Fuess, Elizabeth, 1914-1938

Elizabeth Fuess, the wife of Phillips Academy Headmaster Claude M. Fuess (1933-1948), was an amateur geologist and an avid photographer. Her scrapbook contains newspaper clippings and documents that range from articles about Phillips Academy to world events.

Her scrapbook is in very good condition with minimal tears and contains information about the global events of the time period. The first part begins with articles and pictures of the royal families in Europe. The scrapbook also contains World War One-related materials such as the timeline of the war, maps of the allies’ strategy and a manual on gardening during wartime. There are also materials about her husband, Dr. Claude M. Fuess, such as the invitation to the Massachusetts Governor’s inauguration. The scrapbook comprises of articles about the school and community. An interesting coverage of the time period is President Coolidge’s visit to Andover for Phillips Academy’s 150th anniversary in 1928. Newspaper clippings that describe weather conditions, power outages and even astronomical phenomena are also pasted into the scrapbook.

By Alex Kwon, Class of 2014


Scrapbook Box 2