Eeles, Charles, 1924-1925

A little bit of everything is in Charles Eeles’s Phillips Academy scrapbook. The book itself is made of a very large blue leather cover with a Phillips Academy insignia on the front bound by broken untreated leather strips. The first half of the book is made up of beige pages, and the second half contains black pages that seem to have been later added to add more contents.

Eeles was an avid sports fan and a proud member of the Andover community. The first few pages of his scrapbook contain the signatures and messages from his classmates, which are written into printed slots in a grid on the beige pages. Following this each page or two is designated to a major sports team, logging its record, final score of each game, roster, and contains a few team pictures, occasionally including photographs of the captains and coaches. For the minor sports teams, Eeles compiled each team’s game records and rosters within a single page in a grid format. The next pages are comprised of an assortment of varied clippings including school song lyrics, program pamphlets from school concerts, playbills, weekend activities postings, the entire Blue Book, and even an end of school countdown calendar. Following a few pages of unlabeled group pictures, the last portion of the original pages have photographic portraits and individual sports photos of his classmates, which are all signed along with a short message.

The second half of the book comprises mostly clippings added after Eeles graduated. The first few pages are made up of aerial shots of the campus from the late 1920s. Many of the earlier pages in the second half of the book are filled out by pictures (of faculty members and of buildings, interior and exterior, on campus) and articles about them clipped from unknown school publications.

by Andrew Pittman, class of 2017

Scrapbook Box 80