Seabury, Mortimer, 1903-1905

Born July 26, 1886 in Dedham, Massachusetts, to Joseph Bartlett and Martha Daniels (Mason) Seabury, Mortimer A. Seabury grew up Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts and graduated from Phillips Academy Andover in 2005 and Yale University in 1909. During his time at Andover, Seabury was elected vice president of his class and assistant tennis manager. He was also a member of the cheering staff and the Glee Club. While an avid sports spectator, as seen by the contents of his scrapbook, he himself participated in handicap track meets.

Seabury’s half-filled “1903-1905 Phillips Scrap Book” consists primarily of sports schedules, tickets, and newspaper clippings for games between Harvard, Yale, Andover, Exeter, Lawrenceville, and other Ivy League colleges and local high schools. The remainder of the scrapbook is comprised of an a array of ephemera such as ballots for sports managers; music, theater, and dance programs; Junior, Middler, and Senior prom programs, PA cheers and songs, class day and commencement programs, and a number Andover/Exeter-related papers.

Mortimer Seabury

Some of the most notable contents of the scrapbook are a 1903-1905 Blue Book, “Commons and Cottage Rules,” a Phillips Inn advertisement, an invitation to the 1904-1905 Philo Annual New Student Reception, and photographs of all the Phillips Academy buildings in 1903.

Seabury’s scrapbook also includes a number of items related to Abbot Academy: an Abbot commencement invitation, a program for a performance that Abbot day students gave in 1905, an Abbot dance invitation, and the 75th Abbot Academy Anniversary Program, which involved the dedication of the McKeen Memorial and Davis Hall.

Unaffiliated with the Academy, a sheet with the DC police regulation against spitting in public
also lies in the scrapbook.

After college, Seabury resided in Wayland, MA, and worked as a banker at White, Weld & Co. on 11 Devonshire Street in Boston.

by Rebecca Somer, class of 2015


Scrapbook Box 12