Fernald, Lloyd, 1906-1910

Hailing from Winchester, Massachusetts, Lloyd D. Fernald attended Phillips Academy Andover from 1906-1910, but, according to the commencement program of 1910, he did not graduate. Fernald created his scrapbook to chronicle his years at Andover and his future aspirations. Although he found a way to fill most of the pages, he left a few blank pages near the front, among the section of goals of higher education. The exterior binding is deteriorating, and many of the pages are completely disconnected from the spine. The paper is very brittle and easily torn. For this reason, some information may be missing. Because many of the items have fallen out, they have been placed within the book in random ways, compromising the organization of the scrapbook.

Fernald’s scrapbook includes many sports programs, orchestra tickets, newspaper articles, and photographs. Many of his photographs are of his friends, his roommate, his surroundings, and himself. He captured the dorms he resided in during his time at Andover such as Park House and Farrar House. He also took pictures of some of the Abbot Academy girls with whom he spent his time.

The scrapbook comprises a few letters and notes. including letters to his father, George A. Fernald, about his grades and overall behavior as well as some report cards and probationary notices. In April 1908, Fernald received three Ds and two Es and did not get recognized for putting a satisfactory effort forward in class. He was reprimanded for missing classes, chapel, and arriving at his dorm too late. As shown in one of the Phillips Academy pamphlets, students with bad grades and discipline were not allowed to participate in most extracurricular activities. For this reason, he was not a part of many clubs, sports, or music groups on campus, apart from The Phillipian for a short time. There are some glimpses of his college process, from a ticket to a Yale exam to the report from a Dartmouth entrance exam, which he did not pass. Due to this, Fernald went to The Cascadilla School in Ithaca, NY from 1910-1911 to prep for a school such as Cornell University. At the Cascadilla School, he participated in men’s crew as a substitute.

Throughout the book, Fernald shows his interest in sports such as track and field, football, and baseball. He attended many of the events but apparently did not participate in any of the varsity sports. He also idolized many of the team captains and coaches as shown by the many sports-related newspaper clippings pasted throughout the book. Additionally, he consistently bought season’s passes and donated money to different facilities. He included some season’s schedules for other schools, such as Middlesex and Exeter, and bought tickets to many college football games such as Harvard vs. Yale. Orchestra tickets and musical programs scattered throughout his scrapbook suggest Fernald was interested in music. According to one of his Recitation cards, he played the banjo at the beginning of his Andover career, contributing to his support for the Banjo club.

By Aditi Kannan, class of 2018

Scrapbook Box 70