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Discover Explora

Have you tried Explora? It’s an easy-to-use database of articles from hundreds of different academic journals, popular magazines, reference works, primary source documents, and news videos, including the Journal of the American Medical Association, Foreign Affairs, Time, People, Consumer Reports and so much more!

Explora is a great place to start whether you’re a student working on a research paper, a reader looking for more information about your favorite author, a parent looking for more information on children’s health, or someone who wants to get a level and depth of information beyond what you can find via Google.

Explora — This is a licensed resource which you can use in a NOBLE library or from home using your library card information to log in.

NOBLE Digital Heritage

Interested in local history? Visit this site to see images and other resources documenting the rich social and cultural history of our member communities: NOBLE Digital Heritage

You can also go directly to the collection of one of the participating libraries:

Borrow ebooks and audiobooks

You can use your library card to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from the library — the collection includes fiction and nonfiction for all ages, and includes the latest bestsellers and old favorites. The books can be read or played on a wide variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, and Kindle ebook readers and apps. This is a popular service so you may need to get on the waiting list for some titles, but titles return themselves when the loan period is up!

NOBLE OverDrive Collection — Visit our OverDrive site to get started!

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