Ripley, Philip, 1889-1892 and Albert Smith, 1895

Phillip Ripley, from Andover, was a student at Phillips Academy from 1880 to1892. Albert Smith also attended PA, but his scrapbook only contains contents from 1895. Both scrapbooks have crisp pages, a black spine made of what seems to be leather, and earth-colored covers.

Smith’s scrapbook is mostly filled with a few letters and programs from events. Smith’s scrapbook only has six or seven pages filled, but those are completely cluttered with mementos including a bunch of leaves, which are all on one of the last pages.

Ripley’s scrapbook, on the other hand, is filled with many scorecards, programs for events, and admission tickets as well as some photographs and menus. The programs Ripley attended every year included the Means Prize essay readings, Philomathean Society (debate club) competitions, track meets, football and baseball games and graduation (1889-1891). Ripley wrote down what was happening live in the programs and scorecards as they were happening and noted the names of the finalists for the Means Prize essay as soon as they were revealed. The photographs in his scrapbook are at the back of the book and are of players on the baseball team.

Ripley’s scrapbook includes few mementos from courses, and the only activity that one of them was directly involved in was tennis, which Ripley played.

It seemed that Ripley was a very supportive friend, as he went to all these sporting events and competitions in which he was not involved. Smith, on the other hand, seemed to have a very cluttered year, which is represented by his scrapbook.

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by Felipe Chamon, class of 2016