Notable Alumni: short list

Name Class Areas of Note
William Coleman 1778 Political ally of Alexander Hamilton; First editor, New York Evening Post [1801-29], leading Federalist & later Jacksonian newspaper
Levi Hutchins 1778 At 14, a fifer in the Massachusetts Militia [1775]; Privateer & later prisoner of war [1779-90]; Clockmaker & inventor of the alarm clock [1787]
Francis Cabot Lowell 1786 Pioneering industrialist, developer of corporate finance for industry; Founder, New England cotton textile industry; Lowell, Massachusetts named in his honor [1826]
Samuel Love Jr. 1787 Officer in the Revolution [1776-]; Virginia planter & early breeder of Thoroughbred racehorses
Timothy Alden 1790 Founder & first president, Allegheny College [1815]
Joseph Tuckerman 1791 Unitarian minister; “Father of American social work”; Advocate for reforms benefitting the poor of Boston [1825-38]
Timothy Flint 1795 Missionary & explorer on the American frontier [1815-30]; Author, “Geography of the Western United States” [1828]
John Ball Brown 1798 Medical pioneer in orthopedic surgery; Founder, Boston Orthopedic Institution [1838], the first orthopedic surgery in the United States
Levi Konkapot 1799 Member, Stockbridge [Stockbridge Munsee] Tribe; 1st Native-American student at Andover; Reservation teacher; Member, Indian Company, War of 1812
Samuel Finley Breese Morse 1802 Artist & inventor; Portraitist & genre painter [ca.1810-40]; Inventor of the telegraph & Morse Code [1832-1844]; 1st US experimenter and proponent of photography [1839-]
George Corbin Washington 1803 Grand-nephew, George Washington; President, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal; Maryland congressman [1827-33]; US commissioner to settle claims, Cherokee Treaty [1844]
Joseph Emerson Worcester 1805 Lexicographer & geographer; Author, “A Geographical Dictionary…” [1816]; Worcester’s “Dictionary of the English Language” [1860] was the first to include synonyms
Daniel Poor 1805 Missionary & educator in Sri Lanka & India [1816-55]; Founder of 40 schools; Namesake, Daniel Poor Memorial Library [1926], American College, Madurai
Eleazar Lord 1810 Banker, railroad investor & writer on business affairs; President, Erie Railroad [1833-35], Manhattan Insurance Co.; Philanthropist; benefactor, New York Sunday School Union
George Perkins Marsh 1816 Environmentalist, philologist, diplomat; “The Father of the American Environmental Movement”; Author, “Man & Nature” [1865], a pioneering study of ecology; Authority on the origins & history of English and Scandinavian languages; Congressman [1843-49]; US minister to Turkey [1852-54] & Italy [1861-82]
Theodore Dwight Weld 1820 Abolitionist; Editor, The Emancipator [1836-40]; Corresponding secretary, New York Anti-Slavery Society [1837-43]; Coauthor, “American Slavery As It Is” [1839], with the exception of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” regarded as the most influential anti-slavery publication in the United States
Isaac Ray 1822 Physician, founder of forensic psychiatry; Founding director, Butler Hospital for the Insane, Providence [1845-67]; Author, “Medical Jurisprudence…” [1838], “Mental Hygiene” [1863]
Nathaniel Parker Willis 1823 Journalist, editor & poet; The highest-paid magazine writer of his day; Chronicler of manners & mores in the US & Europe [1830s-40s]; Author, “American Scenery” [1840]; Financial backer, promoter & publisher of Edgar Allan Poe, including “The Raven” [1845]; Founder & editor, The Home Journal [1846-67]
Henrietta Jackson Hamlin 1829 The first of many early Abbot graduates who became missionaries; Served & died at Constantinople [1837-50]; An inspirational biography, “Light on the Dark River” by Margarette Woods Lawrence, appeared in 1854
Isaac Ingalls Stevens 1833 Army engineer, Mexican War [1847-48]; Surveyor, northern route, transcontinental railroad [1853]; First governor, Washington Territory [1853-57]; Washington Territorial Representative to Congress [1857-61]; Civil War major general, killed in the Battle of Chantilly [1862]
Mary Williams Chapin 1834 Mount Holyoke instructor [1843-50] & principal [1850-65]
Josiah Whitney 1836 Geologist & geographer; Author, “Metallic Wealth of the United States” [1854]; California state geologist [1860-74]; Namesake, Mount Whitney, tallest in the Lower 48; Professor of geology, Harvard [1865-96]
George Horatio Derby 1838 Army topographical engineer; humorist; Surveyor in California, Oregon & Washington [1850s]; Author, “Phoenix’s Pictorial &…Front Room Companion” [1851], “The Squibob Papers” [1865]
Frederick Law Olmsted 1838 America’s preeminent 19th-century landscape architect; Designer, New York’s Central Park [1858-], Boston’s Emerald Necklace and many other parks, campuses, subdivisions, estates, etc.; Phillips Academy his successor firm’s longest-standing client [1891-1965]; Author, “Journeys and Explorations in the Cotton Kingdom” [1861], “Yosemite & Mariposa Grove: A Preliminary Report” [1865]; Conservationist & proponent of national parks
Maria Susana Cummins 1845 Author of popular fiction; First novel, “The Lamplighter,” an international bestseller in 1854 & widely successful in stage adaptations
William LeBaron Jenney 1846 Civil War-era Army engineer, designing fortifications & encampments; Chicago structural engineer & architect [1867-1900]; Developer of steel frame construction and fireproofing for tall buildings; Jenney’s Home Insurance Building [1884-] was the world’s 1st true skyscraper
David Hewes 1847 San Francisco boomtown-era contractor & developer [1849-]; Creator of much of downtown San Francisco through landfill; Creator of the ceremony & gold spike marking completion of the transcontinental railroad [1869]
William H. Ward 1852 Editor, New York Independent [1869-1913]; Authority on Babylonian seals; organizer, Wolfe Babylonian Expedition; President, American Oriental Society [1890-94, 1909-10]
Samuel Warren Abbott 1854 Public health pioneer & medical statistician; Civil War surgeon [1862-65]; medical examiner [1872-84]; Founding secretary, Massachusetts State Board of Health [1886-1904]; Author, “Past & Present Condition of Public Health…” [1882], “Vital Statistics of Massachusetts: A Forty Year Summary” [1895]
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps II 1858 Novelist & short-story writer; Her Civil War novel, “The Gates Ajar,” a bestseller [1868-69]
Mary Mirriam 1858 Missionary in West Africa [ca.1860-64]; Teacher, Freedmen’s Schools [1864-74]; Author, “Home Life in Africa” [1867]
Richard Theodore Greener 1865 First African-American graduate of Andover & then Harvard; Professor, USC [1873-77]; Dean, Howard University Law School [1879-98], Republican campaign orator [1876-84]; Leader in effort to build Grant’s Tomb in New York [1885-92]; US diplomat & commercial agent, Vladivostok [1898-1905]
Alice Stone Blackwell 1867 Journalist & leader in women’s suffrage movement; Editor, Woman’s Journal [1881-1918]; Champion of Armenian rights & literature [1890s]; Author, “Lucy Stone: Pioneer of Woman’s Rights” [1930]
Joseph Hardy Neesima 1867 First Asian to graduate from Phillips Academy; Founder, Doshisha University, Kyoto [1875], now the largest private educational institution in Japan
Boudinot Currie Atterbury 1869 Medical missionary in China [1877-96], later to Chinese communities in New York & Pasadena; Recipient, Chinese Imperial Order of the Double Dragon [1896]
Edward Martin 1872 A founder, the Harvard Lampoon [1876]; Founder & first editor, Life humor magazine [1883-1936]
Charles Moore 1874 Architectural & city planning critic & patron of design; Chairman, United States Commission of Fine Arts [1915-37]; Proponent of the City Beautiful Movement & the Classical Revival
Henry Granville Sharpe 1876 “Father of the Quartermaster Corps”; Major general, Spanish-American War & World War I; Author, treatises on military supply & procurement
Walter F. Willcox 1880 Professor of economics & statistics, Cornell [1891-31]; Co-director, US Census [1900]; President, American Statistical Association [1911-12]; President, American Economic Association [1915]
Laura Billings Lee 1881 Philanthropist & social activist; Builder & owner of model tenements in New York [1900-1915]; Leader, Charities Organization Society [1902-38]
Chentung Liang Cheng 1882 Chinese diplomat; Minister to the United States [1903-08]; Ambassador to Germany [1909-11]; Knighted by Queen Victoria [1897]
Henry L. Stimson 1883 Attorney & statesman; Secretary of war [1911-13]; Governor general, the Philippines [1927-29]; Secretary of state [1929-33]; Secretary of war [1940-45]; President, Phillips Academy Board of Trustees [1935-46]
Henry Solon Graves 1888 Forester & environmentalist; Organizer, Yale School of Forestry [1900], dean [1922-39]; Cofounder, US Forest Service [1901], director [1910-20]; Leader in effort to save California redwoods; Namesake, Henry Solon Graves Grove, Redwoods State Park [1926]
Frank Hinkey 1891 Andover’s most celebrated football player; All-American defenseman, Yale [1891-94]; One of but three players named All-American four years running; Pop Warner named Hinkey “the greatest football player of all time”
W.T.B. Williams 1893 Advocate for African-American education; Agent, General Education Board [ca. 1900-30]; President, American Teachers Association [1911-12]; Dean, Tuskegee University [1930s]; Recipient, NAACP Springarn Medal [1934]
Hiram Bingham 1894 Explorer, archeologist, aviator & politician; Rediscoverer of Machu Picchu [1911]; Lieutenant governor of Connecticut [1922-24]; Republican senator from Connecticut [1924-33]; Promoter of aviation
George Hoyt Whipple 1896 Pathologist & medical researcher; Discoverer of lipodystrophia intestinalis [1907], “Whipple’s Disease”; Recipient, Nobel Prize in Medicine [1934] for research leading to a cure for pernicious anemia
Adelbert Ames II 1898 Pioneer in the psychology of optics; Creator of optical illusions: Ames Window, Ames Room [1934]; Research director, Dartmouth Eye Institute [1935-47]; Recipient, American Optical Society Tillyer Medal [1955]
William Clarence Matthews 1901 Outstanding shortstop for Andover & Harvard; Barred from Major League baseball because he was black; Attorney to Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey; A Republican, Matthews served as a US Attorney [1913-] & was appointed to the Justice Department by Calvin Coolidge [1925-]; Namesake, Ivy League Baseball Championship Trophy [2006]
Alfred Lee Loomis 1905 Investment banker, philanthropist & physicist; “father” of ultrasonics; Inventor, Aberdeen Chronograph [1918], LORAN navigation [ca. 1942]; Founder & funder, Loomis Physics Laboratory [1926-40]; Director of radar development, World War II; Described by Franklin Roosevelt as second only to Churchill as the civilian most responsible for Allied victory
Elizabeth Watts 1908 Teacher [later director and trustee], Hindman Settlement School, Kentucky [1909-93]; Voted a “Kentucky Colonel” by state legislature; Recipient, Fuess Award [1982]
Edwin Cohn 1911 Biochemist & medical researcher, specialist in chemistry of proteins & human blood fractionation; Developer of practical cure for pernicious anemia [1928] based on research of George Whipple [PA 1896]; Developer of systems for the utilization of all components of blood for medical transfusions, work critical during World War II; Coauthor, “Proteins, Amino Acids and Peptides” [1943]
Richard K. Sutherland 1911 Lieutenant General, World War II; Chief of staff to General Douglas MacArthur; Presiding officer at Japan’s surrender, ending the war [1945]
Adam Gimbel 1912 Retailer; President, Saks Fifth Avenue [1926-69]; Creator of the nation’s largest specialty chain
Winthrop H. Smith 1912 Stockbroker; Managing director, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith [1940-61]
Elisabeth Luce Moore 1919 Leader in social service organizations, educational institutions & philanthropy [1930s-90s]; Henry Luce Foundation Board of Trustees [1936-99]; Chair, USO National Council, WWII; Chair, US Institute of International Education; Chair, YMCA Foreign Division; Chair, Institute for International Education; Chair, Board of Trustees, State University System of New York [1968-78]
Humphrey Bogart 1920 Actor best known for film roles in “Petrified Forest” [1936], “The Maltese Falcon” [1941], “Casablanca” [1943], “The Big Sleep” [1946], “Treasure of Sierra Madre” [1948], “The African Queen” [1951]; Academy Award, Best Actor [1951]; Per the American Film Institute, “Hollywood’s greatest male star”
Joseph Cornell 1921 Surrealist assemblagist & creator of shadow boxes [active 1930s-60s]
Emilio Collado 1927 Treasury & State Department economist [1934-44]; Member, American negotiating team, Bretton Woods Conference [1944]; First US executive director, World Bank [1947]
Despina Plakias Messinesi 1929 1929
Donna Brace Ogilvie 1930 Chair, National Board, Girls Inc. [1972-]; Benefactor, Girls Inc., Stanford Hospital, Yale University, Abbot Academy & Phillips Academy; Recipient, Fuess Award [1997]
Arthur Murray Preston 1931 Torpedo boat commander, World War II; Recipient, Medal of Honor for gallantry [1944]
William S. Vickrey 1931 Economist; Recipient, Nobel Prize in Economics [1996] for economic theory of incentives under asymmetric information
Lyman Spitzer 1931 Leader in plasma physics & space astronomy; Chair, Princeton Astrophysical Sciences Dept. [1947-] & Plasma Physics Laboratory [1951-67]; Designer, first telescope-bearing satellite; Champion of what became the Hubble Space Telescope [1946-90]; Recipient, National Medal of Science [1979]; Namesake, Spitzer Space Telescope [2003]
William Knowles 1935 Chemist; Nobel Prize in Chemistry [2002] for development of catalytic asymmetric synthesis
Mary “Maria” Curtis-Verna 1939 Dramatic soprano; La Scala debut [1949], Metropolitan Opera debut [1957]
George Bush 1942 Texas congressman [1967-71]; United Nations ambassador [1971-73]; Chairman, Republican National Committee [1972-74]; Chief, US Liaison Office, People’s Republic of China [1974-76]; CIA director [1976-77]; Recipient, Fuess Award [1981]; Vice President [1981-89]; 41st President of the United States [1989-93]; Coauthor, “A World Transformed” [1998]; Namesake, aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush [2009]
Jack Lemmon 1943 Movie actor, remembered especially for roles in “Mr. Roberts” [1955], “Some Like It Hot” [1959], “The Apartment” [1960], “Days of Wine & Roses” [1962], “The Odd Couple” [1968], “Save the Tiger” [1973], “Missing” [1982], “Grumpy Old Men” [1993]; Academy Award [1955, -73]; Cannes Film Festival, Best Actor Award [1979, -82]; Golden Globe Award, Best Comedy Actor [1959, -60, -72]
Elihu Lauterpacht 1944 British attorney, specialist in international law & inter-state litigation before the International Court of Justice; Founder & 1st director, Research Centre for International Law [now Lauterpacht Centre], Cambridge University [1984-95]; QC [1970], CBE [1989], knighted [1996]
Julia Tavares de Alvarez 1944 Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the United Nations [1978-], known as “the Ambassador on Aging”
George “Fritz” Jewett 1945 Chair, 5 America’s Cup syndicates [1973-2000], winning with “Freedom” [1980] & “Stars & Stripes” [1987]; Chair, San Francisco Asian Art Commission & Asian Art Museum [1967-]
Clemency Chase Coggens 1951 Archeologist, specialist in Ancient Mesoamerica; Coauthor, “Cenote of Sacrifice: Maya Treasures from the Sacred Well of Chechen Itza” [1984]; Advocate for archeological preservation
Peter Chermayeff 1953 Architect & filmmaker; Creator of the modern-day landmark aquarium, beginning with the New England Aquarium [1962-69]; National Aquarium, Baltimore [1975-81]; Osaka Aquarium [1987-90]; Lisbon Oceanarium [1994-98]; Recipient, Fuess Award [1979]
George Bundy Smith 1955 Jurist; Associate justice, New York Supreme Court [1980-86]; Associate justice, New York Court of Appeals [1992-2006]; author, decision in “People v. LaValle” terminating the death penalty in New York State [2004]; Recipient, Fuess Award [1985]
Cecile Erickson Mactaggart 1957 Collector & philanthropist; “Brilliant Strokes: Chinese Paintings from the Mactaggart Art Collection” [2009], Royal Ontario Museum
Jesse Colin Young 1959 Singer/songwriter; Lead singer, The Youngbloods [1965-72]; “Get Together” a top-ten hit [1969]
Christopher McKee 1960 Physicist; specialist in intrastellar gases; Professor of physics & astronomy, UC Berkeley [1974-]; Director, UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory [1985-98]
Edward Bass 1963 Philanthropist; Lead donor, Biosphere II [1985-], Yale Institute of Biospheric Studies [1991-], Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth [1998-]
Tachi Yamada 1963 Physician, pharmaceutical executive, global healthcare funder; Gastroenterologist; chair, Department of Internal Medicine, Michigan Medical School, [-1996]; GlaxoSmithKline R&D chairman [1999-2005]; President, Gates Foundation Global Health Programs [2006]
George W. Bush 1964 Managing general partner, Texas Rangers baseball team [1989-94]; Governor of Texas [1995-2000]; President of the United States [2001-2009]
Mary Wilkes Eubanks 1965 Anthropologist & botanist; Senior research scientist, Duke, studying the origin, evolution & improvement of maize; President, Sun Dance Genetics [2002-]; Recipient, Fuess Award [2000]
Julia Alvarez 1967 Novelist, poet & essayist; Author, “How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents” [1991], “In a Time of Butterflies” [1994], “Once Upon a Quinceanera” [2007]
James B. Steinberg 1970 Foreign policy analyst; Director, State Department planning staff [1994-96]; Deputy national security advisor [1996-2000]; Director, foreign policy studies, Brookings Institution [2001-05]; Dean, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Policy [2005-08]; Deputy secretary of state [2009-]
Bill Belichick 1971 National Football League head coach; Cleveland Browns [1985-90], New England Patriots [2000-]; Winner of five Super Bowls [2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2016]; Founder, Bill Belichick Foundation
Maud Lavin 1972 Art & cultural historian; Author, “The Weimar Photomontages of Hannah Hoch” [1993], “Clear New World: Culture, Politics & Graphic Design” [2001]
H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger 1972 Journalist; Recipient, Pulitzer Prize, Investigative Reporting [1987]; Author, “Friday Night Lights” [1988], “A Prayer for the City” [1998], “Three Nights in August” [2005]
William F. Owen Jr. 1973 Physician; specialist in kidney disease & transplantation; President, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey [2007-]
Guy Nordenson 1973 Structural engineer; Professor, Princeton School of Architecture [1995-]; NYC Public Design Commission (2006-2015); Author, “Tall Buildings” (2003), “WTC Emergency Building Damage Assessment” (2004), “Seven Structural Engineers” (2008), “On the Water | Palisade Bay (2010), “Patterns and Structure” (2010), “Reading Structures” (2016)
Rob Long 1983 Television writer & producer: “Cheers,” “George & Leo”; NPR commentator & host, “Martini Shot”; Contributor to SLATE, National Review
Chas Fagan 1984 Painter & sculptor, presidential portrait artist; California’s Fagan statue of Ronald Reagan installed in Statuary Hall, US Capital Building [2009]
Rosanne Adderley 1985 Historian, specialist in the African Diaspora; Author, “‘New Negroes from Africa’ – Slave Trade Abolition & Free African Settlement in the…Caribbean” [2006]; Recipient, Wesley-Logan Prize, American Historical Association [2007]
Juan Mario Laserna Jaramillo 1986 Economist; General director of Public Credit, Colombia (1999-2002); Director, Central Bank of Colombia [2005-]
Ed Ronan 1987 National Hockey League [1991-98]; Team member, Stanley Cup-winning Montreal Canadiens [1993]
Rahim Aga Khan 1990 Executive director, Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, the world’s second largest private, nonprofit economic development foundation
Hafsat Abiola 1992 Nigerian human-rights activist; Executive director, Kudirat Initiative for Democracy; Global Leaders of Tomorrow Award, Davos Economic Forum [2000]; Fellow, Ashoka Innovators for the Public [2003]
Katherine Hays 1994 Software innovator & entrepreneur; Cofounder & COO/CFO, Massive, Inc. [2002-06]; CEO, GenArts [2008-]
Seth Moulton 1997 Marine Corps officer, multiple tours in Iraq [2003-]; Commentator of the Iraq War [2006-]; U.S. Congressman
Charles Forelle 1998 Journalist; Winner, Pulitzer Prize for Public Service [2007], Wall Street Journal coverage of corporate backdating of stock options
Caroline Lind 2002 All-American, Princeton Women’s Crew Team [2004, -06]; US National Crew Team, winner, Remenham Cup, Henley [2006]; World championship gold medalist, Women’s Eight [2006, -07]; Gold medalist, US Olympic Crew Team Women’s Eight [2008]
Christopher R. Hughes 2002 Cofounder and spokesman, Facebook [2004-2007]; Coordinator, online organizing, Barack Obama presidential campaign [2007-2008]
Jae-Kyu Lee 2008 Member, US Computational Linguistics Olympiad team, gold medal winners, 7th International Linguistics Olympiad [2008]