Life of Samuel Phillips

Life of Samuel Phillips
Life of Samuel Phillips

Recounting of the life of Samuel Phillips 3rd (Feb 17, 1690-Jan 11, 1773)

Rev Samuel Phillips of South Andover was the son of Samuel Phillips-Goldsmith of Salem – He was born at Salem, Feb 17, 1690 – graduated Harvard College 1708, began to preach at South Andover April 1710 – ordained Oct 17, 1711– married Miss Hannah White of Haverhill Jan 7, 1712. He died June 5, 1771 in the 82d year of his age and the 62d of his ministry – many of his sermons are still preserved in the family – He preached the [[Oct.?]] Election Sermon in 1741 and the Election Sermon 1750 – The manuscript copy of which I have found with a few years, also a series of almanacs with his notes, of the years 1740 to ‘44.
Abbot’s History of Andover says,
“Mr. Phillips was [[endowed?]] with good power of mind, and was a diligent, faithfull and usefull [sic] minister. He early acquired the habits of a order industry and economy in the management of all his affairs, by which he was able to accomplish much and obtain his object. Though he sacredly devoted a tenth of his income to pious and charitable purposes, and his salary was small, yet he educated his family liberally and accumulated a large estate. In his [[opinions?]] he was a Calvinist of the old school. – His labours in the pulpit were [[protracted?]] beyond what is usual of the present day. His hour glass was timed at the commencement of his sermon and the last sand ran out before it’s conclusion. It was his practice to call at every house in his parish at least once a year, and he often carried Madam with him on these parochial visits – They usually rode together on the same horse according to the custom of the times.–
Mrs. Phillips died Jan 11, 1773 on the 82 year of her age, they had five children –[[?]] Mary, Samuel, Lydia, John and William.

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