Hallowell, Norwood Penrose, 1937-1941

Norwood Penrose Hallowell, aka “Pen,” was a Phillips Academy Andover teacher from 1934 to 1975. He was born in Milton in 1909, and he took his secondary education at Milton Academy. He went on to attend Harvard, and he was a student at Balliol, Oxford as well. At all of his schools, he established records for track and cross-country; he ran in the Olympics of 1932. In addition, during World War II, he was a member of the U.S. Naval Reserve, and he was an executive officer of two ships. He married Priscilla Choate and joined the English faculty of Phillips Academy. Hallowell was known for his teaching of English and public speaking courses, coaching of the cross-country and track teams, directing of Shakespeare plays year after year, his invention of the Drama Lab and his overall keen interest in students and faculty. He had a way of “penetrating through side and indifference and bringing out the best in a person whether on the track, the rostrum, or on the stage.” He was very invested in Phillips Academy, and he “served on virtually every committee the school had to offer.”

His scrapbooks, titled “Photographs” and “Scrap Book,” contain an array of photographs, Philippian clippings and other materials from his time at Phillips Academy Andover. The scrapbooks contain materials ranging from 1937 to 1941. Materials include photographs of students and teachers, of sporting events and the overall recording of Andover life.

By Reid Meyer, Class of 2014

Scrapbook Box 1