Trustees’ Rules for Academy Students, 1781

Rules for Academy Students, written by the Board of Trustees in 1781.

      1.       It being taken for granted, that all persons,


      boarding scholars, constantly maintain the worship of


      GOD in their families morning & evening, (a neglect of


      which the Trustees of Phillips Academy would consider as a


      sufficient disqualification for receiving licence [sic]) it is de-


      -sired & expected by the fond Trustees, that


      they require the scholars respectively belonging to their


      families, to attend morning & evening prayers; unless


      their age, or bodily infirmity, require them to be in bed


      at the usual & proper hour of family prayer, or the duties


    of the Academy require their attendance at such time.

2.      It is expected, that scholars be required to observe
decency & order at meals, & that no one be suffered to sit
down at table before a blessing be asked upon the food,
or to leave table without leave of the head of the family, till thanks be returned for the
bounties of a kind providence.

3.       It is expected, that no scholar be allowed to be
from home after nine O’clock in the evening.

4.       It is hoped, that heads of families will use their
best endeavors, to make the scholars, boarding with them,
observe such hours of study, as the Preceptor shall from
time to time direct.

5.       It is expected, that every scholar, (when health & wea-
-ther permit) be required to attend meeting seasonably &
constantly on Lord’s day, & to spend the other parts of the the
day in reading the scriptures, & in other religious exercises.

6.       It is recommended, that no scholars be allowed to be
from home after sunset on Saturday evening, or to go
abroad on Sabbath evenings at all, some particular
occasions expected.

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