Thomas, Charles L., 1913-1915

Charles L. Thomas, Phillips Academy class of 1915, was a clever and funny brunette from Andover. He entered Andover as an Upper, or as he was known then, an Upper-Middler in the summer of 1913. He had a younger sister named Kitty with whom he had regular correspondence in his time at Phillips Academy. He was an active member of several theatrical productions and closely followed the games and competitors in several different sports. He won an award for Mathematics in his time at PA, but did not do well in his studies of the classic languages or French. He took great pride in photographing his surroundings from his dorm to junior prom to the gorgeous Shawsheen River. He was also a member of the Rifle Club at PA. He went on to study at Yale University in 1915.

His scrapbook contains remnants of his interests and events that were important to him. It contained keepsakes such as scraps of costumes and make-up from the plays he participated in. He also kept newspaper clippings from sports games related to teams from Phillips Academy as well as Andover/Exeter competitions, Yale, and Harvard. Also included are playbills, tickets to the Dining Hall, black ad white photographs of the campus including documentation of a fire that destroyed the top floors of Bartlett Hall in 1915. His small, facetious doodles and written comments enticed laughter from the reader as he displayed odd little trinkets such as a bullet shell from a rifle and a piece of what appears to be a megaphone.

by Hilary Gillis, class of 2015


Scrapbook Box 38