Samuel Phillips 5th to mother Elizabeth Phillips, June 29, 1765

Please note: Samuel Phillips refers to himself as Samuel Phillips 3rd

Samuel Phillips 5th to mother Elizabeth Phillips, June 29, 1765. Page 1.
Samuel Phillips 5th to mother Elizabeth Phillips, June 29, 1765. Page 2.












Mrs. Elizabeth Phillips In Andover.

Dear Mam,           Byfield, June 29, 1765

I with Pleasure inform you that I am well, hoping that these lines will find you in like circumstances. The Boils have left me. The horse is very quiet, I have been looking out for Oliver, but am disappointed, I should have sent home by Jonathan Gage, the one that came with Sam Osgood he ((illegible)) to decline, as he ((illegible)) in the Chair, & I have had no Opportunity since. I should have brought him home either last Saturday, or this but I asked you if Oliver did not come, wheather I should ride him home a Saturday, but you said no, & that I neds not concern myself anything about it. When I was at Home last, I was very Delirious to have you come Down to Byfield before. Commencement. if you come Before you will hear (what good Judges call) very Superior Singing, but if you do not
Please to turn over
come till afterward, you will not hear any at all, so I shall depend uppon Seeing you here next week. I have asked Mr. Moody wheather he will take me, but he is not determined yet. if you come Before Commencement, I am most certain of getting in, but if you do not come till after, I do not think I shall get in. one of my best friends, that lives with Mr. Moody thinks so. if you cannot visit Mr Tucker & Friends this time ((illegible)) if you set away very Early in the Morning you may make a very handsome visit and return the same Day or the next. it is but fourteen miles, so I can take no Denyall. if I am disappointed the Disappointment will be exceeding great so must intreat of you to come as soon in the week as you can and shall depend uppon it.

I remain your dutiful son
Well contented
Give duty and love
As Due
Samuel Phillips 3rd

PS Pray don’t fail of coming.


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