Beinecke, Frederick W., 1900-1904

Frederick “Fritz” William Beinecke, class of 1904, created this scrapbook during his four years of enrollment at Phillips Academy, 1900-1904. Beinecke hailed from New York City along with his two brothers, one a year older and the other a year younger, who also attended PA. He included his brothers in some parts of this scrapbook that seemed to be in no particular order other than being sequentially added to season after season or term after term. Considering the book is 110 years old and the final 3 or 4 pages are missing, it is in fairly sturdy condition with a strong binding. The majority of the scrapbook consists of scorecards, programs, newspaper clippings, etc. of athletic events. Mainly the football teams and track teams were featured. Beinecke includes information about himself in the form of his report cards (recitations) and letters from the New York Association of Alumni and students of Phillips Academy, as a member of the debate society, and a letter from Yale University. Other than these occurrences, Beinecke’s scrapbook remains largely centered around athletics and town functions. In addition, he puts in the June 30, 1903 edition of The Phillipian. Beinecke graduated from Yale and went on to later donate his rare books collection and funds to build the Beinecke Library at Yale.

by Ben Beckwith, class of 2015


Scrapbook Box 10