Newcomb, Ruth 1909-1910

Ruth Newcomb, from New London, Connecticut, was an Abbot Academy student who attended the boarding school from 1909 to 1910. Within her scrapbook she kept details from all facets of her life such as her religion, her taste in music and art, and the events that she attended on and off campus. She also kept letters, pamphlets, tickets, awards, and postcards in the scrapbook. She included pamphlets that dated the times she went to Church and which Church she attended. Newcomb also preserved flower pieces that accompany the art in the scrapbook.
Throughout her short Abbot Academy career, Ruth seemed to be very interested in music as well as creating art. The scrapbook contains several drawings on coffee filters, each of which has a holiday theme such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Fourth of July. The special attention she paid to Valentine’s Day every year is documented in her art to accompany the day, a bundle of letters, and postcards that she received.

Ruth was involved with many things on and of her campus as well. In her two years in Abbot she was part of Fidelio, played on the Abbot Academy basketball and hockey teams, and took part in the senior play. She went to the Andover / Exeter football game in 1909 and also attended plays that took place on campus. Beyond Andover, Newcomb attended many orchestra performances in Boston and also went to see art exhibits. She frequently attended events that took place in the Lawrence Opera House.

Newcomb’s scrapbook is very specific about the places she went and the frequency with which she went to these places. It provides a detailed view of how Ruth lived her life at Andover. Her grades are also included in the scrapbook, and it would seem like Ruth was a very average student.

by Moyo Oyebode, class of 2018

Scrapbook Box 83