Smith, Morris K., 1899-1903

A member of the Phillips Academy class of 1903, Morris K. Smith came from Hanover, New Hampshire. His scrapbook has a marbled cover and unfortunately many of the pages have become lose and several are torn. During his time at Andover he was a member of the Classical Department, an avid track team member as well as a proud member of the mandolin club. In his scrapbook he kept multiple track meet souvenirs in which Andover played multiple schools including Yale and Brown. He also included an article that highlighted his participation at a New Haven meet in which he won third place. Morris also competed for the Means Prize. He wrote his Means Prize essay on “The Higher uses of Athletics in School Life,” and the Philippian noted that his delivery was “cool and collected.” Morris kept many mementos from his involvement in Track. He included photographs of the track team, track meets, and team captains. He even cut the As from his uniform so that he could include them in his album. After his graduation from Phillips Academy, Morris went on to attend Dartmouth College. Later in life he became a physician.

by Loida Pan, class of 2015

Morris K. Smith, 1903


Scrapbook Box 27