WordPress.tv is a video training and support site, just launched today but already an amazing resource. You may never need to read a book, wade through the Codex or search the forums again!

The How To section has a large and nicely-organized collection of short screencasts showing how to use various features of your WordPress site, whether it’s on WordPress.com or self-hosted. This includes the most basic functions, like Writing and Publishing a Post, As a trainer, I was especially happy to see these, because they’ve done a whole lot of screencasts that I was planning to do myself, and done a much better job than I ever would have! I like watching these full-screen with the HD on. The quality is excellent, very crisp and clear, and they are all nicely embeddable, like the one below which shows how to rearrange the elements of the writing screen.

In addition to the how-to videos, there are also WordCamp presentations, interviews and much more. It’s much easier to learn how things work by watching a video than by reading instructions, and I’m looking forward to watching this great new resource develop!

WordPress.tv | WordPress.tv Blog

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