William Phillips to brother John Phillips; July 14, 1742

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William Phillips to brother John Phillips; Boston/Exeter; July 14, 1742

Dear Bro,
You have several times desired that I would write to you but I have found a great backwardness to it from my not being able to give you any account of my Christian Progress, O my Dear brother my life looks very dark I fear I have a name to live whilst dead. I do not seem to have any relish for spiritual things. (O that a day of Gods Power might pass even my but notwithstanding motivating my love look so very dubious yet you cannot think how unconcerned I am. I can compare my self to nothing so if of the Door open the Hinges I go from Duty to Duty from day to day and cannot find I get forward in the least but I seem to live upon dutys. O that I could once center all on Christ.
I hear you have been very ill but that you are growing better, I hope the [illegible] of your body will be for the health of your soul. May your spared life be a devoted life. What obligations are we [illegible] from day to day to serve the Lord, o that I had heart to serve him.
I hope you will write as soon as you are able and let me know how it has been with you in your sickness both as to soul & body, let me know by the first opportunity how you do, I suppose this day one Mr. Savage called to see you whom I believe is a true servant of Christ.
I Remains. Remember me to Mr. Gilman & all that ask after me.
PS: Note Mr. Davenport I write nothing for you will be able to have a final account from them who came from Boston that I can give you in writing.

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