Kids' Zone
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Just For Fun

  • KidsPage – Great site with reading, games and more from the Multnomah County Library!
  • Seussville Games – Play lots of fun games with the Lorax, Horton and other friends from Seussville!

Younger Kids

Children painting

Older Kids

  • San Diego Zoo
  • Exploratorium – You've never done science quite like this. Don't miss the Science Snackbook of experiments that you can try at home.

Resources For Parents

  • Family Education Network – A collection of articles, features and links, with sections for the parents of Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School and High School students.
  • Family Web Files – Links to reviewed sites for parents.
  • The Idea Box – Crafts and activities to share with your kids.
  • Kidsource – A collection of children's health care and education resources.
  • The Labor of Love – Lots of links from right after birth through child care and education issues.
  • Our Kids: A Web page devoted to raising kids with special needs – This site serves as the archive for the Our Kids mailing list, and includes a large collection of links that should be helpful to parents.
  • Parent Soup – An online magazine for parents.
  • ParentsPlace – A great collection of information and services for parents, including advice columns, reading rooms, chat groups, etc.