Building Community Through Photography

I did a presentation on this topic at the Massachusetts Library Association conference in Falmouth this morning, and posted the PowerPoint on Slideshare:

Links don’t work very well in Slideshare, so here is a list of all the links from this presentation:

Migrant Mother

Spinning Room Boys

  • “Spinning Room Boys, Salem, Mass.” — Photograph by Lewis Hine, 1911, National Archives. The title is mine — in the National Archives site, this is identified as “The very smallest boy is Henry Fournier, has worked 2 months in spinning room. The next in size is Adelard Gagnon, works in spinning room. Adelard Dion, works in spinning room. Smallest in back row is Albert Valbert. Salem, Mass., 10/25/1911”
  • Lewis Hine Project — Joe Manning of Florence, Massachusetts, has been tracking down the stories and the descendants of some of the children photographed by Lewis Hine

Ubiquitous Photography

Photography Now

  • Camera Madness — by Deepwarren
  • Book Pinhole — by Matt Callow
  • On the Streets of Killarney — by Buck Lewis
  • Camerapedia — “This site is a free-content encyclopedia of camera information, a repository of information about all still camera brands and models.”
  • Picnik — Easy, powerful, free online image editing
  • Photoshop Express — The new, online edition of the best-known image-editing program
  • Big Huge Labs — “Home of fd’s Flickr Toys,” a great collection of tools that make it easy to add frames and special effects to your digital photographs
  • Dumpr — Another collection to tools and toys to enhance and transform your photographs

Library Pictures on Flickr

Photo Contests

Photo Fun Ideas



Historic Images

And More…

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