Greene, Foster R., 1896

Foster Regnier Greene, or F.R. Greene, of Fall River, Massachusetts, graduated from Phillips Academy in 1896. His scrapbook covers the 1895-96 school year, and it is in rough shape. The book, organized mostly in chronological order, is blue with a black, deteriorated spine. The words “Phillips Scrap Book” written in gold, capital letters are written across the front. The covers, along with other pages and parts of the scrapbook, are ripped and falling off or loose.

The contents of the scrapbook include tuition checks, many theatre and sports programs programs, written homework assignments in Greek and Physics and prompts, song books, letters addressed to him, a football season ticket, graded assignments, and letters to his parents. Alsoin the scrapbook are Alumni Association programs, a menu from the Parker House in Boston (most likely for a senior dinner), a schedule of recitations for the fall term of 1895, failure notes from teachers, a subscription to the Phillipian, newspaper clippings (from the Phillipian as well as the Boston Daily Globe, and possibly others). Some programs from athletic competitions including an Andover/Lawrenceville football game in fall 1895, a Harvard/Cornell football game with the score written in, the Harvard/Pennsylvania championship “Base Ball” game of 1896, other baseball games, and the faculty game. The scrapbook also includes playbills from the Boston Museum (55th season), a Dartmouth College opera, the Hollis Street Theatre, and local Andover plays and concerts.

Greene also attended the 50th anniversary of the city of Lawrence. The book contains a very cool souvenir metal pin dated September 16-17, 1895 and a gold City of Lawrence ribbon.

Greene apparently had rocky grades during his time at Andover, and also, at one point received thirty excused absences (a note suggests illness as the reason for his many absences) and demerit marks. Greene graduated from the Classical Department of Phillips Academy, and the book includes the program from his graduation and a note indicating he spoke at the ceremony.

Towards the end of the book, there is a map of the town of Andover as well as some pictures of campus and certain teachers. Finally, there is a Harvard admission test, which he would apparently do well on as he graduated from Harvard in 1900.

Scrapbook Box 62

by Jonathan Melideo, class of 2016