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Last February, Google purchased their first SuperBowl ad, the story of a romance told entirely in Google searches, starting with “study abroad paris france” and ending with “how to assemble a crib.” This inspired all sorts of parody videos, and a few months later Google introduced the Search Stories Video Creator, a simple tool that lets you create these videos very easily. You simple enter up to six searches into a form, choosing the type of search for each: Web, Image, Map, News, etc., choose background music from a menu, and you’re ready to preview your video, upload it to YouTube and share it.

Here’s a sample I made.

Admittedly, this is not much of a story, just a series of searches around a particular theme, but more creative librarians could have some fun with this. I have a couple of simple examples below. This could be a fun challenge for a group of kids or teens to try. It’s really easy and fast. The three videos I did here each took me between five and ten minutes to make. I did find that after you upload them to YouTube there can be a delay of several hours while these are being processed.

But what I really want is for all the library vendors to offer a simple tool like this to make it easy for us to make these search stories using our library catalogs, databases, ebook collections and more!

Melrose Public Library Searched Several Ways

Famous People from Salem, Massachusetts

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