Phoebe Phillips: original poems and prayers

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Phoebe Phillips: personal writings, undated.

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“To live by faith, is by faith in Christ to assent & adhere unto, & to possess the whole word of God as our own in all estates & conditions, resting quietly upon his gracious & faithful promise, & yielding ourselves unto his good pleasure, in sincere, universal & constant obedience: Or, to live by faith, is to feed upon the general promise of God made in His word, & to apply them to our own selves, according to our needs, & so to uphold, comfort, & encourage ourselves against all temptations, & unto every good Duty. This life of faith is a very Heaven upon earth, a sweet sanctuary to any hunted soul; hereby our hearts will be heard our life will be sweet to us, God will be glorified, & the glory of this truth will be mightily advanced. O blessed duty!”

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“God trieth our faith over patience, contestation & meekness of spirit, he saith unto Crosses go ye, not to weaken faith, or to waste any Grace of the Spirit, but to purge him, refine, him try & exercise him, to breed the quick fruits of Righteousness to confirm patience & support hope.”

Phoebe Phillips: Thy ways, O Lord, are ways of pleasantness…, undated.
Phoebe Phillips: quotation, undated.




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