Eliphalet Pearson papers

Box 1

Folder 1 Papers relating to Phillips Academy

1777 diary

1779 account of produce of school board

List of trustee notes, 1778-1815, school boys

Trustee meeting June 6, 1807

Trustee meeting May 17, 1809

Folder 2 Sundry accounts: personal & with the Academy, 1779-1786

Folder 3 Forensic Dispute, 1773-1802 (4 manuscripts)

Folder 4 Prayer

Folder 5 Religious Papers

Folder 6 Accounts, 1769-1781

Folder 7 Students’ work

Required work for scholars in shorter catechism and Sabbath day exercises in Bible

Box 2

Folder 1 Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1802-1818

Folder 2 Gunpowder: Making salt-petre for the gunpowder factory of Lt Giv Phillips, 1775

Folder 3 resignation

Folder 4 Recollections of Eliphalet Pearson by Josiah Quincy, 1860

Folder 5 College of New Jersey, 1810-1807

Folder 6 American Society for Educating Pious Youth for the Gospel Ministry, 1816-1818

Folder 7 Letters from Henry Bromfield Pearson to his father, Eliphalet, 1804-1806

Folder 8 Letters regarding Benjamin Waterhouse, 1945

Folder 9 Views of Pearson, tributes, family connections

Folder 10 Henry Bromfield Pearson, 1795-1867

Son of Eliphalet Pearson; Phillips Academy, 1804, instructor, 1814; letters he wrote from and essays he wrote at Yale College, 1814; graduated Harvard, 1816

Folder 11

Private papers and memoranda

Letters about him including recollections by Josiah Quincy

Biographical sketch written by his son, Henry

Folder 12 Certificates of membership from several societies

Folder 13 resignation from Harvard, 1806

Folder 14 Biographic sketch of Pearson by critic

Box 3

Sermons (not by Pearson)

address by Pearson (handwritten, Andover, July 20, 1779): To the Protestant Dissenters on the Subject of the Lord’s Supper

Diary of Pearson, 1801-1821

Sermon by Pearson: Delivered in Boston before the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge November 27, 1811 (printed)

Sermon delivered at the ordination of the Rev. Ephraim Abbot by Pearson October 27, 1813 (printed)