Blauvelt, Hiram, 1912-1916

Hiram B. Blauvelt, Phillips Academy Class of 1916, was originally from Bergen, New Jersey. During his four years at Andover, Blauvelt lived in Andover Cottage and was interested in academics, drama and athletics. He participated in the wrestling team, was captain of the “second” baseball team, was part of the Glee Club and was involved in school plays. As for academics, he received average grades, consisting of mostly A’s and B’s, with the occasional C. After graduating Andover in 1916, Hiram attended Princeton, and later pursued a Rhodes scholarship at the University of Oxford.

Blauvelt’s scrapbook is in mediocre condition. Most of the pages are torn along the edges, and some of the pages are separated from the binding. The scrapbook contains mostly material from Phillips Academy Andover as well as material from Abbot Academy and Phillips Exeter Academy. Some of the material includes: class and dorm photographs, sports schedules, sports paraphernalia, prom letters, dance schedules, playbills and pressed flowers. There are also acceptance letters from Princeton as well as a complete Phillipian newspaper from June 11, 1915.

By Peter Fanikos, Class of 2014


Scrapbook Box 3