Tuttle, W.S., 1893-1894

W. S. Tuttle, from Rutland, Vermont, graduated from Phillips Academy in 1895. During his years at PA, he kept a scrapbook, which is filled with memories. The exterior of the scrapbook is grayish brown, and it says “SCRAPS” in very artful writing. Also on the cover are drawings of flowers on the cover and a sticker that says “in friendships name” with a carving of a bird. The outside is in good condition, but some pages have fallen out and are missing.

The contents of the half-filled scrapbook date from 1893 to1894 and include various ephemera such as newspaper articles about athletics, sports programs, grade books, absence books, letters, and theatre tickets. The contents aren’t in any specific order, but they are organized neatly and some include little notes with them. Tuttle seems to have really liked sports, football specifically, because he gathered many football programs, held a season pass. In addition, he collected numerous newspaper articles about football not just related to Andover but also about other schools including Yale, Princeton and University of Pennsylvania. He also attended a lot of track events, keeping all the scores of the times in the scorebook.

Tuttle was a very diverse student. Not only was he interested in sports, but he was also attentive to music and his academics. He kept his term report, grade book, absence record book and his daily schedule of his classes throughout the whole week. In addition, he seems to be really enthusiastic about debate as shown by his participation in the Philomathean Society, which was an invitation-only club, and attended a competition. He kept tickets to many off-campus theatrical performances, writing the show’s title and date of the show he saw next to the ticket, and attended several of the music concerts and plays on campus, based on the several programs he collected.

Box 65

by Alice Ahn, class of 2016