Washburn, George Winslow 1911

George Winslow Washburn, know to his friends as “Buzz-Kid”, compiled a scrapbook in 1911, the year that he graduated from Phillips Academy. Based on the fact that there is an introduction book and quite a few photographs of Amherst College in the scrapbook, it is probable that he attended Amherst after graduating from Andover. The scrapbook is largely intact although there are some parts of notes or letters that are slightly ripped.

The scrapbook is very organized, sorted into sections that demonstrate theatrical interests, athletics, social life, college information, and the daily life of the school. The scrapbook includes many of references to other schools including invitations to dances at Lowell High, pictures of Exeter and Dartmouth, advertisements for the college fair, where places like Yale, Harvard, and Amherst looked for applicants, and the student booklet for Amherst College, where he may have attended. As for athletics, there were tickets to quite a few football, baseball, and hockey games as well as team catalogs that indicate that he may have been on the Phillips Academy football team and multiple news clippings about Andover/Exeter games. Washburn also seemed to be very interested in theatre and the choir; he pasted multiple tickets and playbills from Park Theatre and Plymouth Theatre. His writing and verbal skills were clearly excellent; he won the 2nd Means Prize for a personal essay and 6th place in an annual debate tournament. In his social life, he was invited to the Lowell High Girls’ Dance, Junior Prom, and a number of other social events. He was also a member of Sigma Phi Lambda, a fraternity in Clough House. The scrapbook is mostly comprised of playbills, tickets, and informational booklets related to his various activities, which seemed to take up quite a bit of his life. The scrapbook contains no information about his grades or academic pursuits. There are few references to the time period in the scrapbook.

By Jason O’Dwyer, class of 2018
Box 106