Richardson, Arleigh, Jr., 1913

This scrapbook was made by Andover student Arleigh Richardson Jr. from Ilion, New York, who entered Phillips Academy in 1912, graduated in 1913 and went to Yale afterwards. The scrapbook only includes one year worth of materials, and it is in a good condition; both the cover and the pages inside are intact.

The album contains mostly sports- and dance-related material. This student either was not really interested in other things or simply was not able to collect other materials in his one-year stay in Phillips Academy Andover. Pages meant for photographs, teacher’s signatures, new people and social events were all left bank, and the page of friends’ autographs only had 22 signatures on it. Richardson was passionate about sports; his scrapbook is filled with photos of different team members and coaches from both Andover and other schools; Exeter appears the most. He was so passionate about the Andover-Exeter rivalry that he cut and pasted cartoons mocking “Exeter’s goat” and “Exeter’s mascot”. At the end of his scrapbook he had a drawing that “represents DEEP MOURNING” right next to the losing score of Andover against Exeter.

A few dance cards and dance invitations were also included in the scrapbook (probably from girl’s schools) along with what looks like a handmade masquerade dance mask. Another interesting thing was that leaves were pasted and labeled: “Abbot H” and “Bradford H”.

Other items included in the scrapbook are sports-related newspaper clippings, receipts for tuition and the Phillips Inn, a telegraph from his father, train and orchestra tickets, theatre program schedule, Christmas cards, class schedule and a copy of the 1912-1913 Blue Book. One interesting (and rather shocking) rule that was stated in the Blue Book at that time is that students on a scholarship “are not allowed to represent the school on its athletic and musical organizations”, which shows how discriminatory the school used to be towards the poor.

by Zahra Marhoon, class of 2017.
Box 81