Satterlee, Hugh, 1898

A student at Phillips Academy, Hugh Satterlee came from the town of Rochester, New York. His father, Eugene Hudnut Satterlee was a lawyer, and his mother Olivia Sanger (Moore) Satterlee was a housewife. Hugh Satterlee entered the school in 1894 and graduated in 1898, continuing his higher education at Harvard until his graduation in 1907. During his Andover career Hugh Satterlee was a prominent member of the Philomathean Society, Society of Inquiry, the Phillipian and the Chess clubs. In addition, he was a respected member of his class, often being selected as a speaker on class gatherings.

In his scrapbook, covering the period from 1896 to 1898, Hugh Satterlee focused on his time at Phillips Academy. Despite the poor condition of the outside covers of the book, there are no pages that are missing, which helps the reader better understand and analyze its contents. The scrapbook mainly contains memorabilia and documents about the different clubs Satterlee was a member of during his time at Andover. He also collected newspaper clippings with statistics, tickets, brochures and invitations about sports games of Andover and other schools such as Exeter, Lawrenceville and Northfield Mount Hermon (mostly about football, baseball, track and field) and school gatherings and celebrations including Senior Banquet, lawn parties and Class days. Among the many sports memorabilia in Satterlee’s scrapbook there are a few Andover-Exeter (football and baseball) game scorecards, featuring photos of both teams. Also booklets with school and class poems, songs, odes and cheers can be found.

However, a few pieces of memorabilia particularly stood out during the study of Hugh Satterlee’s scrapbook. There are two examination books, one for the Joseph Cook Prize for Excellence in Greek and the other for the Dove Latin Prizes, both featuring the questions for the exams. A formal invitation for the Senior Banquet for the class of ’98, which features an African American waiter on its front cover, is also noteworthy.

satterlee: letter about portrait

Perhaps the most significant document in Hugh Satterlee’s scrapbook is a form letter that was sent to every student in the class of ’98. In this letter George D. Pettee, Registrar of Phillips Academy, talks about the money that has not been paid to Mrs. St. John, the painter of Mr. McCurdy’s portrait, presented to the school as a class gift in honor of his twenty-five years of service as math instructor at the Academy. The letter contains information about the resignation of the class treasurer, Stanley Eldredge, responsible for the gathering of the money for the portrait, and gives evidence that the registrar of Phillips Academy, George D. Pettee, assumed the duty of class treasurer of the class of 1898.

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by Kaloyan Parvanov, class of 2016