class of 2018
Scrapbook Box 78