Lists of marriages in Andover, 1748-1749, 1756-1757

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The following couples were married by me the subscriber, viz.

• May 3rd 1748. Timothy Gray & Eleanor Best.
• May 5th 1748. Eliakim Wardwell & Mary Pevey.
• May 19th 1748. Stephen Blanchard junr & Hannah Blanchard.
• June 23rd 1748. Jacob Standley & Hannah Lovejoy.
• Septr 26th 1748. Mr. Obadiah Johnson & Mrs. Dorothy Smith.
• Octr 13th 1748. Daniel Holt & Mehittabel Holt.
• Novr 24th 1748. Jonathan Dresser & Sarah Foster.
• Decr 29th 1748. Obadiah Johnson junr & Lydia Ballard.
• Janry 12th 1748,9. Asa Martin & Mary Rogers.
• Janry 19th 1748,9. William Wyley & Elizabeth Walker.
• Janry 26th 1748,9. Thomas Holt junr & Dorcas Holt.
• Febry 9th 1748,9. Joseph Abbot tertius & Anna Peabody.

A true Copy from my Record of Marriages, as Attests S. Phillips, Minister. Dated, Andover, Apr: 26th 1749.
For Mr. Joshua Frie, Clerk for y.e Town of Andover,
Sir, Be pleased to enter y.e above Named, together with y.e times of their Marriage in your Town Records.

For Mr. Joshua Frie in Andover.

For the Revd B
Mr Samuel Phillips In Andover

Married as follows, viz.

May 26th 1756. Joshua Foster junr
and Lydia Peabody.
June 3rd 1756. David Gray
and Rebecca Holt.
July 1st 1756. David Tucker
and Martha Mooar.
Novr 4th 1756. Samuel Pettingal
and Mary Holt.
Decr 2nd 1756. Isaac Lovejoy junr
and Mary Wardwell.
Janry 6th 1757. John Barnard
and Sarah Shattuck.
Janry 13th 1757. John Flint
and Elizabeth Foster.
Mar 1st 1757. Edward Farmer
and Sarah Abbot.
Mar 3rd 1757. Isaac Shattuck
and Mary Barnard.
Mar 10th 1757. John Holt y.e 4th
and Rachel Varnum.
Mar 17th 1757. Joshua Wardwell
and Mary Foster.
Mar 31st 1757. Joshua Chandler
and Hannah Chandler.
Turn over,

Apr: 14th 1757. Isaac Chandler
and Hannah Ballard.

A true copy taken from my Record of marriages, & ms. S. Phillips

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