Prinster, John H., 1945-1949

This scrapbook was compiled by John H. Prinster, who was from Grand Junction, Colorado. This book contains many pictures, articles, and letters from Prinster’s four years at Andover from 1945 to 1949. The album is organized into 6 chronological sections: Andover Campus, containing pictures of the school landscape; Junior year, containing pictures and articles from Prinster’s junior year; Lower middle year, containing the same types of contents from his junior year; Upper middle year, containing once again, the same types of content; Senior year, containing much more of the same material from his past 3 years; and finally official letters; containing some of the various letters Prinster received during his time at Andover. The album references Andover’s famous rivalry with Exeter through the newspaper articles of Andover/Exeter day and tickets to Andover/Exeter sporting events. The book also references Yale as Prinster attended Yale after his time at Andover and included his acceptance letter to Yale in the official letters section. The scrapbook documents events through newspaper articles, pictures, and pamphlets/dance cards/badges/etc. from the events that Prinster attended. The album very much documents the “Andover bubble,” containing only articles about Andover events and pictures taken only on campus. But through these sources, Andover is depicted as a relaxed place since many weekend events, pictures of students sun tanning on the lawn, as well as other recreational activities, are included in the album.

by Richard Zhong, Class of 2017

Scrapbook Box 90