Abbot Academy 1928-1930

The cover and most of the pages of this Abbot Academy scrapbook are in very good condition. Unfortunately, the scrapbook does not contain anything that indicates the identity of its creator. The dates of the events in the scrapbook suggest that it was made 1928-1930.

The contents comprise mostly music and theatre though there are also a few pages dedicated to certain sports events. The scrapbook is full of pages containing schedules to music recitals and theatre events. The three most common names that keep appearing in these events are Kate Friskin, Marie Nichols, and Walter Edward Howe, all faculty members of the Music department at the time. Regarding theatre events, there are many plays performed by seniors for the rest of the student body. There are also programs of plays at Phillips Academy. In addition to music and theatre performances, the scrapbook contains schedules for griffin and gargoyle field day (intramural athletic event at Abbot) in 1929 and 1930. Also, there are several demonstration certificates of gymnastics from gymnastics meets.

The scrapbook also contains items from Abbot Academy’s centennial with a schedule of all centennial events including a huge luncheon for celebration for all faculty members, students, and trustees. The whole 100th anniversary celebration was called “The Years Between.”

Regarding anniversaries and celebrations, there was also very interesting items from the sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) of Phillips Academy in 1928 including a campus map and a guest medal. Besides giving information about the event, these items also tell a lot about the relationship between Abbot and Phillips Academy.

by Ahmet Oguzlu, class of 2018

Scrapbook Box 91