Bancroft correspondence: Noyes-Sayre, 1877-1904

Bancroft Correspondence: Series 2: Noyes-Sayre, 1877-1904

2000. S.B. Noyes to Bancroft, 9/30/1885—death of more old friends—about open pulpit Bancroft can find a minister for—about old catalogues—wishes could give lots of money to PA
2001. Same to Same, 9/28/1885—reminisces of old PA—Judge Colburn’s funeral—wants Bancroft to attend—eyes are getting very bad
2002. Same to same, 9/18/1888—admires letter in Townsman by Bancroft on Pearson—thanking for sending it
2003. Same to same, 1/6/1890—thanking for new year’s letter—death of another alumnus—bequests—hopes to get more for PA for buildings etc—about sermon—hopes to hear Bancroft give one—
2004. Same to same, 11/30/1891—thanking for letter—And lucky to have such a principal—reminiscences
2005. Same to same, 1/1/1893—thanking for letter and portrait of Park—personal news
2006. Same to same, 1/19/1892—death of another alumnus—about members of PA class of ’19—asks for reader
2007. Same to same, 2/17/1892—thanking for reader—cannot make alumni meeting—personal news
2008. Same to same, 7/12/1892—congratulates on LLD—about Yale and Harvard commencements—
2009. Same to same, 12/15/1892—asking for some picture of Park—reminiscences—reasons for wanting it
2010. Same to same, 8/20/1894—about article on PA’s history reminiscences—congratulates on work at PA—anecdote of worry in Massachusetts’s Club over successor to Taylor—”The managers of Phillips Academy never make a mistake.”—
2011. Same to same, 3/24/1896—explains why was not at Andover last June—thanks for catalogue— congratulates on growth of school—on Andover town celebration—glad Bancroft will manage it—
2012. L. W. Perrin to Stearns, 7/9/1904—H. O’Brien wants to go to Andover—about scholarship and work—Exeter’s policy about recruiting athletes—
2013. H. O’Brien to Stearns, 7/11/1904—about working his way through—asks for information on costs
2014. Same to same, 7/15/1904—can only show appreciation by quality of work in fall—asks for application blank which was not in the letter—
2015. Same to same, 7/31/1904—cannot get testimonial until fall—about earning money and how much can have when starts school—about getting on football team
2017. J. C. Odionne to Bancroft, 5/22/1878—cannot add any names to Catalogue—suggests using church records to help with old students—
2018. W. Odlin to Bancroft (and faculty), 11/13/1885—desire of eleven to have school fully supported at Exeter game—effects of adverse cheering on players—asks for as general permission as possible for attendance to the ather students—
2019. E. M. Odlin to Bancroft, 4/15/1896—anxious about restrictions about boarding PA students—had expected to get more boys to room than to board—feels could room 12 as easily as 8—
2020. A. T. Ogden to Bancroft, 6/16/1897—wants to enter middle class—gives background—could make up conditions—encloses letter of recommendation
2021. W. Ray to Bancroft, 6/16/1897—letter of recommendation for A. T. Ogden—personal news
2022. A. T. Ogden to Stearns, 6/22/1904—asking for catalogue advice on preparing brother for PA
2023. J. Ogilvie to Bancroft, 6/22/1891—thanking for care of son while at PA—
2024. N. Okabe to Bancroft, 3/10/1878—theological matters—personal news—
2025. C. H. Oliphant to Bancroft, 11/6/1893—about son’s smoking—only once—never again—
2026. Same to Same, 2/29/1896—about softening boy’s complacency—supporting Bancroft fully—
2027. D. J. O’Mahony to Pettee, 10/?/1898- about Catholics at PA
2028. E. O’Neil to Bancroft, 12/28/1896—about entering son in PA as soon as possible—gives son’s background—wants him to graduate in ’98 and enter Yale that fall—
2029. Same to same, 1/7/1897—about German—about son’s character etc
2030. Same to same 4/7/1898—about son’s grades—asks if are good, fair, or poor—failed in English
2031. Same to Bancroft, 4/18/1898—sorry about son’s repeated absences—asks Bancroft to talk to son about it
2032. G. W. Orlady to Pettee, 2/18/1899—very sorry about son’s demerits—hopes he will cause no more trouble—wants record corrected—
2033. F. L. Orlady (son) to Pettee, 3/15/1899—thanking for kindnesses while at PA—
2034. Same to same, 5/13/1899—studies since leaving Andover—asking about getting certificate of good character from tutor—would that satisfy Yale requirements—
2035. G. B. Orlady to Graves, 5/24/1899—about getting books for Graves—highly padded book has been impounded by Court as a fraud—hopes to get a copy of that soon—
2036. W. H. Osbourne to Bancroft, 7/26/1894—about position assisting in chemistry and other subjects—gives terms offered—thanking for securing the offer—not sure where this is at PA—(NB this is a son of C. P. below)
2037. C. P. Osbourne to Bancroft, 12/4/1888—about son—situation with Pratts—son thinks of dropping out for a year son can earn money for next year—does not wish to add to family’s burdens—asks for advice on what boy should do—
2038. Same to same, 12/8/1888—son does not want to give up place—his troubles in staying—feels their concern may have unsettled matters—the Pratts need a heavier boy—boy now tutoring and Coy says should be able to earn board by that soon—feels is in proper class—about business contract for son which would be better than tutoring—
2039. Same to same, 12/25/1888—Christmas wishes—glad Bancroft is going abroad—thanking for kindness to son—pleased with son’s job—
2040. Same to same, 11/16/1889—reply to thanksgiving circular—up to son—thanking for kindness—without it would not have been able to keep son at Andover—about son’s desire to graduate in 1890—would consent if teachers advised short course but thought it unwise—about companions—about White Cress Cadet movement about impure language
2041. Same to same, 11/20/1889—approve of change of son’s plans—Comstock’s talk on purity—
2042. Same to same, 5/20/1891—sends talk against Short Cuts—son does not need it now(see above)—intend to send another son next term—about disturbances at Exeter
2043. Same to same, 9/14/1894—son’s progress in studies—very enthusiastic over chemistry—glad has chance to teach it at Andover—will broaden him—
2044. B. L. Osbourne to Bancroft, 5/18/1891—thanking for Means Prize circular—also for slip asking him to write—tells of farming—remembers Andover career with pleasure—sorry did not finish schooling—would like to see Bancroft to talk—
2045. H. Osgood to Bancroft, 8/10/1881—wants to send son to PA—has been at Exeter and done very well there—son wants to go to Harvard so started at Exeter although eldest son went to Andover—changing because feels Exeter has not been fair to middle son—not stirring up bad feelings but showing that son’s not to blame for switch—about rooms etc—not forcing sons to get education but offers them the best possible if they choose it—
2046. G. L. Outland to Bancroft, 4/24/1898—sure brother is trying hard to succeed—afraid for his failure asks Bancroft to be very considerate with him—tells of his desire to be first in class—asks for his help—
2047. C. M. Outland (brother) to Pettee, no date—will send some money for McCurdy portrait although made no subscription—in order that obligation to Mrs. St. John can be paid off—has applied for scholarship at Harvard and needs a word from PA instructor—asks Pettee to write one—perhaps can add a few circumstances in extenuation of middling record—gives plans and hopes for future
2048. R. S. Peabody to Bancroft, 6/15/1897—thanks for letter—tells of sickness—hopes to make Alumni reunion—reminiscences—about Tilton—asking about Taylor donation—about Uncle Sam and portrait of Mr. Peabody—about finances of school—donations hedged around with conditions—about state of country’s finances which makes it difficult to give as much as would like—
2049. E. E. Pearl to Pettee, 12/28/1898—asking that son be allowed to change boarding place—lack of satisfactory food at Marland’s—calls attention to Latin Commons privy—
2050. H. W. Pearl (son) to Graves, 4/1/1899—will not be able to continue at PA without assistance—
2051. E. E. Pearl to Pettee, 4/6/1899—son cannot return before Sunday eve as is having eye trouble and must be examined and fitted for glasses—
2052. Same to same, 5/22/1899—paying tuition and room rent—typhoid in Mr. Clark’s—is it safe for son
2053. E. S. Peaslee to Bancroft, 1/1/1888—asking if can get diploma—was almost qualified but left early to get a job—
2054. Same to same, 1/9/1888—sending costs of diploma—about taking exams—tells of teaching jobs—prefers schools like PA to equally good public schools—BP (note by Bancroft in margin indicates that diploma was sent—)
2055. W. B. Peck to Bancroft, 9/22/1894—thanking for letter and pamphlets (including PA constitution)—feels should be enduring monuments bo honor the Phillips family—congratulates on long stay at PA—
2056. Mrs. Peckham to Bancroft, 10/17/?—very astonished at conduct of son—especially his lying—feels public reprimand too severe—disappointed sons not studying as hard as should
2057. Same to same, 10/21/?—sure son will never lie again—feels sure is studying as hard as can—has never been in so thorough a school before—both sons are gentlemen—allows them to visit Abbot to see his friends—other son wants to take Prepatory Latin while rest of class starts Caesar since has done the Caesar with a tutor—eye trouble—
2058. A. L. Peirson to Bancroft, 5/23/?—about James Ropes—about drainage—fears not good for health-
2059. D. Perham to Bancroft, 6/19/1896—about thefts from room—suspects Cheney of Lawrence of stealing
2060. H. S. Perham to Bancroft, 6/25/1896—wondering what to do with son—son improved greatly last year—about costs of sending him to MIT—about scholarship—asks advice—son thinks can get advanced standing— asks advice on proper thing to do
2061. J. W. Perkins to Bancroft, 12/25/1885—about Babcock and Cooke—reason Cooke never came to Andover—replies of family—homesickness
2062. Same to same, 2/2/1892—about Smith and Donovan—news of other Andover boys at Dummer—
2063. Same to same, 2/9/1892—about Donovan smoking while visiting Andover—
2064. A. C. Perkins to Bancroft, 11/21/1877—about Exeter general catalogue—congratulations on getting O. W. H. for centennial celebration—
2065. Same to same, 12/10/1877—asking about committee of fifty—wants to know what it is before gets involved with it—about Associations of New England colleges and high schools—
2066. Same to same, 5/18/1878—about playing return Andover-Exeter game—Exeter has permitted with no time restriction—congratulates on good outlook for Centennial celebrations—
2067. Same to same, 9/10/1878—about organization of Exeter records—what is put in at beginning -­ about Ban’s suggestions for enlarging record—
2068. Same to same, 12/19/1878—about financial and boarding arrangements at Abbot Hall
2069. Same to same, 12/29/1881—asking about preliminary arrangements for Centennial celebration—want to call on Bancroft and discuss matters teachers association meetings—
2070. Same to same, 1/31/1882—asking for estimates of former pupils who came to Centennial celebration—when they came—
2071. Same to same, 3/8/1882—about boys use of tobacco—Surgeon General report—about suppression of tobacco at Exeter—wants Andover behind them on issue—Centennial plans—
2072. Same to same, 3/11/1882—about sending tobacco circulars to parents—about sending Surgeon Gen’s report—
2073. Same to same, 5/13/1882—about tobacco circulars—about rubber of Andover-Exeter baseball games—about numbers allowed to attend—cheering inequality—thirty or forty for each side—
2074. Same to same, 5/16/1882—about tobacco circulars—about three Andover-Exeter games—reasons for consenting—does not want games with colleges—about athletic program at PA—
2075. Same to same, 6/26/1882—Exeter faculty not fully persuaded—tobacco should be banned now—gives wording of resolution by Trustees—vacation plans—
2076. Same to same, 10/26/1882—about limiting number of spectators at ball games—feels number should be somewhat smaller than last year—suggestions on who should be allowed to go—
2077. Same to same, 12/9/1882—inviting to closing exam on the 20th —order of examination
2078. Same to same, 4/16/1883—about monetary treatment at Exeter—house rent etc—feels Bancroft’s position, especially early on was particularly difficult—troubles with PA teachers—salaries at new school in Lawrenceville much higher—about salaries elsewhere—feels Bancroft should have salary raise
2079. Same to same, 5/11/1883—about field in Brooklyn—thanks for advice but die is cast—does not feel is as important to Exeter as Bancroft says—
2080. Same to same, 6/18/1883—asking to speak at gathering at Chapel of the Academy
2081. Same to same, 5/13/1885—glad views on composition of Andover and Exeter coincide—feels movement should be made back to old-time uniformity—
2082. Same to same, 8/2/1894—about ex-Andover boys who worked with him that year—one has had papers lost
2083. Same to same, 10/9/1894—can still receive boys who need private instruction—further news of ex-Andover boys—
2084. G. A. Perkins to Bancroft, 8/19/1880—wants to know if should visit Andover before entering son—about books etc—sympathy for loss of son—
2085. J. H. Perrin to Bancroft, 11/26/1889—about taking Yale exams—tells what has had—asks if PA can help
2086. F. H. Pierce to Bancroft, no date (fragment)—about harrassmant of son by other boys—conduct criminal if done out of school—
2087. M. J. W. Hick to Bancroft, 3/14/1885—about Comstocks complaint about son—about son’s character—relationships to Pierce innocent of wrongdoing
2088. C. W. Pierce (husband of 2086) to Bancroft, 7/4/1885—accepts Bancroft’s terms—about entering son—about scholarship etc.
2089. L. C. Penfield to Bancroft, 9/20/1894—about entering brother-in-law of cousin—personal matters
2090. F. T. Perry to Bancroft, 5/5/1890—wishes could see Bancroft—family news—
2091. C. Perry to Bancroft, 6/25/1884—asking if can enter Middle class on certificate
2092. Same to same, 7/3/1884—gives past work—refers to past teacher—
2093. C. H. Perry to Bancroft, 3/1/1880—news of studies—hope to come to And in fall—asking about books—asking about depth of studies in English branches—should he omit them in fall to concentrate on classics—about rooming
2094. Same to same, 7/22/1884—about son of Professor Perry (2091 and above?) about reports of increased dissipation at PA—more nocturnal trips to Lawrence etc.
2095. I. N. Perry to Stearns, 8/17/1904—son wants to enter PA—gives background—
2096. Same to same, 8/22/1904—about entering son—rooms, past work, etc.—
2097. Same to Newton, 8/29/1904—thanking for attention when went to Andover—about room—
2098. Same to Stearns, 9/8/1904—about agreement—last details of entering—
2099. H. C. Weston to Bancroft, 1/31/1881—letter of introduction for Pettee, on entering PA—asks Bancroft to give him advice as starts work—
2100. G. D. Pettee to Morrell, 12/22/1880—about furnishing room in commons—also asking about stove—course of study not fixed—
2101. Same to Bancroft, 10/3/1889—about salary—thought third year salary reguiarly $1200—not urging it, but puzzled since had just said was doing good work—
2102. Same to same, 1/2/1892—about illness—absess in ear—cannot hear well at all—not sure if can return in time to start term—about work on reports—
2103. Same to same, 7/22/1893—in re Norton—about results of Yale and SSS exams-­
2104. Same to Newton, no date, from University School—personal note—
2105. D. W. Phelan to Bancroft, 7/1/1884—does not understand reasons for expulsion—points out some minor errors in Faculty reading of case—feels has not received fair treatment—good conduct certificate—asks for explanation—
2106. Same to same, 7/?/1884—still does not fully understand but sees where went wrong—about possibly reentering school—has improved in money matters—would come back under any restrictions faculty imposed—about exams—asks as favor—wants to redeem record—
2107. Same to same, 8/21/1884—thanks for college suggestions—cannot finish education if cannot come back to PA—faculty action means of salvation as made think about past record—asks to return
2108. Same to same, 9/9/1884—explanation of recent affair—would not have done it of thought was going to return to PA—plans for future—may go to Princeton—
2109. Same to same, 1/9/1885—about money Farmer owes him—worried that does not intend to pay—news of work at Princeton—
2110. E. J. Phelps to Bancroft, 2/25/1883—forming new society to arouse interest in Philo—can school support two such societies—about distorted account of disturbances—(does not say where)
2111. Same to Treasurer, 3/4/1892—giving $10 annually to school for rest of life—will increase when income increases—also leave money in will—
2112. A. Phelps to Bancroft, 8/4/1873—congratulating on appointment—PA united on worth for job—
2113. Same to same, 1/29/1877—thanking for religious remarks to boys—congratulates Academy Faculty on guidance of religious awakening of boys—daily instructors best to guide boys religion—
2114. Same to same, 7/16/1877—about appointment to Presidency of Faculty—not sure if will accept—
2115. Same to same, 7/19/1877—if accepts appointment will publish account of Andover affairs—asks about Thayer and if any changes in Academy, faculty—about special course and Thayer’s resignation—
2116. Same to same, 12/6/1877—hopes to get LLD from Dartmouth for Centennial—about possible contribution to Academy funds—
2117. Same to same, 12/10/1877—thanking for information—asking about Academy as feeder to Seminary—feels Academy will gain strongly if closely tied to Seminary in public mind—asking proportion of ministers in PA alumni and proportion of those who went to Andover Theological Seminary—about McKenzie—
2118. Same to same, 1/12/1878—asking if will take charge at Wednesday evening conference—cannot write for Academy this winter—
2119. Same to same, 5/31/1878—about presentation of lieutenant Thompson’s portrait and reading of daughter’s poem—daughter’s wishes for program announcement
2120. Same to same, 5/8/1890—has offered tenant occasional use of pew in Chapel
2121. E. S. Phelp’s (daughter) to Bancroft, 3/24/1889—asking how can help with Centennial in way meaningful to boys
2122. Same to same, no date, congratulating on success of Centennial celebrations—thanking about portrait management
2123. M. A. Phelps wife to Bancroft, 8/2/1892—nothing to be done about house—thanks for consideration just before husband died—also at funerals—
2124. Same to same, 9/15/1883—would like to have a boy if a proper one can be found—thanks for consideration over burial of son—
2125. M. S. Phelps to Bancroft, 5/21/1882—views on tobacco—positive evil but hard to crush habit out—don’t prohibit it unless can carry out penalty—
2126. Same to same, 5/26/1882—St. Pauls only school successful in anti tobacco stand—feels tobacco lesser evil than Taylorian Terrorism—not sure how smoking could be forbidden
2127. N. P. Phelps to Bancroft, 2/2/1885—son sorry cannot keep up to accepted standard—college hopes—
2128. W. L. Phelps to Bancroft (Pettee?), 6/12/1894—asking about trains to Exeter—sorry did not see
2129. S. F. Phelps to Bancroft, 9/8/1886—asking for testimonials to new school—
2130. N. P. Philbrook to Bancroft, 8/20/85—son wants to come to PA—money problems—room—
2131. Same to same, 1/2/1888—glad son done so well—thanking for financial aid—wants to fit for Harvard—worried about funds for Harvard—asks for help getting scholarship—hopes to room with brother—news of summer job—
2132. S. Phillips to Hardy, 3/28/1890—wants to buy lot on Phillips Street
2133. Same to same, 6/21/1889—asking that proposal to buy land on Phillips St. be sent to Board of Trustees
2134. Same to Bancroft, 10/14/1890—asking if any changes have been made in house tenancy as result of death of Phelps—if any become vacant would like to rent a house
2135. Same to same, 2/19/1891—about renting a house—thanking for letter—
2136. W. P. Phillips to Bancroft, 1/30/1893—about purchase of athletic equipment, especially bowling apparatus
2137. W. Phillips to Churchill, 5/29/1878—thanking for invitation to Centennial—cannot attend—
2138. S. A. W. Phillips to Bancroft, 1/4/1888—about arrangements for the Shakespeare lectures—
2139. Dea. Taylor to Bancroft, 7/17/1885—news of sick child personal—
2140. D. Phillips to Bancroft, 12/10/1883—sorry about son’s bad conduct—son will apologize and pay for broken glass—thanks for consideration etc—
2141. J. L. Phillips to Stearns, 5/21/1914—asking for information on the Phillips family
2142. J. C. Phillips to Bancroft, 5/9/1878—asking function on Committee of Portraits—getting portraits of the significant founders
2143. Same to same, 5/10/1878—Oliver cannot serve on Music committee—
2144. Same to same, 6/20/1881—thanking for invitation to attend commencement—trying to go to Exeter portrait is finished—supposed to be a good likeness—
2145. Same to same, 11/28/1881—acknowledging thanks of Trustees in matter of the portrait—hopes to visit Andover soon—
2146. H. P. Ament to Graves, 10/28/1898—reasons for Farnham’s withdrawal from school—feels boy a good risk and recommends taking him
2147. Same to Pettee, 10/31/1898—fully understands position in reasons for Farnham—asks about Kennedy who left and although did not mention it on applying—about Robie—
2148. B. L. Cilley to Bancroft, 9/9/1884—asking Bancroft to send new principal of Exeter a catalogue—impressions
2149. C. W. Pickering to Bancroft, 9/25/1888—thanking for description of trip to Grave of E. Pearson—wishes had seen—feels bones should be removed to Andover and suitably bestowed—
2150. E. L. Pierce to Bancroft, 9/28/1875—about sketch of Pemberton—about C. P. Summer—papers of Dr. Noods
2151. Same to same, 12/7/1877—congratulates on portrait of Pemberton—about medal—congratulates on achievements of school—importance of great secondary schools—
2152. F. H. Pierce to Bancroft, 10/25/1884—son very pleased with PA—quotes description of school—son has been bothered by set of drunken rowdies—worried that not wise to have young son in Commons
2153. Same to same, 10/30/1884—thanks for kindness to son—not expecting high stand in studies—copies letter of son dated 10/22/1884—invasion of room by rowdies who tried to get him to drink—barricaded door after they left—no mention of names—will give any further information poss.
2154. I. H. Hall (brother) to Bancroft, 11/4/1884—asks about rank of such offence—feels should be cause for expulsion—asked nephew for names—gives them—views on seriousness of act—
2155. F. H. Pierce to Bancroft, 11/4/1881—gives names (same as above)—about brother—leniency in such a case undermines student-teacher relationship and ruins discipline—
2156. Same to same, 11/5/1884—son has written hoping that names have not been given to anyone—change list in minor details—
2157. I. H. Hall to Bancroft, 11/6/1884—had not written to tell how to run school—about playing tricks
2158. Same to same, 11/11/1884—about Hamilton College practices—punishment for ruffianism—
2160. F. H. Pierce to Bancroft, 12/27/1884—son never in better health—son very attached to school—term has been a great advantage to him—glad son sturdy enough to stand some rough-and-tumble
2161. Same to same, 4/9/1885—glad son doing well—learned much outside of classroom—improving in health—about making up classical geography—cannot plan for another year—mother’s illness—
2162. Same to same, 7/20/1885—about mother’s illness—worry at start of last term—not surprised at failure—agrees should not be promoted—has not lost interest in studies—about later plans—asking about son’s record outside of classroom—sarcasms of Comstock—about next years plans—financial problems—
2163. E. H. Pierce (son) to Bancroft, 3/20/1890—asking Bancroft to pay small debt to fruit seller at Commons
2164. C. M. Pierce to Bancroft, 6/11/1888—about getting financial aid for son at Yale—needs letter from Bancroft—son fitted in very well at PA—compliments on formation of boys—hopes to attend graduation
2165. Same to same, 9/5/1888—has not yet gotten letter from Yale—about passing on boys Bancroft has trained
2166. C. P. Pierce (son) to Bancroft, 12/24/1888—best wishes for trip abroad—gratitude to PA—
2167. R. W. Pierce to Newton, 6/16/1905—cannot attend Alumni Dinner—asks about Alumni dues—
2168. C. W. Park to Bancroft, 3/10/1890—about window-breaking tendencies of son—has paid for damages—about changing room next year—financial matters—asks about decision on Andover Faculty—
2169. J. C. Pierson to Bancroft, 8/13/1895—paying expenses—stunned that cannot return next term—Andover only hope he had to get an education—willing to give up football to get education—will be able to pay all bills—if cannot will try to go to Lawrenceville
2170. Same to same, 3/24/1896—about returning in fall—will be able to pay tuition next fall and will not be an football team—work since leaving
2171. Same to same, 6/18/96—fears letter lost—has followed Ban’s advice as much as possible
2172. Same to same, 8/18/1898—about paying Academy bills—plans for future education—
2173. G. H. Balleray to Bancroft, 11/15/1893—about nephew —family accustomed to wine—hopes nephew never breaks rules again and that Bancroft treat him leniently this time—glad Bancroft looks after morals too
2174. G. O. Pelgram (nephew) to mother (enclosed in 2173 above)—about methods of seeing that rules are kept—since tasted wine is on same level as roommate but had nothing to do with its purchase—asks mother not to worry—
2175. C. R. Pelgram (mother) to Bancroft, 11/1893—glad came to light before son seriously tempted—hopes will allow son to stay on probation—thoughtlessness not willful disobedient—son deserves punishment but feels is sincerely sorry for folly—(letter only fragment)
2176. P. Pillsbury to Bancroft, 5/3/1886—asking about colored boy at PA—about future of black race—
2177. P. B. S. Pinchback to Bancroft, 12/29/1880—very disappointed in son’s report—about terms given to son before started term—not sure what to do—tells what has sent son—asks for advice
2178. Same to same, 1/1/1881—has decided to return son—asks Bancroft to take care of son’s finances—
2179. Newton to Bancroft, 4/26/1881—progress of Pinchback since coming to be tutored (has been suspended?) conduct while with them—reaction to trouble over painting—about summer pupils—
2180. E. C. Pike to Bancroft, 1/1/1896—bill for work on stoves—cleaning and replacing stove linings—
2181. W. J. Pinney to Bancroft, 7/25/1882—asking for catalogue—
2182. J. W. Piper to Bancroft, 6/3/1896—had not contract of any sort with Mrs. Blunt—did not take room for entire year and will not pay for time not using room—tried force into a contract day left—had chance to rent room again—
2183. J. S. Piza to Stearns, 4/13/1904—asking for prospectus of PA—asks if is any discrimination against Catholics there—wants to send nephew, native of Costa Rica who speaks little English
2184. Same to same, 5/6/1904—thanking for catalogue—about getting summer preparation for next year—needs much work in English—
2185. Same to same, 5/20/1904—about tutor Stearns has recommended—expence matters as family large
2186. Same to same, 5/24/1904—about summer tutoring—cannot wait until McCurdy is free to take boy—about housing etc—
2187. Same to same, 9/3/1904—application for admission of nephew—about entrance conditions—about boarding and rooming—not sure if boarding houses of new dormitories better for boy—
2188. F. I. Proctor to Bancroft, 1/29/1896—about examining boys eyes—anecdote—recommends Aurist—
2189. H. T. Proctor to Pettee, 1/2/1899—withdrawing son since cannot get plain, nourishing food at boarding-houses—complaint about boarding-house system—
2190. Same to same, 11/22/1898—son run down through lack of proper nourishment—strain of trying to do well—feels should not make boys stay in one boarding house through whole term—
2191. J. Pullman to Bancroft, 6/20/1891—feels should not change boy’s school—might be troublesome to former teacher—very regretful—
2192. C. D. Platt to Bancroft, 5/8/1891—thanking for recommendation of son—offering him position—
2193. E. F. Platt to Pettee, 8/22/1892—asking if will be allowed to return in fall—had been told by landlady that would not return until after Christmas—asking for explanation as record is good—
2194. J. D. Platt (pa) to Pettee, 8/24/1892—surprised—will not see son for two weeks—report was good feels injustice—practically barred from making arrangements since almost term-time—
2195. Same to Bancroft, 8/31/1892—calling attention to matter of son’s suspension—some 5 or 6 months elapsed before knew of offence—
2196. E. F. Platt to Pettee, 11/26/1892—plans for entering Yale—thanking for consideration
2197. G. A. Plimpton to Bancroft, 3/1/1892—announcing engagement to Miss Pearsons—
2198. H. M. Plumer to Griffin, 12/5/1877—news of job since at Andover—news of friends—
2199. G. W. Plumer to Bancroft, 2/3/1890—Mrs. Odlin’s house condemned by Faculty—worried about son—
2200. Same to same, 2/17/1890—asking about friend of son’s—worried about boy—
2201. C. A. Plumer to Newton, 6/16/1905—will not be able to come to reunion—regrets—
2202. W. R. Plunkett to Bancroft, 6/2/1880—about sending picture of Gen. Bartlett—
2203. B. H. Pollock to Taylor, 10/18/1860—condition of house belonging to mother and her estate—asking if interest can be added to principle—reasons for request
2204. B. W. Pond to Bancroft, 8/3/1882—about son’s studies—boy wants to go to Andover—gives background—asks for tuition remission—gives references—boy relation to Newman family
2205. Mrs. J. E. Pond to Bancroft, 5/28/1886—son’s future schooling in doubt—limited means—might son tutor in Math—
2206. Same to same, 7/13/1886—pained that son has not been as upright as had expected—asks for details—hopes boy will turn out all right anyway—
2207. G. H. Poor to Bancroft, 10/4/1877—arrangements for PA boys attending Christ Church
2208. A. M. Poor to Bancroft, 6/15/1877—asking about son—does he merit going on to college—
2209. W. G. Poor (son) to Bancroft, 8/28/1878—about certificate for college (one in Hanover—think Amherst)
2210. Same to same, 10/29/1886—selling printing apparatus—supported him through PA—gives terms etc.
2211. Same to same, 6/14/1898—cannot attend commemorative dinner—well-wishes and gratitude—reminiscences—compares to Arnold of Rugby—
2212. Pope Bicycle manufacturing co to Bancroft, 9/3/1879—asking if J. M. Bemis is still at PA—
2213. E. G. Porter to Bancroft, 5/29/1878—about preparations for Centennial—circular in papers—those to alumni seem to have miscarried—about bringing wives—loan of portraits from Harvard—asking about possible gift—about proposed reception—small details—
2214. Same to same, 1/21/1885—about portrait of Mr. Marsh—
2215. Same to same, 1/27/1885—about Cody—
2216. C. P. Porter to Bancroft, 7/5/1878—about sons’ characters—about their studies—
2217. F. D. Porter to Bancroft, 8/22/1893—wants to enter PA and prepare for Yale—gives past work—asks for advice—about room and board
2218. E. C. Randall (uncle) to Bancroft, 8/23/1893—about sending nephew—arranging room and board—
2219. F. D. Porter to Pettee, 8/26/1893—asking about textbooks—
2220. Same to same, 8/29/1893—asking about table board—original place full
2221. H. H. Porterfield to Griffin, 4/22/1878—telling of work since left PA—cannot contribute
2223. W. H. Potter to Bancroft, 10/31/1889—thanking for sending photos—personal news—anecdote of donkey rides—
2224. H. C. Potter to Bancroft, 10/2/1889—amusing letter remembering travels together and sending Dutch Cheeses—about purchase of cheeses—
2225. Same to same, 7/24/1891—telling of trip in Wales and England—future plans of trip
2226. Same to same, 9/13/1891—remembering meeting St. Cecil two years ago—telling of trip
2227. Same to same, 10/28/1891—sending another Dutch cheese in memory of the first—telling of trip
2228. Same to same, 7/4/1892—congratulations on LLD—personal news—
2229. J. A. Powell to Dr. Humphrey, 9/3/1889 (copy by Pettee)—defense of actions—did not realize was doing wrong—if goes back to Andover will try to do better—hopes to regain confidence of faculty and of Dr. Willcox—
2230. C. S. Pratt to Bancroft, 6/6/1890—about Andover and Exeter stories in magazine—asking for good picture of typical Andover eleven to go with excellent picture of Exeter eleven—
2231. Same to same, 6/11/1890—thanking for football picture—about other photos for illustrations
2232. H. S. Pratt to Bancroft, 3/10/1895—telling of PA boys in area—telling of own plans—
2233. F. G. Pratt to Bancroft, 6/16/1890—letter explaining why Barrett missed one Monday recitation
2234. F. S. Pratt to Bancroft, 5/27/1879—explains why bills have not been paid—asks if can come back
2235. M. O. Preston to Bancroft, 9/1892— explains why bills have not been paid
2236. Same to same, 7/18/1893—has written Professor Moore if son can pass prelims—about cost of tutoring
2237. C. F. Emerson to Bancroft, 10/1/1894—asking for record of Preston and for estimation of his chances in college—news of another Andover boy at Dartmouth—
2238. C. Prior to Bancroft, 8/19/1877—vacation news—thanking for pictures—
2239. O. L. Shmuck to Stearns, 7/5/1902—exam for Princeton thrown out for cheating—did not cheat—asks for advice—never intended to go to Princeton but thought had to get off a list to enter the senior class—wanted to go to Cornell—sends clippings—
2240. G. A. Putnam to Bancroft, 3/30/1886—complaining of advertisement of improper paper in Andover section of Lawrence American—
2241. C. E. Putney to Bancroft, 18/17/1892 —reasons for Pringle’s desire to leave St. Johnsbury for Andover
2242. A. M. Quarrier to Bancroft, 8/28/1890—son wants to prepare for Yale in one year but doesn’t think can pass senior entrance exams—asks for advice—can he be coached—
2243. Bancroft to A. M. Quarrier, 8/30/1890—cannot give offhand opinion but often take one year students as Middlers and give them the chance to graduate—asks if son has had preliminaries—some study before going to Yale and work off conditions—some take two years not one—
2244. A. C. Perkins to de Selding, 9/9/1890—cover for letter of introduction for Mr. Quarrier-­
2245. Same to Bancroft, 9/9/1890—letter of introduction for Mr. Quarrier—
2246. A. M. Quarrier to Bancroft, 1/24/1891—disappointed in son’s report—is he worth a college course
2247. C. E. Quigley to Bancroft, 6/2/1891—wants to enter Sam Francisco College of Law but must show graduated from PA—Taylor gave letter but has not kept it—asks if can write statement that did graduate—studied Cicero under Bancroft—
2248. J. L. Quimby to Bancroft, 7/29/1878—wants to enter PA Jr. class—asks about financial aid-­
2249. F. H. Quimby to Bancroft, 8/26/1878—recommendation for J. L., his cousin—needs scholarship
2250. J. L. Quimby to Bancroft, 10/21/1884—asking for address of Frank Hayward—
2251. Same to same, 10/25/1884—thanking for address—telling of frustrations in attempt to get a college education—thinks will have to give it up altogether—will try teaching—asks for a testimonial—
2252. Same to same, 10/30/1884—thanking for note and testimonial—hopes to be able to graduate from college—worried about weak eyes—hopes to get a teaching job in January—
2253. Same to same, 1/5/1885—must give up school again on account of bad health—
2254. A. Quimby to Bancroft, 1/29/1893—sending request of F. Worrall to know what was done with left over money of ’92 class day—asking that Bancroft to answer it—
2255. J. Quincy to Bancroft, 5/28/1878—catalogue of 1817—information on publishers—early ones not supervised by Principle
2256. T. Rafton to Bancroft, 8/13/1883—tells of teaching position loss—son very sorry not to be able to return to PA—thanks for kindness—asks for help in finding new position—
2257. J. W. Ranking to mother, 3/9/1878—telling of trip to Lawrence—met Kit Carson—returned next day and accidentally missed Church—has 180 demerits
2258. G. Cress to brother, 3/15/1878—detailed account of same trips to Lawrence—

2259. Mrs. S. B. Rankin to Bancroft, 3/26/1878—shocked and grieved at son’s expulsion from PA—asking what son has done to deserve it—feels cannot be trips to Lawrence as many do it and are not expelled—very distressed—
2260. Same to same, 5/1/1878—about son’s return to Andover—boy pleads to be let off Latin and Greek—boy very attached to Andover—wants to try English Department—wants him to have another chance—
2261. J. W. Rankin to Bancroft, 6/2/1878—mother uneasy about no reply to letter above—requests answer one way or the other about his returning—
2262. E. W. Rankin to Stearns, 6/11/1904—wants to have sons have one more year of fitting, at PA
2263. Same to same, 6/15/1904—sons about rooms and board—
2264. Same to same, 6/18/1904—thinks plan for senior studies fine—might do some work on scientific side—gives character of sons—son would be content in Commons but would prefer a dorm
2265. Same to same, 7/9/1904—about son’s entrance exams for Yale—about letter of recommendation—boys character—about seeing PA
2266. Same to same, 7/11/1904—about room application—
2267. N. W. Rainbolt to Bancroft, 4/9/1894—son’s report—hereafter send report first to son who will send it on—this at sons request—
2268. J. G. Ray to Bancroft, 11/1/1886—asking about success of steam heat in Academy building—friend wants to know about it so can put it in his house
2269. W. H. Ray to Bancroft, 11/16/1880—thanking for talk with son—about sons dissatisfaction—about Principalship—about present position—asking Bancroft to put in a good word for him—
2270. W. Ray to Bancroft, 10/1/1894—son wants diploma—has passed all Yale entrance exams—thanks for interest in son—sons love of PA—gratitude for helping entering Yale
2271. T. Raftery to Bancroft, 10/21/1882—thanking for reading articles—glad son is doing so well—about his concentration on studies—about job—loss of promised raise—(see in reg. alphabetical order letter which follows this—)
2272. Redpath Lyceum Bureau to Bancroft, 10/16/1882—fee for lecture for Matthew Arnold—probable date
2273. E. P. Reed to Stearns, no date—Townsend sick—why did not answer note—has not discussed regulations with any landlady or boy—each landlady has personal rules—asks to see personal “I would like to tell you all about it as I used to tell Dr. Bancroft.”
2274. Same to Pettee, no date—about Bates not being at church—asking for address—
2275. C. A. Reese to Bancroft, 2/27/1883—glad Frohock doing so well—sorry church hasn’t greater funds for him—about effort to raise money to support him—
2276. L.H. Reed to Bancroft, 8/13/1879—son to go to Jr. class as cannot study all summer—afraid cannot get son there until after term starts—about
2278. S. E. Reynolds to Bancroft, 8/27/1889—about boarding place for son—work to support through school—asking about arrangements for sending son—etc—
2278. H. Rhodea to Bancroft, 6/19/1885—son about Berlitz—does not wish son to settle down on ranch in California yet—asks that someone talk with him before he leaves—
2279. Same to same, 9/8/1886—son cannot return on time—bad headache has turned into typhoid fever-­hopes will not be out long and that can me
2280. W. E. Rice to Bancroft, 1/4/1880—about rooming nephew—thanks for visit—relieved him of much responsibility—
2281. Same to same, 5/7/1881—about ingratitude of nephew—has no conception of value of education—brother would not believe unless Bancroft told him the truth—great sacrifice to send boy—
2282. F. P. Rich to Bancroft, 10/4/1894—conditions of admission to Dartmouth—thanks for certificate—very happy and pleased with it so far—gratitude to PA—
2283. H. B. J. Richards to Bancroft, 6/14/1879—telling of trip—telling of church activities—about celebration of 50th anniversary of Abbot—personal news—wellwishes—
2284. Same to same, 8/12/1879—thanking for sale of piano—wants to make tangible thanks but Bancroft has forbidden—personal news—asks if bank in Andover is perfectly safe—
2285. Same to same, 7/27/1882—thanking for forwarding insurance notice—financial news—congratulate on birth of daughter—news of weather—about church work—about Theological Seminary troubles and Christian falling off in general—business—
2286. Same to same, 3/4/1886—delay of trip—about insuring goods—plans—personal news—
2287. Same to same, 4/18/1888—sickness and trouble freighting goods—paying for expenses etc—worried about glass and crockery—personal news—
2288. Same to same, 6/3/1888—about moving in goods—all came through ok—details of move—hopes they will come west some day—personal news—
2289. B. Richards (son) to Bancroft, 3/1/1890—thanking for photo—about Cecil being junior at Yale personal
2290. H. B. J. Richards to Bancroft, 5/12/1891—personal news—sickness in family—changes Andover—congratulates on PAs prosperity—community news—about the young Bancrofts—
2291. L. E. Richards to Bancroft, 4/10/1877—asking about Latin pronunciation at PA—asks about school—
2292. Same to same, 8/10/1882—sending oldest son to PA—asks about finances, room and board, society and gymnasium—
2293. Same to same, 11/16/1883—asking how son is doing—about dangerous extremes of intercollegiate football—not censorious but anxious for son—
2294. C. T. Richards to Bancroft, 8/31/1880—has to give up place in office—thanking for kindness while was at Treasurer’s Office—lung trouble—very disappointed—had hoped to stay longer—wellwishes
2295. J. Richards to Bancroft, 8/18/1881—about boarding brother—asking about roommate—can brother change roommates if first one is unsuccessful—about brother’s character
2296. C. H. Sawyer to C. E. Fish, 10/8/1892—letter of recommendation for G. F. Richards, employee at PA who wants to study at Exeter
2297· E. Sawyer to Bancroft, 12/21/1893—gives Richard’s family—broken home—father did not recommend him with idea of his helping beat Andover in athletics—encloses 2296 above—
2298. M. K. Richards to Bancroft, 11/11/1882—asking about students at PA preparing for ministry—about Boston society funding boys intending to be ministers—asks about Theological students too—note in margin by Bancroft explains that she is a relative—asks Mrs. Smyth to give her some names—
2299. J. B. Richards to Bancroft, 5/17/1896—brother not able to keep on with original studies—has not written mother about poor report—bra thinks will be ok if drops Algebra—thinks should try
2300. S. B. Richards to Bancroft, 5/21/1899—acquiesces in Faculty decision—has discussed with Eaton and Pettee—thanks for great patience—especially Eaton—feels good will come from decision—
2301. C. A. Richardson to Bancroft, 6/20/1882—about advanced class—regrets Andover trouble—Congregationalist staff very friendly to Andover—exists only to serve Christian community—
2302. Same to same, 8/7/1888—glad did not make direct rejoinder to Mrs. Peeke—surprised that should think that Andover is not orthodox—many feel Andover is right not only educationally, but theologically—will be glad to print article but may be little delay—
2303. Same to same, 9/18/1883—asking for photographs of prominent contributors—asking for one of Bancroft
2304. H. Richardson to Bancroft, 9/3/1889—exams passed and failed for Yale—cannot account for failure— possibly nervous—wants to have year of review—gives background—
2305. L. M. Richart to Bancroft, 2/27/1892—asks for Phillips genealogies—gives family history—
2306. H. T. Richardson to Bancroft, 1/8/1895—will take Bancroft’s advice—sorry son cannot finish at Andover—
2307. Same to same, 1/8/1895—about son’s character—future plans for son—son regrets not seeing P.
2308. Same to Bancroft, 1/11/1895—sons character—working very hard—
2309. J. B. Richardson to MacFadden, 8/21/1895—asking about measurements of room in Bancroft cottage—
2310. G. H. Richter and Co. to Bancroft, 5/1/1897—asking for reference about C. N. Kimball who wishes to rent a typewriter—
2311. T. H. Ridgate to Bancroft, 1/29/1879—thanking for catalogue—asks about centennial celebration-­about changes at And since was there—trying to get Washington manuscript for PA—
2312. Same to same, 4/26/1879—glad Washington manuscript copy gift pleased Bancroft—were used at Centennial celebration in 1876—don’t make public since very rare—
2313. Same to same, 2/17/1893—glad PA doing well—about changes at RA—reminiscences of De Forest Richards, Uncle Sam, and other PA men—news of Andover in Washington—hopes to visit Andover soon—interested in Centennial Catalogue—sending some rare and interesting books—
2314. Same to same, 1/17/1896—about catalogues, especially Centennial Catologue—alumni society—ideas for fund­raising—note by Bancroft to Ropes gives his answer—sends ideal to him—
2315. Same to same, 5/13/1898—sending books—sorry did not see while was in Wash—war-time mew —
2316. A. L. Riggs to Bancroft, 8/4/1873—thanking for letter—sorry is not with them—can’t Bancroft be a sort of corresponding member of Dakota mission—or an intelligent ally—unfilled places at station
2317. R. S. Thomas to Pettee, 5/11/1899—about electing Ripley to Yale Corporation—R. has his vote—about other vacancy—Pettee had endorsed Ripley for post—
2318. L. Ripley to Pettee, 3/?/1890—poor quality of Means prize entries—hope to get new entries t or improvements for old ones before final speaking—advises extension for submiting
2319. Same to same, 7/1/1893—balance about game yesterday—
2320. Same to Bancroft, 3/24/1894—about filling out statistical blanks on football team—
2321. E. H. Risley to Pettee, 2/20/1894—sorry matters got to present state—did not know of reputation of Phelps house—would not have moved son into it if had—sons character—encloses 2322 below
2322. Same to son, 2/20/1894(copy)—Andover faculty very interested in welfare—discipline result of experience—wants to change house again and act in accordance with rules of school
2323. E. S. Rivaro to Bancroft, 12/27/1882—gives background—gives recommendations—has to work for education
2324. J. J. Rivera to Stearns, 8/1/1904—wants to get English Education in America—can’t land—would work very hard—has studied English language very hard alone—can give references—
2325. H. B. I. Richards to Bancroft, 6/25/1879—would like to keep piano but think best to sell it—arrangements for storing goods, paying bills, etc—personal news—
2326. J. C. Robbins to Bancroft, 8/18/1886—thanking for offer to aid in preparation for Theological course—will do work alone—hopes to be ready for next years work—
2327. C. R. Robert to Bancroft, 3/21/1877—thanking for information on teaching at Theological Seminary—feels present system of educating ministers is defective—not sure of remedy—glad thinking men trying to solve problem—tired of the half-baked Ministers coming from the Seminaries
2328. C. A. Roberts to Bancroft, 8/12/1886—about plans for preparing for college—asks advice on correspondence tutor in Latin or Greek—wants to get through college as quickly as possible—
2329. T. Robinson to Bancroft, 8/6/1868—character and attainments of son—has no special career in mind—about boarding and expenses—
2330. Same to same, 8/8/1890—sorry son must repeat year—can he stay out until start of October
2331. Same to same, 10/11/1890—son returned—about his summer work and study—courses —pleased with son—personal news—
2332. C. A. Robinson to Bancroft, 8/7/1893—has been doing very well at Princeton—grateful to Andover for good preparation—enjoyed Stearns visit—telling of summer trip—family news—about H. and Y. looking down on Princeton—
2333. H. Robinson to Bancroft, 8/6/1879—wants to come to PA—family poor and has not had previous formal education—how can pay for board—
2334. J. M. Robeson to Bancroft, 3/11/1878—has urged to tell Bancroft all—asks Bancroft to give son opportunity to regret—
2335. G. L. Robinson to Bancroft, 1/8/1890—asking how son is doing—fears studies will suffer from so much literary work—Phillipian, Mirror, etc—worries that might be getting puffed up –glad full PA course—note by Bancroft says boy is modest and doing well—
2336. K. H. Roby to Bancroft, 6/14/1882—paying expenses of son—asking about his conduct and prospects—son has written of going to Lawrence two or three times—
2337. Same to same, 8/29/1882—son wants to change boarding-house—mixup—fears may be getting little smart—asks about conduct and finances—
2338. L. A. Roby to Bancroft, 6/7/1898—feels has dine what is best—son has been a little careless at home asks if cant say something encouraging to the boy—is it impossible to start over—
2339. P. H. Rockwood to Bancroft, 11/15/1886—about Thanksgiving recess—ask about possibilities as a scholar—if wont make a scholar should start to learn a trade as is 25—
2340. W. H. Rogers to Bancroft, 9/2/1889—gives background—past studies—wants to be a minister but has taken no action—limited means—gives recommendations—
2341. J. E. Rogers to Bancroft, 8/1/1895—does not want to leave school—tried very hard—money worries—thinks can keep up a good standing if returns—can pay tuition—asks for a trial until Christmas asks for advice if cannot return—
2342. F. E. Rogers to Bancroft, 5/23/1882—about sending son to PA—son is old for years—wants to do best possible
2343. E. Roman to Bancroft, 11/6/1889—very disappointed in sons poor work—had hoped for him to go to Yale fears that overwork during summer may have caused present lassitude—
2344. Same to same, 11/10/1889—mother very sick—still wants finish it then should take more congenial course—asks for Bancroft to give son advice
2345. R. B. Roosevelt to Bancroft, 9/19/1894—about boarding with private family—control of students—goals of education—
2346. A. Root to Bancroft, 9/24/1892—about two boys who want education—limited means—wants them put at once into school—room with some Christian family—
2347. J. H. Ropes to Bishop, 10/9/1899—cover note for 2348 below—should be put with re-endowment pap
2348. Receipt, 6/16/1893, for $100 from Ropes for general endowment—
2349. J. H. Ropes to Stearns, 2/21/1905—about getting Edward Hale from Harvard Divinity school to come to PA and teach—could teach anything—not able to be preacher—fatherly type—but young—ideal as housemaster—especially for small boys—thinks would be decided asset for school
2350. W. L. Ropes to Bancroft, 8/14/1879—about hypothetical case of donation with strings to school—would Trustees accept such donation—asks how much money would provide enough income to support country boy—vacation plans
2351. Same to same, 3/16/1882—about giving Carpenter General Catalogue work—should try Mr. Hazen for—gives reason why—
2352. Same to same, 8/15/1889—asking for letters of introduction for James for people in West—gives his present address—news of Cecil and of James (H. Ropes?)
2353. Same to Company of Exigencies, 5/1890—about bad drainage in field near house—afraid earlier petition may have been mislaid—very important that swamp be drained—
2354. Same to Hardy, 7/21/1890—about draining swamp—still no trustee action—understands trustees point of view—anxiety over possible health danger continues—difficult to rent house—needs assurance that swamp will be drained before closing deal with prospective tenant—
2355. Same to same, 9/5/1889—asks for information concerning Library finances so can proceed to organize it for next year—
2356. Same to same, 12/16/90—carpenter uncertain of safety of alcoves in Library—danger of pressure of books in gallery—unsure if danger is real but calling attention to matter—
2357. Same to same, 4/21/1891—about invitation of R. W. Woods to give lectures on Economics to Seminary for $200—payment now due as lectures were given satisfactorily—
2358. J. M. Rowland to Bancroft, 8/4/1896—wants to complete preparation for SSS—asks if can take needed subjects and applies for next year—gives background—
2359. Same to same, 8/7/1896—details of prelims for SSS—asks about entrance exams-­
2360. G. Rowland to Stearns, 8/24/1904—about entering son in PA—
2361. J. T. Rowland (son) to Stearns, 8/29/1904—application—gives past studies—giving testimonials—following brother (J. M. above) in coming to PA—
2362. Same to Newton, 9/10/1904—sending testimonials from St. Pauls—intends to take Scientific course but is not sure—
2363. S. B. Richards to Bancroft, 12/23/1889—about room for son—can Bancroft recommend low-cost room for son
2364. Same to same, 12/26/1889—feels Bancroft may have a less than just view of sons scholarship—tells of standing at old school—problems with studying at old school—sons aptitude for mechanics—wants to give other side of mind chance to develop—has used tobacco but will probably give it up—
2365. C. N. Ruble to Bancroft, 11/24/1878—changes at Lookout since Bancroft left—improvements on site—news of students—
2366. J.P. Rudy to E. J. Alden, 10/12/1889—telling of work—about bad storm—news off mutual friends—thanking for books—news of Wallace Tragedy
2367. E. J. Alden to Bancroft, 10/24/1889—telling of work after leaving PA—about Rudy—encloses 2366 above—wants a higher education—can he work his way through PA—asking Bancroft’s assistance—also about brother
2368. J. P. Rudy to Bancroft, 11/15/1889—very surprised that Alden wrote—telling of family (Pennsylvania Dutch) and of past schooling—tells of his teaching school—gives past scores—would like Classical course—must support family—parents dependent—
2369. F. Russell to Bancroft, 12/24/1888—PA not to blame for sons troubles—about packing son’s goods
2370. E. F. Russell to Bancroft, 4/2/1898—son very sick and cannot return at start of term—may let son stay home during summer although wants son to return
2371. W. F. Rutter & Co to Graves, 11/15/1898—about piping hot water in old gym—
2372. A. W. Ryder to Bancroft, 6/27/1898—sorry could not say good bye in person—sorry for mistakes—thanks for patience and kindness—sympathetic for year of sadness and trouble—will keep in touch—
2373. W. H. Ryder to Bancroft, 4/2/88—accepting professorship—thanks for patience—afraid will not do as well as ought as Professor—hopes will succeed—about moving in
2374. Same to same, 6/16/1888—trip from Andover—wife pleased with plan of house—thanking for care in choosing it—thanking for kindness shown by all—about cistern—possibility of moving farm
2375. E. Ryman to Bancroft, 8/3/1897—about Yale exams—encloses copy of letter to Merritt below—on same paper copy of letter to Ryman from Merritt—no credit given on prelims—recommends summer work on subjects failed
2376. Same to Merritt, 7/30/1897—trouble taking PA and Yale entrance exams—can he take Yale exams at Andover—which would simplify things—asking about textbooks etc for Yale exams—
2377. Same to Bancroft, 8/23/1897—about going early to Andover—engaging tutor—about selecting room—
2378. T. F. Ryman (pa) to Bancroft, 9/10/1897—son should have as much freedom as possible—
2379. P. E. Saffold to Bancroft, 1/26/1895—gives past studies—wants to be civil engineer—plenty of useful jobs for educated black southerner—advice of Booker T. Washington—about rooms etc—
2380. W. E. Sammis to Bancroft, 6/8/1882—about entering Middle class—gives past work—
2381. Same to same, 6/19/1882—asking about Latin junior work—gives past work, health, etc—goal Yale
2382. E. D. Sanborn to Churchill, 6/3/1878—cannot attend Centennial Celebration—reasons why would like to—remembers great Anti-Slavery Secession under Osgood Johnson—
2383. E. Sandford to Bancroft, 11/20/188?—statement says son cannot keep up with class—asks for details—
2384. K. Santon to Bancroft, 12/9/?—thanking for honor of visit—about farm—personal news
2385. G. E. Sandbourne to Bancroft, 11/16/1889—thanking for letter—wishes would visit—about mutual friend memories—well wishes—personal matters
2386. Mrs. J. H. Sanders to Bancroft, 4/17/1893—asking about teacher’s opinion of character and performance of son at PA—boy very frail—has tried hard although just passed—note by Bancroft gives detail of boy’s record—poor work but perfect attendance
2387. H. B. Sands to Bancroft, 10/25/1879—son wants to join Athletic Club—agrees son also wants to buy stuff for room—about son’s finances
2388. W. Savidge to Bancroft, 6/10/1890—convinced of guilt of son but wondering if sentence of 6 month suspension could be reduced—severe on parents and friends of boy—
2389. W. M. Sayre to Bancroft, 6/17/1884—certain of gross injustice to son—should have had consideration for trouble of death of mother—nasty insinuations about makes of decision about boy

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