Simmons, Frank A., 1894

Frank A. Simmons, class of 1894, was from Brooklyn, New York. His scrapbook includes souvenirs of his time at Andover from 1891 to 1894 in no chronological order. The book is in good shape for its age. The binding is slowly crumbling, but the pages are not ripped, and everything it still glued quite well.

In the scrapbook there are many old programs from Andover-Exeter football, baseball, and track competitions. Simmons was a big sports fan but didn’t seem to participate on any teams though there is one track and field score card that suggest he competed in a throwing event. The book contains many Andover cheer books in addition to tickets to sports games at Harvard, Yale, Brown and Princeton. Along with athletics, Simmons had great interest in music. It is unclear if he played any instruments himself, but his scrapbook has a vast collection of orchestra and theater tickets to performances primarily in Boston as well as a few at Abbot Academy. Simmons had many programs from glee, banjo, and guitar clubs at Phillips Academy and also at Dartmouth College. There were occasional Philomathean Society (Phillips Academy debate club) cards and invitations to different social events such as graduation.

A large part of Simmons’ scrapbook is made up of various menus and wine lists from restaurants and cafes. Most were in Boston, New Haven and New York. Included were also lists of what he ate at Phillips Academy. In addition, Simmons kept many tickets of his train trips between Boston and New York as well as some steamboat tickets. Frank Simmons had several souvenir cards from the Chicago World Fair of 1893 (World’s Columbian Exposition), which provides setting for the time period during which he attended Phillips Academy.
A few other interesting things found in this scrapbook were old cigarettes, letters written by and to Frank, a parking ticket, and guidelines for the Means Prize that is still awarded by the Phillips Academy English Department today.
Box 52

by Sarah M. Humes, class of 2016