Veeder, Paul Lansing, 1901-1905

Paul Lansing Veeder, referred to as P.L Veeder in his signatures, was a gregarious, energetic student from Chicago, Illinois. He loved sports and his scrapbook shows clippings of many different sports games from the years 1901 to 1905. He was admitted into P.A. in 1902 where he immediately proceeded to subscribe to the Phillipian, particularly for its articles on athletics, which he then pasted into his scrapbook.

While at Phillips, Veeder participated in the athletic associations offered on campus. His scrapbook proudly displays receipts from the P.A Track Association (1903), Baseball Association (1903), Tennis Association (1903-1904) and Football Association (1903). He played extensively in football (he played right halfback), track and field (he won 2nd place in the 1904 Handicap meet for the 12 lb shot put throw) and baseball. His scrapbook also contains many article clippings from games played between Andover and surrounding New England schools such as Exeter (Veeder was especially excited about Andover-Exeter Day), Harvard, and Yale. Searching through the articles, Veeder’s name can often be found listed as a member of the P.A. sports team involved, but there were also just as many articles on games in which he did not play. He possessed a deep love of athletics, even showing interest in sports he did not play as a 1903 Hockey Association season ticket stub tucked away in his scrapbook can attest. Throughout his high school career and upon graduation, Veeder demonstrated his support by regularly donating to the P.A. Athletic Association.

Veeder was a lover of all things lively. His scrapbook includes a broad array of pamphlets and advertisements that displayed cheery events, interesting poetry or just a catchy tune. He attached inspirational baseball songs next to expositions on his favorite college and preparatory academy teams. Nestled randomly in between the yellowed pages of his scrapbook is a battered poster for a Vaudeville performance. He also made a point of attending many of Phillips Academy musical clubs performances. Veeder appeared to enjoy dancing as a dance card from his senior commencement ceremony was shown to be almost entirely filled (he was apparently very inclined towards a young lady with the surname Castle for he danced seven times with her)!
After Phillips Academy, Veeder then went on to Yale University which he had shown interest in attending since 1902 when, a receipt in his scrapbook shows, he applied to its Sheffield Scientific School. His scrapbook also has a subscription to Yale Calendar, and he glued countless clippings from Yale football games and track meets into it as well, even games at which Yale was not playing Phillips Andover.

After his death, his widow donated this scrapbook to the Phillips Academy Archives in 1942.

by Dorothy P. MacFarlane, class of 2015

Scrapbook Box 29