Patrick, Sara L., 1897-1898

Sara L Patrick’s scrapbook chronicles her start as a student at Abbot Academy in September 1897 to her graduation in the spring of 1898. The scrapbook is in good condition though the papers inside it are somewhat damaged, There is no apparent order to the contents of the scrapbook; it is a smorgasbord of random events, journals, tests, tickets, and almost anything I could imagine in between. An important facet of this scrapbook is that there are few if any references to other schools or material included from students at other institutions like Exeter, Harvard, or Yale. In this way, this scrapbook encapsulates the idea of the “Andover bubble” because there are only materials about Abbot and Phillips Academy. Lastly, Sara Patrick critiqued an article titled “Women Suffrage” which is an ode to the beginnings of first wave feminism in the United States. Following the article, she wrote at length about whether there was merit to women having the ability to vote.

by Will Nuga, class of 2017

Scrapbook Box 87