Randall, Carrie, 1891-1892

Carrie Randall was an Abbot Academy student in 1891, originally from Freeport, Maine. Within her scrapbook, she details various aspects of her life, from significant events to interesting little details that caught her attention. Most notably throughout her scrapbook, Randall has a large assortment of Phillips Academy-related items. These items range from photographs of the Phillips Academy football team (on which she penciled the players’ names) and baseball score-cards to personal letters from PA students asking to meet with her (often at night.) Randall also has a fair amount of organic material preserved within her scrapbook including cotton from the Pacific Mills, a flower-like plant, some sort of hair-type substance, and what appears to be an animal cracker.

Throughout her Abbot career, Carrie seemed to be fascinated by the Phillips Academy boys. Many of her notes and comments center around social life and possibly secret meetings with boys. She attended many Phillips Academy-related sports events and seems to know many players on the football and baseball teams. Randall also went to see shows featuring Phillips Academy students. The scrapbook even contains a leather glove.

Randall attended the March, 14 1891 Andover/Exeter football game, which, she wrote, Phillips Academy won 26-10. Randall also has a copy of the Philippian, featuring the Phillips Academy football team. Other sporting events that Randall attended included a Harvard/Yale game in Springfield, Massachusetts, and a Princeton/Yale game in New York (both of which Yale won).

Throughout her scrapbook, Carrie pasted many pictures of professors, both from the Phillips Academy and Abbot Academy, clippings of newspapers and advertisements, and various other items like ribbons and lace, most of which she surrounds with little captions, detailing their personal significance. Randall also has multiple commencement pamphlets from Freeport High School (1888-1892), copies of her grades, performance playbills, chocolates, drawings, poems, sketches and calling cards, many of which are left loose. A particularly interesting item is An Abbot Alphabet—All Andover Acts book (loose pages) that she presumably created.

by Josephine Federici, class of 2015

Abbot Alphabet book by Carrie Randall, 1891

Scrapbook Box 9