Slutz, L. Gordon, 1912-1916

L. Gordon Slutz, from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, was a student at Phillips Academy, 1912-1916. He boarded at 18 Salem Street with his friend Sid Peet in 1913-1914 and lived in room 2 of Phillips Hall during the 1914-1915 school year. Slutz’s primary interest at Andover was athletics. He played on the football, soccer, and track teams at Phillips Academy, and was an avid fan of the soccer and track teams as well, recording and saving the statistics of games in all of these sports. At Andover Slutz excelled in languages and sciences, with a particular emphasis on Latin, German, English, Physics, Geometry, and Algebra. During his time attending Andover, Slutz traveled frequently by train to New York, Pittsburg, Boston, and New Haven. The last location may have been to visit Yale University, which he attended after Andover. Slutz attended Yale’s Sheffield Scientific School, where he studied physics, geometry, algebra, and languages. During Slutz’s time at Phillips Academy, world war one was going on. The impact of the war can be seen in multiple documents in his scrapbook such as his application to Yale University, which includes a section with questions like “why would you be useful to the government in times of war?” His scrapbook also contains newspaper clippings, photos, ticket stubs, theater programs, letters, and his entry exams to Sheffield Scientific School.

by Kurtis Weber, class of 2015


Scrapbook Box 30